What you need to know about love triangles (2023)

Emromantic relationships, there are situations and problems that have always been relevant. And the love triangle is one of them. And this problem probably arose along with the very concept of relationships. However, those who find themselves in the middle of the love triangle always feel like they are the first to face such a difficult situation. Let's talk about what a love triangle is and why it happens, and try to understand its essence.

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What is a love triangle and why does it happen?

First, what is a love triangle? Most would probably answer: He is a husband, wife and lover. But it would be more correct to say that a love triangle is a situation when one of the spouses or intimate partners (regardless of gender) has a lover. Often this problem arises when relationships are complicated by frequent quarrels and mutual misunderstandings.

Love triangles are generally divided into two types:

  • When two lovers fight for the love of the third.
  • When a person is in love with another while loving another.

Models of a love triangle:

1) Husband, wife and wife's lover

AND"Husband, Wife and Lover"Model is a classic case in love triangle psychology. Such a situation is easier to see from the position of each participant. A woman in this model has no intention of harming her husband. Her motives are directed only against herself: she wants to feel wanted and loved. She wants to feel like a real woman again. A woman, deprived of her husband's attention, easily gives in to secondary feelings. For her, a meeting with her lover is a source of joy. As a rule, both parties involved in this matter do not plan for a long time,serious relationship.

It is not at all convenient for a lover to be in such a situation. The woman's husband is no match for him because he has no intention of stealing from the woman. At the same time, the lover does not have to obey any rules of traditional relationships. The position of the man plays a key role in this story about a love triangle. The outcome of the love triangle depends on how you behave (whether you don't know about the affair, pretend nothing is wrong or decide to end the relationship).

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2) wife, husband, and husband's mistress

For the husband, the mistress is aFrau sexythe romance with whom it is shrouded in mystery and based on romance and intimacy. Such a relationship is a real extreme for him. He realizes that it's forbidden, which turns him on even more. He was faithful to one woman for many years and now all his free time and thoughts are devoted to his case. He pleases his beloved with gifts and sends dozens of affectionate emails with kind words. But statistics show that a very small percentage of men actually break up with their partners because of their mistresses. What happens is that men have a hard time adjusting to new relationships.

What you need to know about love triangles (2)Of course, everyday family life gets boring, but this boredom is easily overcome when you find a lover. An extramarital affair brings new feelings into a man's life, but it is important to end this relationship in time; Otherwise, the man risks losing both partners.

Why do love triangles happen?

This problem can occur for several reasons:

  • there is no love and understanding between the spouses, and they are looking for it on the sidelines;
  • no satisfaction from sex;
  • distrust and jealousy;
  • Mangel anpersonal spacefor one or both spouses;
  • new love.

There are no specific reasons like "for a love triangle to occur, there must be tension within a family". All situations are individual. Is there anything similar in them? Yes, and these are the emotions that all three sides experience.

One of the reasons why the love triangle occurs is due to certain male characteristics such as polygamy. Of course men would like to sleep with as many women as possible. After all, this is a genetic and evolutionary program. However, any civilized man is capable of controlling his sexual instincts. Consequently, this factor is important, but it does not determine men's behavior.

Some men just want to try sex with someone else. Such a desire usually occurs when the husband has had few sexual partners before his wife (and perhaps she is the only one). What if everything is different with other women? The saddest thing about this is the disappointment that men experience in the vast majority of cases: sex with another woman is practically no different from sex with his wife, but the family is already destroyed.

Sometimes understanding problems become the reason for a love triangle. The woman constantly criticizes and judges the interests of her spouse, not giving him personal space. Many couples suffer from this, and it is not surprising that husbands want to leave such wives.

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A man can also simply fall in love with another woman. Men, as a rule, suffer from deep doubts about the correctness of their actions, but they cannot resist the power of love.

Is there any way out?

Did you fall in the middle of the love triangle and get exposed? Here's a love triangle tip for you.

  • Pay no attention to your offended partner's taunts. They have to go through crying, guilt, anger and other hallmarks of a failed relationship. Even if you have kids, there's no reason to keep the relationship afloat.
  • If it is, go forever. Don't go back for a shirt you forgot or call your ex out of habit.
  • Do not try to ease the pain with alcohol. The best way to get over a breakup is to dedicate all your free time to your new love.

Books and movies that can help you understand love triangles

Love triangles are not a rare phenomenon. Complicated relationships are often emotional and end tragically. That's why writers and directors love this topic.

Movies about love triangles.

Julius and Jim

This film is not only a new wave classic, but also one of the best examples of a love triangle in cinema. Two friends, Jules and Jim, find themselves on opposite sides of the barricades when World War I breaks out. Before the war, both were in love with Catarina, but only one of them married her. The film teaches a lesson about polyamorous relationships, which aren't easy even when all three are going through their strongest feelings. The love between the three is so destructive that a peaceful resolution of their relationship is simply impossible.

What you need to know about love triangles (3)pretty in pink

Director John Hughes knew a lot about teenagers' feelings. Therefore, he made several films about love triangles. The film tells the story of Andie, a lowly outsider who has a loyal friend, Duckie, and a secret crush, a rich guy named Blane, whose friends constantly make fun of her and Duckie. At some point, Andie has to choose between her beloved friend and the person she has feelings for.

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the age of innocence

It is Scorsese's brilliant and passionate adaptation of Edith Wharton's famous novel. In Age of Innocence, the main heroes live in New York at the end of the 19th century, in the era of harsh class traditions. A young couple who have not yet had any relationship conflicts are getting married. But the boyfriend falls in love with another woman...

Books about love triangles

Jane Austen "Sense and Sensibility"

The plot revolves around the Dashwood family, more precisely around the two older sisters Elinor and Marianne. After his father's death, the farm they lived on passed to his brother and family. After a series of disappointments, they are forced to live with a distant relative. From this moment everything begins. In a new place, the older and more reserved Elinor finds her love and the emotional Marianne hers.

Paul Bowles "The Protective Sky"

postwar years. Port and Kit have been married for 12 years, but their relationship has reached an impasse. They are rich enough to spend all their time travelling. Hoping to find harmony and meaning in life, they came to North Africa, bringing their friend Tanner with them.

Anna Todd „Nachher“

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This is a classic case of love triangles in books. Typical good girl Tessa falls in love with typical bad boy Hardin. At first they can't stand each other, but soon their relationship turns into passionate love. Tessa has a boyfriend who comes between her and Hardin, and Hardin harbors a terrible secret that the reader will discover at the end. The main characters have to go through lies, betrayals and misunderstandings. The plot is not new, but the novel is easy to read, making the book addictive.

Famous love triangles in history and today

Nobody is immune to a love triangle, and celebrities are often its victims. These are some of the most famous love triangles.

What you need to know about love triangles (4)George Harrison - Patty Boyd - Eric Clapton

Patty Boyd, the legendary model of the 60's, met her love on the movie set. George Harrison fell in love at first sight and married the beauty in 1966. Harrison wrote a few songs for Patty (the most famous of which is Something), but their relationship fell apart three years later. By this time, Patty had heard a lot about her husband's cheating, so she also started an affair with mutual friend Eric Clapton. In 1974, Boyd and Clapton told George everything. Harrison was not mad at the couple and later even became best man at their wedding.

David Beckham - Victoria Beckham - Rebecca Luz

Some famous love triangles end well. In 2002, Beckham's happy marriage almost ended because of David's affair with his assistant, Rebecca Luz. Beckham himself swore that the matter was nothing more than Luz's speculation. It seemed that the scandal would inevitably lead to a divorce, but Victoria's confidence helped the family to overcome the crisis. Victoria believed David. Subsequently, Beckham proposed to Victoria again. They also got the same hand tattoos to remember this moment forever.

Lady Diana – Prinz Charles – Camille Parker-Bowles

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When talking about famous love triangles in history, it is impossible not to mention this story. Prince Charles and Diana met when she was 16. At that time, the heir to the throne had an affair with Diana's older sister, Sarah. Soon after the separation, Charles turned his attention to his younger sister and realized that it was Diana he was looking for. On February 6, 1981, Diana married the Prince and on July 29 they were married in St Paul's Cathedral. Despite the birth of two beautiful children, Princes William and Harry, family life for Charles and Diana turned into a nightmare. Charles's long-standing romance with Camilla Parker-Bowles (Diana didn't find out about it until after the wedding, by the way) flared up again in the mid-80s, when Diana, in turn, became close to riding instructor James Hewitt. Tensions between Charles and Diana increased after recorded telephone conversations of both spouses with their lovers were leaked to the press. Then followed dozens of interviews in which Charles and Diana accused each other of ruining their relationship.


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