What is the irrigation system? Different types and methods of irrigation. (2023)

What is the irrigation system? Different types and methods of irrigation. (1)


Hi All, We are here with a crucial topic, Types of Irrigation in India. Proper irrigation is the soul of agriculture. In order to produce a healthy crop, farmers need to properly irrigate their land. Here we provide complete information about irrigation system, types of irrigation in India, methods and their importance.

We know that water is essential to life. Many of us believe that it is unlimited. Now water is a finite commodity that is rapidly becoming scarce. In India, global warming is evaporating lakes and streams, rapid urbanization and water pollution are affecting the quantity and quality of surface and groundwater. The country's fragile agricultural structure depends largely on rainfall, and a terrible storm season could hurt the public economy.

What is irrigated agriculture?

Irrigation systems water plants in an unnatural way, rain is not enough to sustain crops. It is most often used in places where rainfall is insufficient. Plants need water to survive and grow, it helps to incorporate nutritional supplements into their structures, which enables photosynthesis.

Ancient uses of the water system date back to around 6000 BC. back. in Egypt and Mesopotamia, rain and floods were normal. Traditional agricultural irrigation techniques included digging canals, using a pulley frame, and using water wheels to bring water from streams to crops. These practices were humble and easy to follow, irrigated agriculture for water systems is no longer possible. They are tedious, labor intensive and produce artificial rain. look under thewater use in agriculture.

What are the Irrigation Sources in India?

We show you sources of agriculture and irrigation in India. Check it out below.

What is the irrigation system? Different types and methods of irrigation. (2)

  • Groundwater from wells –sixteen%
  • tube well -46%
  • Channels -24%
  • Panzer -3%
  • Other sources (rain, rivers, lagoons, drainage, surface water, municipal water and others) –11%

Different irrigation methods

Do you want to know what irrigation methods are? Mainly, the irrigation process was prepared for the future development in the field of agriculture. As innovative technologies were released, farmers noticed higher crop yields and better growth quality. The most up-to-date strategies for an irrigation system are useful when it comes to supporting single-crop irrigation methods. This is the modern irrigation method. Let's get to the importance of casting.

Do you want to know how many irrigation methods there are? Below are two different types of irrigation systems for agriculture in India.

  1. traditional method
  2. modern method

Now we describe these two methods in detail for your understanding. Test.

1. Traditional irrigation

What is the irrigation system? Different types and methods of irrigation. (3)

India was an agricultural country. The data shows that more than half of the labor force is engaged in various types of agriculture. India is one of the leading exporters of oats, dried fruits and natural grain products. India regularly faces obstacles like crop failure, crop failure, storms and other benefits.

Traditional irrigation approaches have overcome most of these problems. These old irrigation strategies are still not obsolete. Farmers in India use these techniques to ensure proper seed germination, better crop yields and rapid development of food crops. Traditional irrigation is knownorganic farming irrigation.

There are 4 types of traditional irrigation systems which are as follows.

1. Control tank method

What is the irrigation system? Different types and methods of irrigation. (4)
This strategy is a type of irrigation system that depends on the availability of water. The cultivated land is divided into several sectors connected with a small drain. Water is stored at the highest place on earth. It is from this point that these channels begin. This type of traditional irrigation has been around for a long time.

2. Method of strip irrigation

What is the irrigation system? Different types and methods of irrigation. (5)
Farmland is divided into several strips. These strips are insulated with 'med'. The length of each swath depends on where the terrain slopes towards a service area. Such a technique requires a minimum of labor and investment.

3. Furrow Irrigation

What is the irrigation system? Different types and methods of irrigation. (6)
Wherever crops are planted in rows, furrow irrigation has proven its worth. It is expected to be used in cultivation. This type can lead to better irrigation of larger plots.

4. Pool watering

What is the irrigation system? Different types and methods of irrigation. (7)
This traditional irrigation strategy is not designed to increase yields. A raised stage is built very close to these trees, usually made of clay or cement. Canals are dug so that they can receive water.

2. Modern Irrigation

What is the irrigation system? Different types and methods of irrigation. (8)

The artificial irrigation strategy in areas with insufficient rainfall is known as modern irrigation system. It is the strategy of supplying water through pumps, pipes and sprinklers. Irrigation is often used in regions where rainfall is problematic or where droughts are regular. The water is evenly distributed over the field using various irrigation methods. This watering process can come from a variety of sources. Includes groundwater sources or wells, surface water sources from lakes, rivers or reservoirs, and treated wastewater.

There are 4 types of modern irrigation systems which are as follows.

1. Surface Irrigation

What is the irrigation system? Different types and methods of irrigation. (9)
The surface water system represents a large set of water system strategies in which water is distributed over the outer layer of the field by gravity.

2. Sprinkler Irrigation

What is the irrigation system? Different types and methods of irrigation. (10)

Sprinkler irrigation is a technique that applies water from the irrigation system as if it were regular rain. Water circulated through the plumbing, usually through a pipe. It splashed out of sight through the sprinklers and broke up into tiny droplets of water that landed on the ground.

3. Drip Irrigation

What is the irrigation system? Different types and methods of irrigation. (11)

Drip irrigation system is a method in which water flows through a channel in individual drip lines, with producers scattered in several. The water circulated through the growers directly into the soil near the roots through a fantastic drip device.

4. Sub-irrigation

What is the irrigation system? Different types and methods of irrigation. (12)

Underground irrigation systems associated with a secondary irrigation system include a plant watering system by supplying water from below. The surface of the ground by digging channels or laying underground pipes made of tiles or perforated pipes.

Importance of irrigation in agriculture

We show the benefits of irrigation for agriculture. Check below.

  • Irrigated land is more beneficial than rain-fed land. Crop yields are higher in irrigated regions than in rainy areas.
  • Agriculture is disrupted by insufficient, insufficient, or unreliable rainfall. Appropriate irrigation processes can bring continuity to agribusiness.
  • Seeds cannot fill dry soil as moisture is essential for seed germination. With an irrigation system, the necessary soil moisture for seed development can be guaranteed.
  • It is possible through the watering process to supply the necessary amount of oxygen and hydrogen, which is important for the proper development of plant roots.
  • Due to the irrigation process, several plantings are conceivable in one year. This will improve growth and profit. In several areas of India, few crops were grown with irrigation system in one year.
  • A plant can retain mineral supplements from irrigated soil. The irrigation system is essential for the development of the plant.
  • Inadequate rainfall can lead to famine and drought. This type of irrigation can play a defensive role in times of drought and famine.
  • It is conceivable that the irrigation system could bring more land into production.

Difference between traditional and modern irrigation method

Below you can see the difference between the types of irrigation methods.

traditional methodmodern method
Ancient farming methods.Advanced cultivation methods.
The production rate is low.The production rate is high.
Eco-friendly method.It's not an ecological method.
Wooden tool boxes, ox carts and others are used.Advanced tools and bulldozers are used.
Natural fertilizer is used as fertilizer.Chemical pesticides and fertilizers are used.

They are complete information about what the irrigation system is and what types of agricultural uses of water there are. I hope you have all the answers after reading this blog. Contact Tractor Junction for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Why is irrigation necessary?

responderThe irrigation system helps to preserve landscapes, to revegetate disturbed soils and to cultivate in dry regions with not quite normal rainfall.

That. What types of irrigation are there?

responderThere are two different types of irrigation systems in India namely the traditional method and the modern irrigation method.

That. What is irrigation?

responderWater Use in Agriculture Controlled measures of supplying water to the land to support the cultivation and development of landscape and garden plants, known as irrigation.

That. What is the most irrigated state in India?

responderPunjab is the most irrigated state in India with 98.8% of agricultural land under irrigation.

That. Which crop in India has a maximum irrigated area?

responderRice in India has the largest irrigated area.

That. Which country has the largest irrigated area?

responderChina, India, the United States and Pakistan have the largest areas of irrigated land. f

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