What is a love triangle? All you need to know (2023)

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What is a love triangle? Types of love triangles 1. The competition type 2. The nature of the confusion What if more than three people are involved? love triangle story Why do love triangles happen? 1. It is a mutual agreement 2. Someone is sexually dissatisfied 3. Someone is jealous and suspicious 4. Both of you lack personal space. 5. You found a new love How would you find yourself in the love triangle? Things you should know about the love triangle 1. You need mutual feelings for a love triangle. 2. Relationships suffer from love triangles 3. Humans don't do this on purpose. 4. The idea is always selfish 5. There is always pain and emotion 6. It can happen even if you don't want it to. How do you deal with a love triangle? 1. Discover your role 2. Sit down for an honest conversation. 3. Discover the purpose of the triangle in your life 4. Think about the possibilities 5. Stand firm and take responsibility 6. Understand your feelings 7. Channel your emotions wisely 8. Stop the analysis 9. Try to keep going 10. Talk to an advisor How do you get out of a love triangle? - What to do and what not 1. Seek trusted help 2. Distract yourself temporarily 3. Be fair to your partner 4. Step forward with a direct stance 5. Prepare yourself mentally 6. Don't suppress your feelings 7. Do not prioritize the expectations of others 8. Don't threaten them with the relationship 9. Don't delay decisions too long. 10. Don't try to keep both For the lover of two for the third, To the loyal committed partner, Things to do when you are in a love triangle 1. Think about your next step 2. Be optimistic; no negative self-talk 3. Respect each other's feelings 4. Have a one night stand 5. Try dating again. love triangle and marriage 1st husband. Wife. partner of the wife. 2nd husband. Wife. partner of the man. Love triangles and movies or TV shows. Why do love triangles work in TV shows or movies? The 20 best love triangles from television and cinema 1.Friends 2. Dawsons Creek 3. O.C. 4. Scandal 5. Friday night lights 6. Sex and the City 7. younger 8. A hill of trees 9. Gossip girl 10. Bridget Jones: On the edge of sanity 11. Beverly Hills, 90210 12. While you were sleeping 13. Titanic 14. I really love 15. Alex Strange Love 16. Twelve Lar Alabama 17. Die Twilight-Saga: Eclipse 18. The notebook 19. freundlich 20. My best friend's wedding 20 Books About Love Triangles You Must Read 1. Love and Other Natural Disasters (Misa Sugiura) 2. Apagón (Dhonielle Clayton, Tiffany D. Jackson, Nic Stone, Angie Thomas, Ashley Woodfolk und Nicola Yoon) 3. Loveboat, Taipeh (Abigail Hing Wen) 4. If You, Then Me (Yvonne Woon) 5. Hot British Friend (Kristy Boyce) 6. Felix Forever (Kacen Callender) 7. The Observer (Anna Bright) 8. Love in English (Maria E. Andreu) 9. The Selection (Kiera Cass) 10. Beautiful Desert (Anna Godbersen) 11. 99 days from Katie Cotugno 12. Fe: Volar (Julie Murphy) 13. Clockwork Angel (Cassandra Clare) 14. Born of Anger (Claire Legrand) 15. The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins) 16. When We Caught Fire (Anna Godbersen) 17. Delirium (Lauren Oliver) 18. Das Kronenspiel (Evelyn Skye) 19. Vampire Academy (Richelle Mead) 20. Red Queen (Victoria Aveyard) Una palabra de ThePleasantRelationship Videos

Are you or a relative involved in alove triangle? Have you fallen in love with a committed person? Or have you found that your partner is cheating on you? Or are you the focus of two people's affection?

Whatever your role, love triangles aren't easy to cope with... because even when you're enjoying the love of two people, guilt eats away at your soul. For the other two roles, her life is even more miserable.

Loving is not a sin, being fickle is... but what's the use of regretting the past?

So, hoping for more exclusivity and less clutter in the future, let's get started...

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What is a love triangle?

Types of love triangles

What if more than three people are involved?

love triangle story

Why do love triangles happen?

How would you find yourself in the love triangle?

Things you should know about the love triangle

How do you deal with a love triangle?

How do you get out of a love triangle? - What to do and what not

Things to do when you are in a love triangle

love triangle and marriage

Love triangles and movies or TV shows.

Why do love triangles work in TV shows or movies?

The 20 best love triangles from television and cinema

20 Books About Love Triangles You Must Read

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What is a love triangle?

A love triangle is a complicated love situation in which one person loves two or more people. The other two also correspond to his feelings. The two suitors have a rivalry relationship, so it's not the same as triples.

A love triangle is a complicated situation in a sexual, romantic and/or affective relationship between more than two people.

For example, both Woman A and Woman B like Man X. Man X, meanwhile, is unsure how he feels about either woman. He casually takes the time to see the two in secret.

Some may confuse the TRIANGLE with mutual love with all three parties involved: thrice.

However, both sides of the TRIANGLE imply that two women love the same man. And the third side involves the competition between these women for man's attention.

Obviously, people of any gender and sexuality can be involved in a love triangle.

This love situation is quite frustrating...because as long as the triangle exists, there will be waves of extreme joy or sadness.

Do you think it's just another name for cheating? Not really, it really depends on the situation. Let's learn more here...

Types of love triangles

A person can be the center of love triangles whether they are in a relationship or not. You don't always need a committed partner to get involved.

Sometimes you can participate in one even if you don't want to actively. Let's learn more about it here...

1. The competition type

This is when Person A and Person B compete for Person X's love and attention. Here, person X has not committed himself to anyone. There is no permanent relationship with any of them.

2. The nature of the confusion

Here Person A and Person X are in love with an established relationship. However, Person X is a bit confused about his feelings as he also likes Person B.

But does that mean there are only three people in love triangles? Let's learn more here...

What if more than three people are involved?

A love triangle can arise when you have two or even five lovers. It is called a triangle for convenience. But you can call it whatever you want depending on your situation.

(Video) How to Handle a Love Triangle — Susan Winter

As mentioned above, love triangles occur between more than two people. So there could be three or six people involved.

Theoretically, you could have this type of complication between...

Four people: love quadrant; Six people: Hexagon of Love; Eight people: octagon of love.

However, love itself isn't always logical... so there's no hard and fast rule to define it. For the sake of simplicity, everyone commonly calls this a love triangle.

Are you curious to know when it all began? Let's find out about…

love triangle story

Love triangles were possible in the Stone Age, in Greek mythology, and even in biblical stories.

Love has always been in the air, maybe even Stone Age people experienced it. If the language was not well developed, it was more difficult to develop romantic relationships.

They can understand love and possessiveness... but with illustrations alone, they may not understand the feelings of the person in between.

Some more specific and popular examples are the relationship between

Jacob, Leah and Rachel in the Bible: Jacob loved Rachel, but his father-in-law manipulated him into marrying his sister Leah.

Ariadne, Theseus and Dionysus in Greek Mythology: Ariadne was Dionysus, but she fell in love with Theseus. She rescued Theseus from the Minotaur's Labyrinth as a reward for marrying her.

Do you want to know why that is? Let's meet here...

Why do love triangles happen?

Most of the time there is no strict reason for love triangles. Although sticky, uncomfortable, and just plain painful, this situation can happen in almost anyone's life.

Or it could be because of your relationship situation. So let's find out more here...

1. It is a mutual agreement

Sometimes couples don't have that much feelings for each other. They probably don't love or hate each other. They know they can't finish things.

However, they decide to stay permanently to avoid certain complications. That's more likely to happen in marriages... like the ones ofarranged marriage, usually for business or power alliances.

Each spouse is looking for lovers in order to be happy individually.

2. Someone is sexually dissatisfied

Incompatible libido is a common scene in most relationships. Some take the path of compromise, others seek fulfillment elsewhere.

Blame the traits, but the penchant for polygamous relationships is people-related. It always existed in time.

Many people assume that men want more because polygyny was more common.

However, civilized men do not engage in sexual relations in all cases. It is a possibility for people of all genders.

3. Someone is jealous and suspicious

when you took yourscouple cheating on you, you may not trust them anymore. You will be jealous because the other man/woman gets more affection than you... from your partner.

If the couple continues to cheat, it is already a love triangle.

Sometimes people commit infidelity out of curiosity... but all in vain. Sex with another person is not good, but it destroys relationships.

Out of jealousy and heartbreak, you might as well look elsewhere for love. This makes you the center of another love triangle.

4. Both of you lack personal space.

Does one of you judge the other's decisions?

Maybe gambling is your passion but your partner says it's childish and meaningless? Or your partner loves shopping and you criticize him for spending so much?

Many couples have this dynamic because they "want to help their partner grow."

When a partner invades each other's personal space too far and too often, they will naturally look outside for love.

5. You found a new love

Sometimes couples separate. They feel insecure, unwanted and doubtful. Due to the lack of expressions of love, people feel lonely.

In desperate timespassionateIt's easiest, they can find a love that will support them adequately.

Are you wondering if you are in a love triangle? Let's clarify here...

How would you find yourself in the love triangle?

If you love two people at the same time and both of you reciprocate your feelings, that's the only way you can say you're in a love triangle. One-sided crush on you or your admirer is out of the question.

A love triangle is when you have romantic and/or sexual relationships with at least two people at the same time. Or, if you love someone romantically, they return your feelings... but have started dating someone else.

If you're in love with someone who likes someone else, or you're in a relationship... it's not a love triangle.

Suppose you are in a healthy loving relationship and only have eyes for your partner and vice versa. When your boyfriend falls in love with you, it doesn't turn into a love triangle... unless you reciprocate.

If you are already on this path or could be, you should know these better...

Things you should know about the love triangle

In western society one finds a lot of entertainment in it. Storywriters love to romanticize this concept... However, it's never as flowery as it seems.

In fact, there are so many hidden sides that the media doesn't reveal. So here we are going to unravel the mysteries...

1. You need mutual feelings for a love triangle.

A love triangle is when...

They correspond to a person's feelings towards you. Or you are engaged but you love someone else and they return your feelings.

In a situation like this, if you like someone but they don't return your feelings, then so be itunrequited love. It never became a love triangle.

In a love triangle, the adulterer and the stranger are guilty at the same time.

2. Relationships suffer from love triangles

Suppose person A and person B are married. Person B is having an affair with Person C.

If person C is single, she could be heartbroken or win over person B.

If Person B wants to leave the marriage, that's great...no confusion and only one possibility of this situation.

However, if person B still has affection and feelings for A, that's where the problems start. If B doesn't want to leave A, C leaves. However, B wants both people in his life. They will lie to continue their adulterous lives and hurt their partner whom they claim to love.

B does her best to keep both boats afloat. They can even point to problems in your relationship. But when C leaves the picture ... these flaws and disadvantages of the relationship do not go away.

B has a distorted idea of ​​the existing relationship. At least A is injured too. The relationship is ruined forever unless A and B are incredibly devoted.

3. Humans don't do this on purpose.

First of all, love triangles are all about distraction and novelty. The rush in new relationships is always more exciting than in old ones.

At first everyone thinks it won't be anything important, but they unexpectedly fall in love.

That's when they think about that idea the most. "What if I can have both? I have feelings for them and they both love me too... so why not? Such thoughts lead you to love triangles...even when you don't expect it.

4. The idea is always selfish

If you're cheating on your partner...or you're a fiancé's partner...you might feel like there's no harm in it because the fiancé (you or your partner) still loves her fiancé.

However, put yourself in their shoes. Would you like to be betrayed? If not, you are selfish. Your emotions are everywhere... and it's causing your partner unimaginable pain.

If you truly love and prioritize your partner, you will feel guilty even if you fall in love with someone else. However, if you still don't change, you won't be any less selfish.

(Video) 5 Stages of Realizing You're in a Love Triangle [5TAGES]

5. There is always pain and emotion

Love triangles are great fun for scammers and strangers because of the secrecy and risk involved. The pleasure combined with the idea of ​​being caught... are the perfect mix for an adrenaline rush.

However, for those who have been betrayed, this is the worst moment of their lives. Your partner prioritizes someone else over them, feels more comfortable and happier without them, and generally avoids them.

This raises doubts and crumbles your self-confidence. Even when the adulterous relationship grows old, the cheater recognizes his actions. You also feel anxious and guilty.

6. It can happen even if you don't want it to.

TBH, love happens unexpectedly before you know it. Maybe you enjoy friendly conversation or passionate competition... if you're spending time with someone doing something you both love, there's a slim chance.

You can unintentionally fall in love with its splendor. But as long as you take every step to stop it, you are a great human being.

So never be ashamed of your feelings and find the person you want to be with.

Clean up your mess or you'll hurt three souls at once.

Did you find yourself in a love triangle? I do not know what to do? Let's find out everything here...

How do you deal with a love triangle?

Dealing with a love triangle requires a lot of patience despite your role in the relationship. This path is thorny and always ends in heartache.

Once someone has walked this path, there is no going back. And even if they do, it's not the best relationship. So let us know how it goes from here...

1. Discover your role

First, evaluate whether it is a shared object or a rival relationship.

If it's a shared object, you have feelings for two people. However, it is possible that you are in love with someone you do not know. They might not have feelings for you, so it might not be a love triangle.

If it's a rival, then you're competing with others for someone's love. If that someone is your committed partner, then clearly it isto deceive you.

But if you want it to work anyway

2. Sit down for an honest conversation.

Do you understand what brought you to this point? If you do not know the reasons for this situation, it may happen again. It's certainly difficult, but being honest in this situation will prevent further suffering.

Does everyone know the love triangle? Or if someone does not know, then they are victims of this situation.

Maybe you travel a lot for work. You have probably felt very lonely and succumbed to the temptation of an adventure?

Or do you lose self-control after using substances? Sometimes poisoning causes a person to lose the sense of right and wrong.

3. Discover the purpose of the triangle in your life

Even if it's not healthy, every relationship has a purpose in your life. Why are you stuck in a love triangle? Does it boost your confidence or distract you from other pains?

For Shared Objects: Do you feel secure when you love two people? Maybe you're afraid of being abandoned? Or is it for emotional or sexual gratification?

For Rivalry: Do you like drama? Are you afraid to make deeper intimate connections?

Or do you feel sexually aroused because you are cheating on your partner?

4. Think about the possibilities

You may or may not be in a love triangle. Fail at what everyone wants.

When your partner is cheating on you, you can't keep quiet. Don't force yourself to stay behind. Decide how you want to live your life. Your partner has already done the deed... so don't think about what they should have done.

Don't leave yourself behind to please others or for financial stability. You will be happier when you leave this relationship behind. If you can't find a way out, find a counselor.

However, if your partner abuses you because of the love triangle, seek help from friends and family or contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1.800.799.7233 or 1.800.787.3224 or 911.

5. Stand firm and take responsibility

If you love two people at the same time, who do you bond with better? Which personality attracts you the most? Who do you have most in common with? Who suits you better? Select that person to continue.

If you are having an affair and your spouse knows about it, polyamory is always possible.

It's your life, don't let your partner's decisions control your life. Do what you want and stick to your decision.

6. Understand your feelings

You will experience random and indescribable emotions. You may feel guilty, confused, lonely, pressured, or even torn between two lovers.

You're not bad at loving two people at the same time. Don't try to judge yourself by your feelings. Feelings change, so before you make an unfortunate decision, think about it.

If the thought of leaving one person hurts you more than the other, you may feel like "this is the right person." But your feelings can change, so take the time to understand them.

7. Channel your emotions wisely

Whether you are the third party or the faithful spouse, you can hate your love rival. You, too, can be the center of the triangle, feeling guilty, confused, and angry with yourself.

Don't hurt anyone to make yourself feel better. Channel your emotions in a journal. Cry from the bottom of your heart, express your pain to your loved ones, and take space and time away from your loved one.

Go for long walks, exercise, meditate, take vacations… do whatever it takes to blow off steam. You are not weak for this, you are wise.

8. Stop the analysis

Don't give in to negative self-talk. If you've fallen in love with an engaged person, fallen in love with a third party, or stayed with your adulterous partner too long...don't let guilt consume you.

Acknowledge your feelings and overcome them. Don't deny them and don't hide them.

Don't think that your days will be gloomy after parting. Leave the future to him, take the best course of action now. Someday you will find the best future.

9. Try to keep going

End the relationship if it doesn't work out. Either because your spouse will not leave lover, your lover will not leave spouse, or your lover or third party will not accept you.

You cannot force a relationship against your will or someone else's. Although you are unhappy now, that pain will soon pass. Accept that the relationship is over...let the pain sink in and stop denying it.

father of thoughtabout the glorious past. Instead, build a glorious present and future.

10. Talk to an advisor

Make an appointment with a counselor if any of the following occur...

  • Are you concerned about how to proceed with your relationships?
  • You cannot function normally in life.
  • are you addicted to sex
  • You have experienced quite a few love triangles in your life.
  • They behave violently towards others or towards themselves after the breakup.

Don't you want to be part of this toxic love triangle anymore? Excellent! But to get it right with the help of...

How do you get out of a love triangle? - What to do and what not

People are emotional and will take the worst possible action when it comes to their feelings and pride.

Love triangles cater to both, and you obviously lose your senses in a fit of anger or your carnal desires. So let us know what you should and shouldn't do when moving...

1. Seek trusted help

Love triangles are dramatic and you will go through a lot.

Whatever your role in this drama, even your partners may not always understand you. So talk to someone who will listen without judging you. Take advice and think about it.

2. Distract yourself temporarily

If you think too much, you may not find an answer. You can't make the best moves in life when you're busy. Take a break from this life before you answer these...

Do you want to stay with your adulterous partner? Do you want to leave your spouse for your lover? Or do you want to tear the engaged couple out of your relationship?

3. Be fair to your partner

Why are you in love with two people? Would you like to keep them as an option? Are you worried about your steady partner leaving you and want someone else to rely on you?

It is possible that he is not in love with either of them. Treat them with respect and if someone doesn't respect you, let them...don't ruin the relationship because of your own insecurities.

4. Step forward with a direct stance

Don't you want to be part of a love triangle? Did your partner force you to stay behind? You do not need!

Do you think giving it to your adulterous partner will fix it? Or do you think they will get out of a marriage even though you've been telling them for months but they haven't?

If you don't have a polyamorous oropen relationship, Say it out loud.

5. Prepare yourself mentally

Love triangles never end in the best of ways. Whatever your role in the relationship, be prepared to get hurt. Your partner may leave you for a more stable life.

(Video) What is a love triangle

even if youopen a relationship, if you really don't want to... it's going to cause you a lot of pain.

6. Don't suppress your feelings

Do you hate the fact that your partner is cheating on you? You don't have to be a nice guy in this situation.

After all, they didn't think about your feelings either. So let go of the bitterness and move on.

7. Do not prioritize the expectations of others

Your family may suggest staying with youcheating partner, but if you love your partner, leave the third and stay married.

However, if your partner is abusive or toxic and you want to leave the marriage, this is your answer.

Sometimes your loved ones forget your happiness because of religion, culture, honor, etc. Focus on your happiness and don't listen to other people's comments about your happiness.

8. Don't threaten them with the relationship

If your partner fell in love and cheated on you, they are not innocent. However, don't let them choose between you and the other.

Think about why it went wrong and find the appropriate solutions. Is this person worth launching the attack? If they choose you today, will they really stay forever?

9. Don't delay decisions too long.

In real life, love triangles don't work. Every love triangle ends with a difficult decision.

It will happen eventually, so make your decisions sooner rather than later. If you hesitate, it will eventually lead to a crisis.

10. Don't try to keep both

You can really fall in love with both of them. And they can love you so much. If they're not willing to give up their monogamous life, don't force them. They will not be satisfied with that.

If one or both of your partners don't want to stay, let them go. Forcing her into a relationship will only bring misery. Let nature flow and you will soon find happiness.

But I have more to say to everyone involved in this situation...

For the lover of two

Your situation and your feelings are complicated... You don't love any of your partner wholeheartedly. You cannot enjoy love or life in this situation. You are denying each other perfect happiness.

You enjoy the attention of two people... but that's it, it's not a satisfying scenario since you can't return that much affection. Also, your guilt doesn't make you happy either.

If the other person isn't as compatible but spices up your life, that's not the path for a loving relationship. To forget them, push them away and soon you will forget your feelings.

If your stable partner doesn't make you happy, don't. Pick one of them and you will soon forget the painful loss.

for the third,

Being the other man/woman always hurts. You don't have equal rights, close your relationship because of the judgment of the world and share your lover because he has legal rights.

You did something crazy for love, but when madness hurts you... it's pointless, man.

If you want recognition and proudly declare your love, don't be left behind. You don't respect yourself by being available to a dedicated person.

Ask them to pick someone, if they can't, go. Don't look back or you will never escape this maze. This is painful, but time will surely heal. Remain determined to live a healthy life andame-se.

To the loyal committed partner,

This is a miserable time in your life. Your object of affection pours your affection elsewhere.

You feel taken advantage of... so express it all. If not, your partner might think it's acceptable behavior. Maintain a no-contact time and ask your partner to make up their minds by then.

Unless your partner says they're willing to commit solely to you...don't tell them you're willing to give them a chance. If you can't, break up and get over it as soon as possible.

Did you find yourself in a love triangle? Don't know what to do next? Let's find out everything here...

Things to do when you are in a love triangle

Have you discovered that you have feelings for a third party? Or have you formed a bond with a married/engaged person? Things get a bit difficult and confusing once you start dealing with your own feelings.

Let us know how best to proceed here...

1. Think about your next step

Then the inevitable happened... and there's no point in crying over spilled milk. Think carefully about what you want for your life.

Do you agree to stay in this relationship? Possibly not until you get exclusivity.

So be very clear about your next step. How do you want your exclusive relationship?

Will this person do it or do you want someone else? Don't let others take control of your life and think for yourself.

2. Be optimistic; no negative self-talk

Do you think your life is falling apart? Or that you'll never find someone to love you alone? I understand you…

So embrace positivity with good non-romantic books, watch your favorite movie alone, chat with friends, do something you've always wanted to do.

Make everything about the things you love.

3. Respect each other's feelings

Two people fighting for their love? It's flattering, but don't be proud of it. I don't like the fight for your heart.

If you really have feelings for both of them, accept them. Love isn't a competition... you don't jump from person to person to get more love. You grow your love with a person with effort.

4. Have a one night stand

Sometimes sexual satisfaction can be confused with love. If you're with that person you shouldn't be with and you're having sex, take a break.

Have one night stands with strangers, not your ex or someone you've fallen in love with. If you feel a little less thirst for that person, it may have beenSexual Frustration.

5. Try dating again.

Whether you are a third party or a loyal partner, log into your favorite dating app, swipe right and start chatting with more people. Discover what it leaves to be desired.

You don't have to force yourself to date other people in real life. But if you wantcasual encounter, be honest about your situation. Feel the thrill of seeing someone exclusively.

You never know... you might find someone who will totally commit to you.

Would you like to know how or why love triangles arise in marital relationships? Here we have the answers...

love triangle and marriage

When fiancés get married, things get a little more complicated. It's not just because of innocent and random feelings.

It's a human psychological problem. In marriage, a love triangle can form in each of the two ...

1st husband. Wife. partner of the wife.

In love triangle psychology, this is an all-time classic. The woman may have felt unwanted and sought her luck outside. She expressly did not want to hurt her husband.

Women are emotionally weak when their partner ignores them. He really likes to feel important to the other person. Maybe the woman doesn't want to stay behind for long.

The lover knows that he will not stay long and does not plan to invest emotions in the relationship. they don't gettrue loveany.

The husband's role is crucial because if he notices his wife and listens to her... he will surely return to her side. Otherwise, this situation can lead to a divorce.

2nd husband. Wife. partner of the man.

The husband spends time with his beloved. He drowns in secret pleasure and romance. Experiencing something forbidden excites you.

He devotes himself entirely to his new lover because he is bored with the same routine relationship.

He organizes many surprises for her, but he knows there is no future. He knows that only his wife can sustain his lifestyle. He is unable to invest emotionally in a new relationship, so he remains a cheating husband.

However, let us know what TV shows or movies show about it, here…

Love triangles and movies or TV shows.

Triangular relationships appeared in Shakespeare's plays in the 17th century and in books around the 19th century. It has always been in the top 10 best TV shows or movies.

You can find many examples of love triangles in operas, plays, TV shows, and movies. It began in the 17th century with Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and Twelfth Night.

Other classics by authors such as Jane Austen, Emily Bronte and Alexandre Dumas gained popularity in the 19th century. In film and television, this genre has always been in the top 10.

(Video) Dr Phil 2023 Full Episode | Most Unusual Love Triangle

Do you want to know why he looks so attractive on the big screen? Your answer is waiting here...

Why do love triangles work in TV shows or movies?

On television and in films, love triangles with the drama and the different partners are attracting more and more viewers. They make huge profits from long-running drama series. However, it is never enough to do everything. It is always accompanied by a tragedy or suffering of the protagonist.

Well, love triangles never actually work...but they work amazingly well on screen.

In TV shows and films, this causes controversy, viewers side with different couples ... There are literally wars between fans of different couples. This is huge hype for the story and adds to its popularity.

Viewers want more and creators win by creating endless series. Viewers are always nervous and imagining the ending.

Love triangles also help broaden the arc of the story and set a foundation for romantic shows and movies.

But love triangles never work alone. There are always struggles in the protagonist's life, such as risk of death, identity problems or confusion in life. This helps viewers better empathize with the erratic protagonist.

Speaking of entertainment, would you like to watch some series and movies about it? Do you see that...

The 20 best love triangles from television and cinema

Love triangles have been present in romantic comedy, supernatural, science fiction, and many other genres.

Eventually the media showed itpassionate loveas a mandatory part of their shows. And sometimes they turn up the heat and add a love triangle like this...


Holding back his suggestion of finding the perfect moment in his awkward way, Chandler pushed Monica towards her ex-boyfriend Richard, who was willing to give her anything she wanted.

2. Dawsons Creek

Dawson believed his best friend Joey was hissoulmate, but he had his eye on another friend, Pacey. Though she had the creek, he was far from her heart.

3. O.C.

Marisa fell in love with Ryan, but had to compete with Theresa, her childhood best friend, and sometimes much more.

4. Scandal

Olivia knew she was going to lose someone anyway when she fell in love with Fitz and Jake. I mean, talk about falling between two chairs.

5. Friday night lights

Lyla fell in love with Tim, her boyfriend's best friend, after a horrific accident, although she was previously head over heels in love with Jason. That was a shock for everyone.

6. Sex and the City

Carrie was madly in love with Big. However, Aiden arrives and brings a hot side to her life. This love triangle even continued in the movies.

7. younger

Liza started both relationships with a lie, but she felt connected to Josh and Charles. But obviously both intentions were quite different.

8. A hill of trees

Peyton and Brooke were best friends until Lucas stepped in and made her fall in love with him.

9. Gossip girl

It all started with Blair's mad love for Nate, but it doesn't always work out. Soon his heart was tugging at his best friend Chuck.

10. Bridget Jones: On the edge of sanity

Mark and Daniel took to the streets to fight over Bridget. Some say it's one of the most intriguing love triangles in film history. Why don't you share your thoughts?

11. Beverly Hills, 90210

Dylan couldn't decide between Brenda and her best friend Kelly. I was torn between one of those old-school love triangles that nobody ever gets tired of.

12. While you were sleeping

Peter fell into a coma after Lucy, believing she loved him, tried to save him. She unexpectedly discovers that she fell in love with Peter's brother Jack while he was in a coma.

13. Titanic

Rose was a wealthy, upper-class woman who was already engaged to Cal, a perfect match in her family's eyes, but she preferred Jack, a free-spirited man who was poor but won a voyage on the Titanic.

14. I really love

Mark held up letters to confess his love to Julia while listening to this tape on Christmas Eve this was one of the most romantic scenes in the story but sadly she married Peter.

15. Alex Strange Love

Alex planned to lose his virginity to his girlfriend Claire, but then he met Elliot...a gay man who was openly interested in Alex. Alex feels something too, but he's not sure either. Strange!!

16. Twelve Lar Alabama

Melanie had to divorce her ex-husband Jake, her childhood sweetheart, when her suave, rich, dreamy boyfriend proposed to her. But old sparks ignite and now she must choose between them.

17. Die Twilight-Saga: Eclipse

The Twilight series is one big epic love triangle, but it gets right in the third film when Bella must choose between a brooding vampire, Edward, and a slightly cooler werewolf, Jacob.

18. The notebook

Allie and Noah's epic love story is undoubtedly one of the most popular in television history. No one can forget the kissing-in-the-rain moment when Allie was engaged to Good, but not just Lon.

19. freundlich

We can't skip Bollywood, right? Sam and Kunal pretend to be a gay couple in order to sublet a place in Neha's amazing apartment, but they both end up falling in love with the beautiful Neha, who doesn't know about it.

20. My best friend's wedding

Michael was Julianne's best friend. He's ready to marry Kimberly. The only problem was that Julianne didn't know she was in love with him.

Do you think it's only for movie lovers? No... check out more of this...

20 Books About Love Triangles You Must Read

My dear bibliophiles, this spicy ingredient has not left your valuable paperbacks behind. So if you're indulging in a forbidden love or just want to know how it works in stories... this might be just what you need...

1. Love and Other Natural Disasters (Misa Sugiura)

Nozomi wanted to really fall in love in the summer. She became Willow's fake girlfriend to make her ex jealous. In the end, everything turned out disastrously well.

2. Apagón (Dhonielle Clayton, Tiffany D. Jackson, Nic Stone, Angie Thomas, Ashley Woodfolk und Nicola Yoon)

In New York at night, something else happens after dark. Relationships between old friends and even toxic ex-boyfriends become something completely unexpected. A love story full of confusion.

3. Loveboat, Taipeh (Abigail Hing Wen)

Ever Wong enjoys his summer with free dates. Its program allows you to legally participate in a variety of relationships. This will be an unforgettable summer for all students.

4. If You, Then Me (Yvonne Woon)

A girl searching for online dating via intelligence apps finds out that her crush and classmate, aka flirt partners, are all enrolled in the same app incubator. This is just the beginning of your confusion.

5. Hot British Friend (Kristy Boyce)

Ellie faced humiliating public rejection and fled to England. She begins her journey to build her confidence from the ground up by dating a hot Brit with the help of her "girlfriend".

6. Felix Forever (Kacen Callender)

Felix Lover, never in love because he is a black trans. Amidst transphobic scenarios, she finds herself in a love triangle and soon understands her feelings.

7. The Observer (Anna Bright)

After a pathetic public rejection, Selah sails from the Potomac to England in search of suitors. Despite her stepmother's ultimatum to return and other plans, she has found more than a happy ending.

8. Love in English (Maria E. Andreu)

An Argentinian girl in New Jersey meets a boy who teaches her English. While spending time with another man, she discovers that the language of love is far more confusing than English grammar.

9. The Selection (Kiera Cass)

A fairytale romance with a prince and his 35 suitors. However, one of the girls doesn't want that because she can't cheat on her former lover... But after meeting the prince, she's not sure anymore.

10. Beautiful Desert (Anna Godbersen)

Vida knows very well about their future relationship. However, he is torn between Sal and Fitz and an unimaginable and unseen future.

11. 99 days from Katie Cotugno

A girl spends her 99-day summer vacation with the same boy who broke her heart: her brother. However, your mind is a mess these days.

12. Fe: Volar (Julie Murphy)

Faith, a normal teenager, volunteers at an animal shelter and dreams about her crush. Soon a TV actress takes an interest in her and their teenage romance takes a different turn.

13. Clockwork Angel (Cassandra Clare)

As she searches for her brother, Tessa knows she can transform into other people. During his crazy life he falls in love with his two best friends.

14. Born of Anger (Claire Legrand)

Eliana and Rielle fight against the Empire's dirty politics to find Eliana's lost mother. On this journey he encounters many unexpected stories about his destiny.

15. The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins)

A crazy romance in the midst of a deadly game: hunter games. Katniss felt powerless as she had to represent her district to fight in this game.

16. When We Caught Fire (Anna Godbersen)

Emmeline's father suddenly got rich and betrothed her to a respectable bachelor. He's happy with his life, but he can't get over his childhood lover.

17. Delirium (Lauren Oliver)

In an alternate universe, love in America is a deadly disease. The government forces everyone over the age of 18 to undergo one procedure: healing. But Lena still falls in love before undergoing treatment.

18. Das Kronenspiel (Evelyn Skye)

Vika is one of the two charming in Russia. She hopes to become the Imperial Sorceress. She's the beauty with the brain that all opponents fall for.

19. Vampire Academy (Richelle Mead)

Lissa, a deadly vampire, receives protection from the savage Strigoi vampire from Rose, her best friend. The Strigoi soon caught up with them and they entered the forbidden land of temptation.

20. Red Queen (Victoria Aveyard)

Mare, a poor thief, discovers her supernatural abilities. The king wants to hide her whereabouts and lets her play the lost princess. Even though it's a dangerous situation, your heart is impossibly involved.

Una palabra de ThePleasantRelationship

Whether you just found yourself in this crazy situation or have been in it for a long time, there is no happy ending...unless you try.polyamorous relationship.

If you feel like you love both parties equally, you should consider changing your relationship style. Have an honest conversation and see if your engaged partner is up for it.

If you think you want your partner all to yourself, think again, will you really be happy?

(Video) the most chaotic love triangle to come from disney channel

When you're with someone, are you really fine without the public acclaim and labels?

Folks, think twice before stepping foot here... because it hardly ends with the flowers on screen.


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