Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires ranking of the best base-level factions (2023)

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If you are wondering which faction to choose in Total War Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires, read our guide. We present you our ranking of the best factions for beginners.

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Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires ranking of the best base-level factions (1)

the immortal realmscampaign forGuerra Total: Warhammer 3is finally out and the third part of Warhammer is back in style. The huge world that merges the maps of the three parts of the trilogy is not only a reason to rejoice, but also a reason to buy a new CPU cooler. Despite this, the map is so large and the factions so numerous that we can spend hours on the faction and parent selection screen. After,We decided to help you choose the best factions to start the game., and the best Legendary Lord will lead your armies into battle.

Of course you must play.Guerra Total: Warhammer 3As you like - experiment, try, test or just play with the faction that you like best. There are so many that literally everyone should find something for themselves, as there are 23 factions, and considering that many of them have multiple lords to choose from... you have up to 86 different options. Remember also that each of the factions, in fact, each lord of a faction! – use different mechanics, different objectives and play differently. Some are great in attack (for example Valkia the Bloody of Khorne; requires DLC:chaos champions), while others gain momentum over time.

How do I unlock the Immortal Empires campaign in Total War Warhammer 3?

To unlock the Immortal Empires campaignTotal War Hammer 3, you only need to buy all threeTotal War Warhammer Games: 1, 2 + 3. You don't need to have all the DLC. You don't need to install all quotas either, just install themTotal War Hammer 3It's inimmortal empiresThe campaign will be available.

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However, there are factions that are easier to play for various reasons, mainly because of their geopolitical environment. A mountain range can be the best defense that protects you from enemy attacks. Population density is also important - if you have a lot of other, even neutral, settlements around you, you'll have less room for "peaceful" expansion and you'll get involved in wars sooner. So if you start your adventure withimmortal empiresinsideGuerra Total: Warhammer 3We have compiled a list of the best, or simply the easiest, factions to start your adventure with.

Best Factions for Beginners in Immortal Empires Total War Warhammer 3 Tier List:

Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires ranking of the best base-level factions (2)

The best factions for beginners in Immortal Empires. From best (S) to worst (C and D - not recommended for beginners). I created the list with TierMaker.com.

  • 5. Skarsnik, Greenskins
  • 4. Close Claw, Skaven
  • 3. Nakai the Wanderer, Lizardmen
  • 2. Helman Ghorts, Vampirfursten
  • 1. Azazel, Warrior of Chaos
  • Which faction should NOT be CHOOSE at first?

5. Skarsnik, Greenskins

Skarsnik, Greenskins - A good option when you want to literally flood your opponents with your armies.Total War: Warhammer 3 creado por Creative Assembly

Start: Monte Gunbad

required DLC:The King and the Warlord DLC

Skarsnik has always been strong, but now with a new starting position, he's just plain OP. Skarsnik's problem inguerra total warhamer 2was the eternal lack of money - but inimmortal empiresYou have access to rich provinces which, if you conquer them and jump-start your economy quickly, will ensure a constant supply of significant amounts of money. And a lot of money means big, high-level armies. Thanks to the Waaagh mechanics! - crucial for all greenskins, orcs and goblins - you can have 3 or even 4 armies before the end of turn 10 and at such an early level it's just an overwhelming advantage. Therefore, playing Skarsnik is simply flooding enemies with green armies; they might be able to repel one unit, but not three.

4. Close Claw, Skaven

Ikit Claw, Skaven: Simple victory conditions for a short campaign. You don't have much time, choose Skaven.Total War: Warhammer 3 creado por Creative Assembly

(Video) Best and Strongest Factions in Immortal Empires - Total War: Warhammer 3

Start: Plagaskaven

required DLC:DLC The Prophet and the Sorcerer

We consider Skaven and Ikit Claw to be "light" campaign factions due to their geographical spread and, more importantly, the conditions for winning a short campaign. To complete it, you need to destroy three factions: Estalia, Tilea, and Carcassonne. All three factions are close to your starting location, so all you have to do is build your army and attack neighboring cities as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that other factions have their wars too, so there is a high chance that someone will help you destroy some of these factions. But be careful: south of you, across the sea, is the city of Sartos, the legendary Lord Araness Saltspite. If you are planning a long campaign, you should take this into account, because Araness is quite a powerful opponent.

3. Nakai the Wanderer, Lizardmen

Nakai The Wanderer, Lizardmen - You don't need to remember the economy, just focus on the war.Total War: Warhammer 3 creado por Creative Assembly

Start: Ashung Tower

required DLC:The DLC Der Hunter and the Beast

I amimmortal empiresinsidewarhammer 3, Nakai starts in southern Cathay with a pretty powerful army (Tier 3 Lizardmen). Your first task will be to conquer the nearby city, and then you will mainly focus on fighting the factions of Grand Cathay. What makes Lizardmen and Nakai The Wanderer good picks (if you like huge gators, of course) is money. If you play your campaigns right, you'll have so many that you won't be able to spend all your money. One of Nakai's unique mechanics also helps with conquests: every city you conquer is populated by your vassals - more vassals and cities means more rewards (and we don't have to worry too much about defending those cities, since vassals usually do that). . . Cities will expand and populate with really strong garrisons; in other words, you can focus on conquest and forget about the whole micromanagement aspect of the game economy.

2. Helman Ghorts, Vampirfursten

Helman Ghorts, Vampire Counts - A very powerful legendary lord who attacks with the help of zombies.Total War: Warhammer 3 creado por Creative Assembly

(Video) Best and Easiest Legendary Lords, Faction Selection Guide Immortal Empires - Total War: Warhammer 3

Start: The Enchanted Forest

required DLC:Der Grim & The Grave-DLC

Helman Ghorts from the Vampire Counts faction is a great choice, mainly due to his father's power: Helman Ghorts assembles armies of zombies that, thanks to appropriate tech choices and buffs (Helman has an edge that gives Zombies and Crypt Ghouls +30 Armor ), can do quite a bit to improve. This type of strong and large army is still cheap, which affects the economy of your game. In other words, a bit like Skarsnik, you can shower your opponent with cheap cannon fodder, which in this case works really well in combat.

1. Azazel, Warrior of Chaos

Azazel, Warriors of Chaos - Lord from the last DLC. Interesting mechanics to seduce other factions. Strong in battle.Total War: Warhammer 3 creado por Creative Assembly

Start: A Tower of Chrakk

required DLC:DLC Champions of Chaos

Azazel is a lord added with the latest DLCGuerra Total: Warhammer 3– in the campaignimmortal empiresIt does this more than well, and also offers one of the most interesting and unusual campaigns in the game. Azazel's unique mechanic is that, as a devoted servant of the god of debauchery and hedonism, Slaanesh, he has access to seduction and can lure enemies to his side. Suffice it to say that this demon has a +80 advantage in diplomatic relations with the Empire, Kislev, Cathay and Bretonnia, that is, with humans. Now you know who will be your main prey. Vassalizing large kingdoms will grant you great power.

Which faction should NOT be CHOOSE at first?

It's definitely better to skip the High Elves. while intotal war hammer 2The High Elves and Tyrion campaign was fun and relatively easy.immortal empiresThey have become much more difficult due to the location and increased aggression from other elves and vampires who navigate the waters around us.

The Empire and Tzeentzch campaigns are also among the difficult campaigns. Kislev is also not one of the easier factions right now.

Of course, not all of them are OP factions.immortal empires, but if you really can't decide which one is your favourite, and still don't feel confident in the game, then these factions should give you a huge advantage and a chance to win your first Immortal Empires campaign.

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Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires ranking of the best base-level factions (8)

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