Virginia UIDDA Process Servers: Taming Foreign Subpoenas (2023)

Process Server One is an expert in successfully performing foreign citation taming and is immediately available for taming foreign citations in Virginia. With over three decades of litigation experience in Virginia, we will properly complete your domestication of foreign subpoenas as quickly as possible in accordance with the State of Virginia guidelines. Process Server One serves foreign subpoenas under the Uniform Interstate Discovery and Depositions Act (or UIDDA) in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Laws and regulations vary by state, but we have successfully served over 1,000 interstate citations (to and from) Virginia. Remember that there are three types of summons to tame:

  • Summons Duces Tecum: to produce documents or require someone to produce relevant documents, records or evidence related to the case
  • Summons and Testimony: Also called a subpoena for the witness to appear in court or provide relevant documents when testifying
  • Submission to Testimony: Requires witness to appear in testimony to testify and produce documents, or both

Process Server One is the leading provider of UIDDA subpoena taming services to law firms, state and federal agencies, developing strong relationships with law enforcement officials across the country. Decades of legal services processing foreign subpoenas in every US state make Process Server One the best choice for interstate subpoenas.

Our Virginia process servers keep abreast of changes in the legal system and UIDDA. We are known for speed and accuracy of service and can help you meet a deadline if you contact us immediately. Process Server One Process Servers in Virginia know the best ways to speed up tasks and meet urgent deadlines to serve subpoenas in both urban and rural areas. Our Virginia Foreign Summons Processing Services Company is recommended for our due diligence and to keep up with the methods and rules regarding the UIDDA Foreign Summons Processing and Domestication Service.

An in-house licensed case manager from Process Server One's Virginia Process Services team is assigned to all engagements to ensure timely and accurate delivery of your legal documents every time. Our dedicated team of Virginia foreign citation taming specialists will keep clients informed throughout the service via their choice of phone or email. Contact us today if you don't know the best address to deliver your subpoena to a person or business.

What Makes Process Server One a Trusted UIDDA Foreign Summons Taming Company in Virginia?

  • Emergency service available to meet deadlines.
  • Completed over 1,000 taming jobs for Virginia UIDDA foreign citations.
  • Registered and licensed process servers, paralegals, and attorneys with decades of experience.
  • Fair price with no hidden charges.
  • National delivery of foreign summons (UIDDA and non-UIDDA countries).

How does UIDDA work to control foreign subpoenas in the state of Virginia?

The Commonwealth of Virginia passed the Uniform Laws Commission and enacted the Uniform Interstate Discovery and Depositions Act (UIDDA). The subpoena, the Virginia UIDDA Service document issued under the authority of a court, requires the person to appear at the deposition and provide evidence or to inspect and copy any book, document, record, electronically stored information, or to present and permit the possession, custody or control of certain material things; or permit inspection of the premises under the control of the individual.

A party must submit a foreign subpoena to a clerk of the judicial district to conduct an investigation under the laws of the Virginia UIDDA service. A summons issued by a court clerk must be served under the Virginia Code of Civil Procedure in accordance with the Virginia UIDDA service.

USE:Many websites offer Virginia foreign domestication citations at suspiciously low prices. Some companies are not current with Virginia-specific UIDDA laws and regulations and/or only offer a one-time court service. Many companies are unaware of the correct process, forms, fees, the proper judicial department, or how to fill out the forms accurately and completely. We do that. Process Server One is Virginia's leading foreign subpoena taming company and is fully prepared for scenarios like incorrect addresses and more. If you have any questions, please contact our Virginia foreign domestication citation process servers today.

How to start your task of taming foreign summons in Virginia:

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See How Virginia Foreign Summons Taming Works - Virginia UIDDA Processing Service

The Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discoveries Act (UIDDA) is a model law passed by forty-three (43) states in the United States, including Virginia, to establish a uniform process for obtaining deposits and discoveries consistent with other participants that comply with states

In most cases, foreign subpoenas (subpoenas that originate in one state) are duces tecum. You are looking for documents from a record holder located in another state. In some cases, however, foreign subpoenas are ad testificandum, a subpoena to appear and give oral testimony for use in a court hearing or proceeding. In either case, failure to serve the Virginia Uniform Interstate Discovery and Depositions Act (UIDDA) will result in a legal penalty for the recipient of the subpoena. At Process Server One, whether a subpoena needs to be issued in another state, served in another state or federal district court, or you reside in the state, we provide fast, accurate, and reliable service through experienced Virginia process servers. .

In Virginia, under the Uniform Interstate Discovery and Depositions Act (UIDDA), litigants may serve a subpoena issued by a court in the state of trial on a clerk located in the state where the materials are being found. Once the clerk receives the out-of-state subpoena (commonly known as a foreign subpoena), the clerk issues a subpoena for service of the person or entity to whom the original subpoena was addressed.


Domestication of foreign summons: $350.00

Registration Fee: Varies by county and state

Special courier: $150.00*

Processing Service: $150.00**

Custodial or Witness Fee: Varies by county and state

Advances according to accrual

Advance fee: 10%

Notes: $25.00 each

*Varies based on time required and number of runs required.

** Estimated depending on exact location.


1) The summons issued by your office, lawyer or court.*

2) List of all attorneys in the case and contact information. If you would like us to notify the bride and groom, please check and attach the notice and indicate the timeframes for notification.

3) Name, Lawyer Number and State of the Responsible Lawyer

4) Any detection deadlines, evaluation dates or expiration dates of which we must be informed

5) Special instructions

*The note requires the following:

  1. Integrate the terms used in the foreign citation
  2. Contains all contact information for all registered attorneys and all parties not represented by an attorney


Depositary Clerk: $150.00 per subpoena, includes use of our address to receive and track records to obtain records and notarized records

Registration Fee: $100.00

Electronic Receipt/Delivery: $100.00

Receipt/Email: $100.00 plus $0.40 per page plus postage, shipping and handling

Incoming Mail/Electronic Delivery: $100.00 plus $0.40 per page plus postage, shipping and handling

Incoming Mail/Mail Delivery: $100.00 plus $0.40 per page plus postage and handling

On-Site Copying/Duplicating: Available Nationwide, see rates.

THIS INFORMATION DOES NOT CONSTITUTE LEGAL ADVICE.The content of this page does not constitute legal advice. Laws change periodically. Contact our Virginia Telephone Foreign Citations Domestication Team if you have specific questions about UIDDA or non-UIDDA dominance.

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What is the VA code for foreign subpoenas? ›

The Uniform Interstate Deposition & Discovery Act, VA Code §8.01-412.8 through §8.01-412.15, provides that a party may submit a subpoena from a court of record from another state to the Clerk of the Circuit Court serving the jurisdiction in which discovery is sought.

What is Section 16.1 89 of the Virginia Code? ›

Subpoena duces tecum; attorney-issued subpoena duces tecum. A judge or clerk of a district court may issue a subpoena duces tecum pursuant to the terms of Rule 4:9A of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia except that such subpoena may be directed to a party to the case as well as to a person who is not a party.

What does it mean to domesticate a subpoena? ›

Occasionally, process servers are tasked with serving an individual across state lines, which in legal lingo, requires them to domesticate a foreign subpoena. This may occur where a witness or party to a case has moved or simply resides in another state from where the case is being heard in court.

What is Virginia Code 16.1 265? ›

Upon application of a party and pursuant to the rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia for the issuance of subpoenas, the clerk of the court shall issue, and the court on its own motion may issue, subpoenas requiring attendance and testimony of witnesses and production of records, documents or other tangible objects at ...

What is VA code 19.2 354? ›

Authority of court to order payment of fine, costs, forfeitures, penalties or restitution in installments or upon other terms and conditions; community work in lieu of payment.

What is VA code 19.2 37? ›

Subsection E of Va. Code § 19.2-37 states, “A magistrate may not engage in any other activity for financial gain during the hours that he is serving on duty as a magistrate. A magistrate may not be employed outside his duty hours without the prior written approval of the Executive Secretary.”

What is the 16.1 278.19 code of Virginia? ›

Attorney fees. In any matter properly before the court, the court may award attorney fees and costs on behalf of any party as the court deems appropriate based on the relative financial ability of the parties and any other relevant factors to attain equity.

What is 16.1 69.24 code of Virginia? ›

Contempt of court. A. A judge of a district court shall have the same powers and jurisdiction as a judge of a circuit court to punish summarily for contempt, but in no case shall the fine exceed $250 and imprisonment exceed 10 days for the same contempt.

What is 16.1 69.55 code of Virginia? ›

At the direction of the chief judge of a district court, the clerk of that court may cause any or all papers or documents pertaining to civil and criminal cases that have been ended to be destroyed if such records, papers, or documents will no longer have administrative, fiscal, historical, or legal value to warrant ...

How do you serve an international subpoena? ›

Unlike subpoenas to be served in the United States, the clerk's office cannot routinely issue a subpoena to be served in a foreign country. The party seeking such a subpoena must move the court for an order directing the issuance of the subpoena pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1783.

What is 10 del c 4311? ›

(10 Del. C. § 4311.) The Superior Court provides detailed instructions and a form subpoena for filing a subpoena under the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act.

How do you get around a subpoena? ›

Go to your court hearing on the Request to Quash the Subpoena. The judge may quash the subpoena, modify it, or order you to comply with it. The judge may also order the losing side to pay the other's attorney's fees related to issuing the subpoena or requesting that it be quashed.

What is Virginia Code C 46.2 874? ›

Code § 46.2-874. The maximum speed shall be 25 miles per hour on highways in business or residence districts, except on interstate or other limited access highways with divided roadways or nonlimited access highways having four or more lanes and all state primary highways.

What is Virginia Code Ann 16.1 77? ›

The plaintiff shall pay filing and other fees as otherwise provided by law to the clerk of the court to which the case is transferred, and such clerk shall process the claim as if it were a new civil action.

What is Virginia Code Section 16.1 272? ›

Power of circuit court over juvenile offender. A. In any case in which a juvenile is indicted, the offense for which he is indicted and all ancillary charges shall be tried in the same manner as provided for in the trial of adults, except as otherwise provided with regard to sentencing.

What is 18.2 77 VA? ›

Virginia Code §18.2-77 makes it a crime for a person: To burn or use an explosive device to destroy a dwelling house. To aid, counsel, or procure the burning or destruction of a dwelling house.

What is Virginia Code 19.2 151? ›

§ 19.2-151. Satisfaction and discharge of assault and similar charges.

What is VA Code 18.2 183? ›

§ 18.2-183. Issuance of bad check prima facie evidence of intent and knowledge; notice by certified or registered mail.

What is VA code Ann 19.2 82? ›

Procedure upon arrest without warrant. A. A person arrested without a warrant shall be brought forthwith before a magistrate or other issuing authority having jurisdiction who shall proceed to examine the officer making the arrest under oath.

What is Virginia Code 19.2 81? ›

Arrest without warrant by correctional officers in certain cases. (d) Any other criminal offense which may contribute to the disruption of the safety, welfare, or security of the population of a correctional institution.

What is VA code 19.2 13? ›

No person shall seek appointment as a special conservator of the peace from a circuit court judge without possessing a valid registration issued by the Department of Criminal Justice Services, except as provided in this section.

What is Virginia Code 12.1 19? ›

The clerk may refuse to accept for filing any document that includes personal identifiable information and return it for modification or explanation.

What is code of Virginia 18.2 251.1 A? ›

Code §18.2-251.1(A)). Possession of less than one ounce of marijuana is considered simple possession, or possession for one's own personal use. Possession of more than one ounce of marijuana is usually charged as possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

What is VA code 18.2 96? ›

§ 18.2-96.

Commits simple larceny not from the person of another of goods and chattels of the value of less than $1,000, except as provided in clause (iii) of § 18.2-95, shall be deemed guilty of petit larceny, which shall be punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor.

What is the Virginia Code 16.1 241 A? ›

Virginia Code § 16.1-241 A. 1 gives the juvenile court original and exclusive jurisdiction over all delinquent acts committed by a juvenile.

What is Virginia Code 46.2 1240? ›

Definitions. "Disabled parking sign" means any sign used to identify parking spaces for use by vehicles bearing valid organizational, permanent, or temporary removable windshield placards, disabled parking license plates, or disabled parking license plates issued under § 46.2-739.

What is Virginia Code Section 16.1 97? ›

When a new trial is granted. A. No new trial may be granted from any judgment in a district court unless a motion by one of the parties is made within thirty days after the date of judgment, not including the date of entry of such judgment.

What is Virginia Code Section 16.1 69.48 1? ›

All fines collected for violations of the laws of the Commonwealth shall be paid promptly to the clerk of the circuit court who shall pay the same into the state treasury.

What is Virginia Code 16.1 338? ›

Parental admission of minors younger than 14 and nonobjecting minors 14 years of age or older. A. A minor younger than 14 years of age may be admitted to a willing mental health facility for inpatient treatment upon application and with the consent of a parent.

What is VA code 16.1 69.48 1? ›

Fixed fee for misdemeanors, traffic infractions and other violations in district court; additional fees to be added.

How do you serve a defendant in a foreign country? ›

Often, service internationally may be done by having a government authority serve the documents, or by serving the documents by certified mail or through publication, or having the individual sign a waiver.

How do you serve papers internationally? ›

You have 2 options. You can use: the U.S. Postal Service and send by international registered mail, restricted delivery, return receipt requested, or. an international express mail company, restricted delivery, return receipt required.

Can US subpoena a foreign national? ›

A Party Cannot Serve a Subpoena on a Foreign National Abroad

Notably, Rule 45 is “silent” as to the service of a subpoena on foreign nationals located outside the United States.

What is 10 del c 3721? ›

Delaware's wrongful death law (Delaware Code title 10, §§ 3721 to 3725 (2021)) states that a civil case may be brought against an individual or entity "whose wrongful act causes the death of another." A "wrongful act" is defined as any "act, neglect or default" that, if the deceased person had lived, could have been ...

What makes a subpoena invalid? ›

Subpoenas that are procedurally defective are usually invalid and professionals do not have to respond to them. Federal courts have limited reach across state lines and are limited in how far they can force a witness to travel to appear for testimony.

Can I plead the 5th when subpoenaed? ›

Can I plead the Fifth if subpoenaed to testify or produce documents to a congressional committee? Yes. The Supreme Court has held that the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination is available to recipients of congressional subpoenas.

Can I plead the fifth as a witness? ›

Pleading the Fifth as a Witness

You also have the right to plead the Fifth when you are a witness in a federal criminal case. Much like with a defendant, a witness may refuse to answer any questions that might tend to implicate them in a crime.

What is 46.2 819.1 in Virginia? ›

Upon a finding by a court that a person has two or more unpaid tolls and such person fails to pay the required penalties, fees, and unpaid tolls, the court shall notify the Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles, who shall refuse to issue or renew any vehicle registration certificate of any applicant or the ...

What is Virginia Code 46.2 830? ›

§ 46.2-830. Uniform traffic control devices on highways; drivers to obey traffic control devices; enforcement of section. The Commissioner of Highways may classify, designate, and mark state highways and provide a uniform system of traffic control devices for such highways under the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth.

What is Virginia Code 46.2 323? ›

Every application for a driver's license, temporary driver's permit, learner's permit, or motorcycle learner's permit shall be made on a form prescribed by the Department and the applicant shall write his usual signature in ink in the space provided on the form.

What is Virginia Code 32.1 27? ›

Any person willfully violating or refusing, failing or neglecting to comply with any regulation or order of the Board or Commissioner or any provision of this title shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor unless a different penalty is specified.

What is Virginia Code 43 11? ›

Any subcontractor or person furnishing labor or material to the general contractor or subcontractor, may give a preliminary notice in writing to the owner or his agent or the general contractor, stating the nature and character of his contract and the probable amount of his claim.

What is Virginia Code 10.1 1704? ›

No open-space land, the title to or interest or right in which has been acquired under this chapter and which has been designated as open-space land under the authority of this chapter, shall be converted or diverted from open-space land use unless (i) the conversion or diversion is determined by the public body to be ...

What is Virginia Code 16.1 340? ›

Code § 37.2-808 (relating to adults) and subsection C of Va. Code § 16.1-340 (relating to minors), a magistrate shall consider any request to authorize transportation of a respondent by a person or persons other than a law enforcement officer whenever such person is identified to the magistrate.

What is Virginia Code 16.1 263? ›

Upon the failure of any person to appear as ordered in the summons, the court shall immediately issue an order for such person to show cause why he should not be held in contempt.

What is Virginia Code 46.2 391? ›

Va. Code § 46.2-391. The period of time which must elapse before such person may petition to have his driving privileges restored or a restricted license issued varies based on whether the person is requesting restoration of his or her privilege to drive or a restricted license to drive to certain locations.

What is VA code 53.1 165? ›

§ 53.1-165. Revocation of parole or postrelease supervision; hearing; procedure for parolee or felon serving period of postrelease supervision in another state; appointment of attorney.

What is VA code 19.2 296? ›

A motion to withdraw a plea of guilty or nolo contendere may be made only before sentence is imposed or imposition of a sentence is suspended; but to correct manifest injustice, the court within twenty-one days after entry of a final order may set aside the judgment of conviction and permit the defendant to withdraw ...

What is VA code 37.2 405? ›

No person shall be admitted, placed, treated, maintained, housed, or otherwise kept, voluntarily or involuntarily, by any provider required to be licensed by subsection A, unless and until the provider is licensed by the Commissioner.

What is VA code 46 2 874? ›

The maximum speed shall be 25 miles per hour on highways in business or residence districts, except on interstate or other limited access highways with divided roadways or nonlimited access highways having four or more lanes and all state primary highways.

What is VA code 32.1 37? ›

A. The person in charge of any medical care facility shall immediately make or cause to be made a report of a disease required by the Board to be reported when such information is available to that person and that person has reason to believe that no physician has reported such disease as provided in § 32.1-36.

What is VA code 32.1 38? ›

No person making a report required or authorized by this chapter shall be responsible for recognizing agents or suspecting the presence of any conditions beyond the competence of a reasonable person practicing his profession; however, any such person shall be immune as provided in this section when making reports in ...

What is VA Code 59.1 572? ›

Per Section 59.1-572, the bill applies to “persons that conduct business in the Commonwealth or that produce products or services that are targeted to residents of the Commonwealth” who “control or process personal data of at least 100,000 consumers” or those who “control or process the data of at least 25,000 ...

What is Virginia Code 65.2 902? ›

A. Any employer, insurance carrier, self-insurer, group self-insurance association, or third party administrator who fails to make any report required by the Commission pursuant to this title shall be assessed a civil penalty of not more than $500 for each failure.

What is VA code Ann 19.2 243? ›

§ 19.2-243. Limitation on prosecution of felony due to lapse of time after finding of probable cause; misdemeanors; exceptions.

What is VA code 65.2 406? ›

§ 65.2-406. Limitation upon claim; diseases covered by limitation. 7. For all other occupational diseases, two years after a diagnosis of the disease is first communicated to the employee or within five years from the date of the last injurious exposure in employment, whichever first occurs.

What is VA Code 18.2 168? ›

Under Virginia Code § 18.2-168, it is unlawful to forge a public record, certificate, return, or attestation of any public officer or public employee when such document may be used as legal proof, or to utter or attempt to use as true such a forged record or document knowing it to be forged.

What is VA code 19.2 167? ›

Accused not to be tried while insane or feebleminded. No person shall, while he is insane or feebleminded, be tried for a criminal offense.

What is VA code 18.2 146? ›

§ 18.2-146. Breaking, injuring, defacing, destroying, or preventing the operation of vehicle, aircraft, boat, or vessel; penalties.

What is VA code 18.2 159? ›

Any person who goes upon the track of a railroad other than to pass over such road at a public or private crossing, or who willfully rides, drives or leads any animal or contrives for any animal to go on such track except to cross as aforesaid, without the consent of the railroad company or person operating such road, ...

What is VA code 18.2 92? ›

Breaking and entering dwelling house with intent to commit other misdemeanor. If any person break and enter a dwelling house while said dwelling is occupied, either in the day or nighttime, with the intent to commit any misdemeanor except assault and battery or trespass, he shall be guilty of a Class 6 felony.

What is the Virginia Code 46.2 878? ›

It shall be unlawful to operate any motor vehicle in excess of speed limits established and posted as provided in this section.


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