Top 10 Total War Games (2023)

What are the best total war games? Well, it's actually hard to say because even though they're both strategy games, there are so many different "styles" of Total War games that sometimes it's hard to compare them. For example, the settings for Rome and Warhammer are very different.

Still, as a huge fan of this long-running franchise, I thought I'd do my best to be honest and list the top 10 Total War games that I think are the best. This is just my list, but if you have a different opinion on the best game in the series, I'd love to hear it.

10. Rim 2


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Even though it's number 10 on my list, I'm still thinkingtotal war in rime 2Be a damn good game. It was a solid entry in the series and a game I had a lot of fun with. I think if the launch of the game was a little easier and the game was more affordable, it would probably be higher on my list. When most people talk about a game, they always mention that the game's launch wasn't great.

The first Rome game was a groundbreaking title, and Rome 2 was always going to have a hard time following. I feel like Creative Assembly finally got the game right, but I understand why some people were put off early on. However, I had a good time with Roma 2 and I think it deserves support for our list.

9. Shogun

in 2000

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This is the game that started it all. You might also be surprised to know that EA has released the first game in the series.the first total war gamevery good. I really like feudal Japan (even if the sequel was better) and this is the first time I've played a strategy game with such settings. The visuals were pretty good for their time, and the overall setting and story of the game really drew me in.

I will say that going back to the original Total War after so many years seems pretty easy. Honestly, this game is 20 years old as I write this! It is well preserved and worth a trip down memory lane.

read oursTotal rat: Shogunreview.

8. Medieval

year 2002

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This is actually an early game in the seriesMedieval total waris the second game released and was created when Activision had the publishing rights. I have such nostalgic memories of it, it has to be on my list. While the graphics may not be overly stunning, I think the gameplay and depth of the game make it one of the best Total War games out there.

They really went all out and threw in things like dealing with religion and loyalty and all the espionage, which I really enjoy. The combat in the game is really fun for me and it always excites me to have an army armed and ready to fight. As far as Old School Total War games go, this is one of my favorites.

7. Empire

in 2009

Top 10 Total War Games (4)

Below is the fifth article in the series. I bet there would be a list of the best war gamesEmpireon top. The 18th century is something I really like, even though some of the story on paper can sound bad. It actually works well, and the naval raids in the game, while not very detailed, are a nice addition to the series and make the overall game "epic".

The AI ​​in Total War Empire isn't top-notch, but it's still fun to play. You could argue that this is a game that really sticks to the tech tree formula, and as you progress, getting new things to help you become dominant is something that a lot of people (myself included) have a lot of fun with.

6. Attila


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Released in 2015Attila: Total WarThis will be the ninth game of the series. The setting of the game is great as it starts in the year 395, from the classical Roman era to the rather brutal Middle Ages in human history. This setting is what makes the series such a memorable game in the series. Attila has food shortages, mass immigration, tense politics and more to deal with due to a fixed period in which you want to dominate the battlefield.

It has what you'd expect from a Total War game, but it introduces a few things that really make a difference. Now you have to deal with weather effects, which can be quite annoying, but make everything really interesting. Guerrilla warfare is now part of the game, which is both exciting and tense!

5. Rim

year 2004

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You can trample people with elephants! ! ! That's what my friend proudly said when he tried to talk me into itRome: Total WarWhen it came out in 2004, it was an absolute classic in the Total War series, and certainly one of the best Total War games ever made. For me, this is the first game that really shows large scale conflicts on the battlefield. Playing it for the first time I was really out of my mind.

Rome has a bit of a learning curve though. Once you 'get it', it's a game that can literally take over your life. It is not only fun but also very exciting to fight a border war. In fact, it is also quite educational and you will learn a lot while playing. Don't cry now! I mean to educate in the best possible way.

4. Napoleon


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I'm not sureNapoleon: Totalni ratIt's for me. I learned a lot about Napoleon in high school and from Bill and Ted, so I thought it was over. What a fool I was when Napoleon came out in 2010 and took over my life. In terms of actual gameplay, it improves on what Empire does in almost every way you can imagine. It has more depth and is a bit more aerodynamic for a better experience.

What really sets this game apart at launch is the narrative. It is in this game that the good people who made it nailed the storytelling element that many recent games have. Experiencing some of Napoleon's conquests is an exciting and unforgettable experience.

3. Shogun 2

year 2011

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It's crazy how long it took to make a sequelTotal rat: Shogun, AliTotally Rat: Shogun 2It was worth the wait. It may lack the "bigness" of some of the other Total War games, but I'll always have a soft spot for Shogun 2, and I think the folks at Creative Assembly did a great job in every way. I actually like that the game is more focused on a specific region (Japan) than traveling the world. The scale may be small, but the epicness of the battles and decisions you have to make sure isn't.

The campaigns in this game are truly breathtaking and enchanting. Best of all, I feel that with Shogun 2 they have succeeded in creating a deep strategy game that almost anyone can play and enjoy. Die-hard fans of the series can really dive in and have fun. On the other hand, I feel they have a great tutorial here and make the game approachable for newbies to the series.

2. Three kingdoms


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No doubt some big eyebrows were raised, I put it too high and to be honest it's pretty fresh in my mind. However,Total War: Three Kingdomsit's one of the most epic strategy games I've played in a long time. It's actually based on the classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms story, and to say that Creative Assembly is 100% right would be an understatement.

The main reason it ranks so high on my list is the new mode called "Romance". This mode adds real fantasy to the story, allowing you to go up against these kung fu masters with a variety of special abilities. Playing this game is not only fun but also very exciting and interesting from the story point of view. I feel like this is a game that is clearly made for fun and I've been playing it since launch. It still has a story mode for those who don't like fantasy, but for me the fantasy is what makes this such an amazing entry into the series.

1. War hammer 2


Honestly, the first Warhammer game probably deserves a place on this list, but as I knew when I started writing itTotal War: Warhammer 2it should have been my #1 and i decided to drop it. It takes everything the first game did and makes it all amazing. I love the races in the game, especially the lizard people, and I think the way the game is presented is stunning. As a lover of all things fantastic, this event really satisfies me. I like that each race has its own story. This made me fall in love with the world created here, in fact it made me more interested in the whole world of Warhammer.

It's also a game I've spent hundreds of hours playing in multiplayer. It was a lot of fun and I loved how it rewarded me for my investment in my first Total War: Warhammer game. While a game should work on its own (and this one does), I also think the DLC for this game is fantastic and worth every penny. There's no question when I'm asked what the best all-around war game is. Every time I say Warhammer 2... Unless they have Total War: Warhammer 3!

Of course, any top 10 list is always subjective, but these are my favorite Total War games of the year. It would be great to know what your top 10 Total War games are.

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