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Kamran Ohi PE


Kamran was very professional, thorough and patient in explaining technical details to me. I definitely recommend it to anyone in need of construction services.

- austin b....

steinbock engineering


Seanan is great to work with. Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to and deal with and takes the time to problem solve and educate me in a personal way. I have been using your service for at least 15 years and will continue to do so.

- EU....



Very quick to get me an order (within a week) for an engineer to look over our home/foundation. We have cracks in the house. We received a report after paying the initial cost of $485 for the engineer to come and see our home. My husband went to the engineer. said my husbandthat he (engineer) was very meticulous. The budget for the repair is very high and we have to think a little before completing the work.

-Nancy G....

The foundation specialist


He came with a structural engineer. He was very helpful and provided a free quote. I was very impressed that he brought in a structural engineer. I recommend.

-Elisabeth T....

Edram General Construction Llc


Edram Construction offered several options for properly and safely repairing a wooden beam. As part of the first offer, the options were explained in detail and, despite my own ignorance in the area, we were able to agree on a satisfactory repair. the engineer wasknowledgeable and prepared an accurate cost estimate before work began and was on site most of the day. The workers were professional, respectful and friendly. They secured the area and kept it clean. Once completed, the only proof was that the job was done as agreed. Nearby affected drywall, paint and trim were all replaced as new and still matched the surrounding immaculate areas. The job was completed in a single day and overall went very well.

- Phil C....

Zig Consulting


Sitra's amazing service was exactly what we needed to help us understand the problems of the house we are buying. I will definitely hire them in the future and I'm sure my agent will too!

-Jason P....

Zig Consulting


Everything went well. Very professional and arrived on time. He provided me with the necessary documents in a timely manner. I definitely recommend it.

-Vanessa M....




-Brian R....

steinbock engineering


The Ibex engineer provided us with static services. They are knowledgeable, experienced and have helped us complete our projects successfully. We have worked with them on a variety of projects and Seanan is always a pleasure to work with and look forward to continuing our collaboration.they. We highly recommend them

-Jay K....



I had to finish the building inspection and make a report very quickly so that a report could be sent to my area building control board. Geofreeze worked with me to get an engineer to my property within two days. The engineer was very competent. made a completeInspection of my garage and neighboring garage. He gave me a detailed verbal report immediately after the inspection and prepared a written report within 24 hours. I was very satisfied with the engineer, his inspection and the service provided by Geofreeze

- Margaret L....

Ehrenbauer, LLC


The experience with Honor Builders LLC was amazing! They completed our engineering needs to a high level of quality. Working with Conor, we were able to retrieve calculations quickly and accurately, which was very helpful during the review and inspection process. thanks guys forbe there, be honest and provide a service we all desperately need. -G

-Jorge B....

Repair of Deska foundations and basement waterproofing.


The project went very well. First, one of Deska's engineers came to do a structural assessment of my foundation. He communicated clearly and provided a very detailed report explaining what the issues were regarding my settlement establishment. The report mentions someRecommendations for the repair and with Deska we did the job. They installed 14 spiral pillars and "reinforced" my foundation. The project was done on time and within budget and all the workers were very respectful and cleaned up after themselves. While they were there I inquired about adding an exit window to add an extra room to my home. They were able to do this at a reduced price, as it appeared they already had most of the resources needed for the job. I was delighted to get the job done, an extra room and not have to worry about the problem anymore.

-Emiko T....

Kemp Home Inspections, LLC


I contacted Kemp Home Inspections to get a third opinion on the cause of the brick and mortar exterior cracking in my 1941 Arlington Colonial home. I am a landlord with no technical knowledge. A civil engineer said lintel error; a second said serious fundamental concerns that would beexpensive to repair. Greg came out after reviewing the first engineer's report, talked to me for about 10-15 minutes, explained his process, and then spent nearly an hour taking measurements and photos of the interior and exterior of my home and attic. When he was finished, he explained to me his findings and the basis for his conclusions (thankfully, without any fundamental problems). He identified potential concerns and what he could do to monitor them over time. His comments and subsequent report assured me that my home is in very good condition. Greg has saved me tens of thousands of dollars! He's fast, friendly and professional, and his office staff is the same. If you need a home inspection, you can't go wrong with Kemp.

-Shirley B....

Kamran Ohi PE



-Jil B....

Luis & Socio LLC


Great! Luyi was very responsive and quick. He provided first class drawings and even responded to my contractor and was willing to help with the permit office. He got the job done quickly and was top notch. It was great working with him. I would definitely recommend and use it to anyone.anytime for anything engineering. Well done!!

-Rebecca W....

Zig Consulting


Sitra came to measure and delivered the 4 drawings for approval of my roof in 7 days. He spoke with my patio installer to answer his questions. I recommend Zign Consulting.

-Alison C....



An architect friend of his strongly recommended that Robert seek advice on a commissioning issue. He assessed the situation, gave us his repair recommendations, and prepared plans for the contractor. I was also talking to the county license office when we found someRoad checks with permission and agreed to meet with the district inspector (at the inspector's request) to review the work upon completion. Robert is very personable, professional and able to explain complex engineering work to laymen.

- Catarina P....

Repair of Deska foundations and basement waterproofing.


I was very impressed with the engineer's knowledge of my foundation, cracking and water ingress. The engineer wrote a report and made some repair recommendations, which we used them for. I was very pleased with the work and professionalism of your team.

-Gina M....

Kemp Home Inspections, LLC


I called Kemp Home Inspections to get an appraisal of the space under my 1932 home. Jill, a structural engineer, was on time for the appraisal and eased my anxiety by explaining the inspection process. First he scanned the space for clues.of structural problems; using laser technology to detect slopes in floors. He scanned the area around the house, then headed for the basement. She was very thorough and the whole process took 3 hours. Jill explained all of her findings to me and explained possible solutions. A few days later, I received a report from her. It was excellent, clear and easy to understand. Jill was very knowledgeable and personable and I really enjoyed interacting with her. I recommend!!

-Marylin F....

Kemp Home Inspections, LLC


Working with Greg Kemp and Kemp Home Inspections has been fantastic. We are selling our home and the buyer's home inspector found some cracks in our foundation. Of course, everyone (including me) freaked out. We hired Greg to do a structural inspection because he is a certified professional.Engineer. I've had a few contractors before Greg, and of course, they all told me the house needed over $50,000 of work (even though it's a relatively new house), they were obviously just trying to sell me the most expensive solutions in their arsenal. Greg showed up and literally saved the day. He did a thorough inspection inside and out of the house. He checked every inch of the foundation and found that there was no major issue that would cost us a fortune. Greg talked to me about what he was doing, what it was based on, and possible solutions. He emailed me a formal report that same evening for us to send to our buyers. We were prepared for bad news, but I'm glad Greg didn't have to tell us (or the buyers). Greg was a great guy to talk to and had a lot of information to offer. I was able to schedule quickly and easily. I will definitely be recommending him in the future for all of our home inspection needs (and everyone else's), not just technology related.

-Sara R....

That crack in the base might be harmless, but it could also be a sign that something bigger is wrong.

If you notice a crack in your home's foundation, hire a structural engineer. Here are some questions to ask when hiring civil engineers to ensure you get a fair offer.

1. Are you licensed and insured?

Licensing requirements for civil engineers vary from state to state, but if a civil engineer you want to work with isn't licensed or insured, it's not worth it.

2. How much do structural engineers in my area cost?

Hiring a structural engineer isn't cheap, but you can at least guarantee that you'll pay a decent amount of money for the job. Most civil engineers charge by the hour, and the average fee charged by one of these specialists is around $300 to $500. If a structural engineer gives an estimate that includes an excessively high hourly rate, he had better be the best in its field.

3. What is your professional opinion?

While a structural engineer may need to come to your home to determine whether or not his services are needed, most structural engineers can learn enough from a simple phone call to know whether or not a visit to your home is necessary.

Facts about structural engineers in your field:

  • Civil construction is a subdiscipline of civil engineering.
  • A civil engineer who focused on architecture and buildings during his university career.
  • A structural engineer ensures that foundations, walls, frames, garages, houses and floors will support the required weights.
  • A civil engineer helps build major works such as roads, dams, tunnels, power plants, utilities, aqueducts and bridges.

Explore our Solution Center for helpful articles for structural engineers

  • How much does it cost to remove a load bearing wall?

    The average cost to remove load-bearing walls is $1,000 to $3,000 for a single-story home, but that price rises to $3,000 to $10,000 for homes with more than one story.

  • How much does it cost to vault a ceiling?

    The average cost range for jumping a roof is $4,800 to $38,000

  • How much does it cost to replace a rotten support beam?

    Replacing a rotted support beam costs an average of $3,250, depending on the material, cause of damage, and the structure of your home.

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