The 10 Best Marvel Comics Supervillains Not In The MCU (2023)

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Great supervillains like Thanos have threatened the MCU, but some of Marvel Comics' best supervillains have yet to appear, including Doctor Doom.

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HeUCMit was full of featured villains like Thanos and Ultron fighting the Avengers with everything on the line. But some of the best supervillains appearmarvel comicsthey remain out of action, mostly thanks to rights issues that have been largely resolved. Big bad villains like Doctor Doom and Galactusa are still waiting to be introduced.

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Some of comics' best supervillains aren't in the MCU yet, which means the franchise really has its best villains ahead of it. With countless villains fromthe fantastic fourYMen XTo capitalize on this, the MCU will be battling villains for years and years. Some of them will likely end up as the definitive MCU villains, much like Thanos.


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One of the best Spider-Man villains in the comics, the Kingpin is also Daredevil's main nemesis. The Kingpin's usual role as the biggest player in New York City's criminal underworld is extremely powerful and even more ambitious, making him a likely antagonist to appear in the MCU due to his ties to several prominent heroes. In fact, he may have already appeared.

A mysterious character known as Maya López's "uncle" on The NewHawk EyeThe broadcast series appeared in episode three. Although fans haven't seen her face, there are a number ofSuggests that the Kingpin is the great villain of Hawkeye, and Vincent D'Onofrio returns.

black cat

Black Cat is one of the more prominent Spider-Man villains who has not appeared in any live-action iterations of the franchise (Felicia Hardy appeared inThe Amazing Spider-Man 2, but not Black Cat). However, Spider-Man's master thief and sometimes enemy, sometimes ally is a virtual castle that will appear sooner or later.

As Peter Parker progresses in the MCU, it would make sense to introduce Felicia as a potential romantic rival for MJ.Comic book fans know about the relationship between Black Cat and Spider-Mancreates a lot of drama. She could also bring him into closer conflict with the Kingpin. In the comics, the Kingpin gave Black Cat her unique powers of probability.


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Mystique is an intriguing character for the MCU for many reasons. One is her obvious connection to the X-Men, but as Rogue's adoptive mother, who gained some of Carol Danvers' power in the comics as Ms. Marvel, she could have a role in the X-Men.captain marvelFranchise. In fact, Mystique first appeared inlady miracle#18.

Mystique's shapeshifting power also means that she could already be active in the MCU, impersonating other characters without anyone knowing. This makes him a wildcard that can be used against a number of heroes, including the Avengers.

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The Sentinels are among the most iconic and terrifying villains the X-Men have ever faced. They will certainly appear in the MCU at some point and will likely build on established lore to update their origins. It wouldn't be unexpected if Sentinels came from some sort of Stark Industries technology or even a future product.gun warsSeries.

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The imposing Sentinels have yet to perform at their best in live-action, as their only real appearance comes inX-Men: Days of Future Past. The MCU will likely correct this in a big way when the X-Men finally arrive.


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Annihilator is one of them.The Fantastic Four's Most Powerful Villainsin the comics and will certainly be a major player in the MCU at some point. An inhabitant of the negative zone turned quantum realm in the movies, he's destined to emerge from there at some point, and when he does, he'll be one of the biggest threats the MCU has ever seen.

The insectoid alien wields the Cosmic Control Rod, a weapon capable of generating massive and destructive cosmic energies. He directed the Annihilation Wave, an invasion of the entire Marvel Universe, in the early 2000s crossover of the same name.


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Many fans were disappointed when Mephisto didn't emerge as the big bad.Wanda Vision, but it's unavoidable in Marvel's great world of film and television. As the franchise further explores magic through Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, and Agatha Harkness, the diabolical character is sure to play an important role in MCU affairs.

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Mephisto is one of the most powerful reality-altering beings in the comics. He often does this through cruel deals, such as when he erased all memories of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson's marriage in the comics in exchange for Aunt May's life.


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Apocalypse appeared in live actionX-Men: Apocalipse, but it arguably wasn't the best use of the powerful mutant villain. When Apocalypse finally appears in the MCU, it's likely to be slower paced. His age allows the character to be present in the story and he would have been present in some of the Eternals' adventures in ancient Egypt.

In fact, that's probably the path Apocalypse is taking in the franchise. Despite being a born mutant (often credited as the first), he gained many of his powers and abilities after merging his body with Celestial technology.


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Magneto will certainly be one of the first, if not the first, villain the X-Men will face in the MCU. As the most prominent villain in comics and other media, he will have a major movie role when he appears. With the ability to control magnetism on an epic scale, he poses a major threat not just to the X-Men, but to the entire world.

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Often a sympathetic character, Magneto is currently allied with Professor X and the X-Men on Krakoa in the comics. He could be more of an ally in the MCU if he shows up, but that probably won't last long.


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Galactus is one of them.Marvel Comics' Most Powerful Cosmic Beingsand he will absolutely be one of the greatest villains both figuratively and literally when he appears in the MCU. Capable of destroying entire worlds and harnessing cosmic energy on an unimaginable scale, he is virtually unstoppable. His first appearance in "The Galactus Trilogy" inthe fantastic four#48-50 remains one of the best Marvel stories of all time.

Galactus appeared as an amorphous cloud on Foxthe fantastic fourmovies, but the MCU will likely present him as he appears in the comics. He will certainly also be joined by his most iconic herald, the Silver Surfer.

doctor fate

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Another great Fantastic Four villain, and arguably Marvel's greatest supervillain of all time, is Doctor Doom. Like a bitter rival or Mr. Fantastic, he will certainly appear. It's also likely that he'll end up as a major threat far beyond the Fantastic Four's ability to handle.

The ruler of Latveria wields enormous political and practical power, not to mention the fact that he's a genius inventor and one of the most powerful wizards in the Marvel Universe. If Doom arrives, he could be the biggest threat since Thanos.

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