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Will Stryker stock be bought, sold or held?Stryker stock received a consensus buy rating. The average rating is based on 43 buy reviews, 14 hold reviews and 1 sell rating.
What was Stryker's 52-week low?Stryker stock's 52-week low was 188.89. Based on current prices, Stryker is down 139.94% from its 52-week low.
What was the 52-week high for Stryker stock?Stryker stock's 52-week high was 283.88. Based on current prices, Stryker is 93.12% off its 52-week high.
What are analyst forecasts for Stryker stock?The 58 analysts providing price predictions for Stryker have an average target of 271.84, with a high estimate of 315.00 and a low estimate of 205.00. The middle guess is a difference of 97.24 from the last price of 264.34.

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Zack's industry perspective highlights Stryker, Zimmer Biomet and Haemonetics


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Robert W. Baird maintains his buy rating on Stryker (SYK).

Stryker Historical Prices

DataOpenFencedaily maximumdaily minimum

Price change in the selected period:0%0

Stryker analyst data

Total Analysts:58

Buy reviews:43 Neutral Ratings:14 Sales figures:1

Target price:{{PRICE_DATA}}

Preis *Target price

Lower:205,00 Median:271,84 higher:315,00

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*Average target price includes all analyst analysis, not just the most recent analysis shown on the chart.

Stryker Analyst Opinions

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  • Comparison
  • Hold
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02.02.23Barclays Capitalkeep buying283 $Colon
02.01.23Morgan Stanleyrestraint held back280 $neutral
02.01.23Wells Fargo and companykeep buying285 $Colon
02.01.23working capitalkeep buying290 $Colon
02.01.23BTIG surveykeep buying281 $Colon
02.01.23capital telegramrestraint held back250 $neutral
02.01.23RBC capital marketskeep buying288 $Colon
02.01.23Baird Patrick and Companykeep buying287 $Colon
02.01.23Citigroup Corp.keep buying290 $Colon
02.01.23Gaitero Sandlerkeep buying280 $Colon
09.01.23RBC capital marketsUpdated to buy284 $Colon
01.06.23Morgan Stanleyrestraint held back260 $neutral
12.12.22Wells Fargo and companykeep buying281 $Colon
02.12.22Barclays Capitalkeep buying257 $Colon
01.11.22Wells Fargo and companykeep buying248 $Colon
01.11.22RBC capital marketsrestraint held back240 $neutral
01.11.22capital telegramDowngraded to keep220 $neutral
18.10.22Barclays Capitalkeep buying239 $Colon
17.10.22BTIG surveykeep buying232 $Colon
10.12.22Jefferies & Company Inc.keep buying270 $Colon
14.09.22Gaitero Sandlerkeep buying260 $Colon
06.09.22BTIG surveykeep buying238 $Colon
28.07.22Edward JonesUpdated to buyColon
27.07.22Wells Fargo and companykeep buying237 $Colon
27.07.22RBC capital marketsrestraint held back255 $neutral
27.07.22Gaitero Sandlerkeep buying250 $Colon
22.07.22Cowen und Company, LLCkeep buying223 $Colon
21.07.22Deutsche BankDowngraded to keep$205neutral
18.07.22BTIG surveykeep buying244 $Colon
18.07.22Stifel, Nicolaus & Co., Inc.keep buying245 $Colon
15.07.22Morgan Stanleyrestraint held back220 $neutral
07.11.22Bank of America Merrill LynchDowngraded to keep$215neutral
17.05.22Citigroup Corp.keep buying280 $Colon
02.05.22Morgan Stanleyrestraint held back270 $neutral
29.04.22Gaitero Sandlerkeep buying290 $Colon
29.04.22Wells Fargo and companykeep buying286 $Colon
16.03.22BernsteinUpdated to buy295 $Colon
15.03.22Evercorekeep buying284 $Colon
31.01.22Morgan Stanleyrestraint held back275 $neutral
28.01.22BTIG surveykeep buying273 $Colon
28.01.22SVB Leerinkkeep buying285 $Colon
01.07.22Morgan StanleyDowngraded to keep305 $neutral
04.01.22Gaitero SandlerUpdated to buy315 $Colon
10.12.21RBC capital marketsrestraint held back278 $neutral
07.12.21working capitalkeep buying305 $Colon
19.11.21Morgan Stanleykeep buying305 $Colon
28.07.21capital telegramkeep buying290 $Colon
28.07.21Morgan Stanleykeep buying300 $Colon
28.07.21northern capitalUpdated to buy310 $Colon
28.07.21Swiss creditkeep buying311 $Colon

Stryker estimates* in USD

Dividend yield (in %)1,09%1,16%1,48%1,52%-
net profit3.8324.2534.6595.1475.528
Adjusted Net Income3.8324.2534.6595.1475.528
profit before taxes4.5135.0155.5156.0786.543
Net Income (Adjusted)4.0544.5044.9785.285-
EPS (Non-GAAP) ej. S.O.E8.919,9810.97--
BPA (PCGA)8.449,6010.7212.12-
gross income12.54613.55414.58415.67216.721
investment cash flow5624961.081-603-
Cash flow from operations4.2734.7135.3365.102-
financing cash flow-3.005-2.990-4.361-1.564-
cash flow per share7,958.7913.57--
Free Cash Flow3.2853.6724.293--
Free cash flow per share7.768.4210.8111.88-
Book rated for sharing48.2454.1459,39--
net debt8.2255.8672.466--
Ext. of research and development1.3401.4331.5341.6241.782
capital expenditures606662669603-
Sales, General and Administration. adult6.4506.8917.3417.8098.178
total assets36.33037.35037.49142.650-
ends on 12/31/22
current quarter
ends on 03/31/23
next room
ends on 06/30/23
present year
ends on 12/31/23
Next year
ends on 12/31/24
earnings estimates
Number of Analysts2624242724
average estimate2.836 US-Dollar2.000 $2.366 US-Dollar10.035 US-Dollar11.125 US-Dollar
years before2.710 US-Dollar1.970 US-Dollar$2.2509.340 USD10.035 US-Dollar
release date31.01.202325.04.202325.7.2023--
income estimates
Number of Analysts2119192424
average estimate4.964 US-Dollar4.558 US-Dollar4.813 $19.785 $21.164 US-Dollar
years before4.701 $4.275 $4.493 US-Dollar18.449 US-Dollar19.785 $
release date31.01.202325.04.202325.7.2023--

* Average estimates in millions (e.g. sales) or per share (e.g. dividends). Source: fact collection

Stryker internal activity

NameDatashares tradedshares heldPreisType (sell/buy)Possibility
STRYKER Ronda E02.06.202320.832,004.730.754,00273,37SellNO
STRYKER Ronda E02.06.202370.648,004.751.586,00272,43SellNO
STRYKER Ronda E02.06.202323.196,004.822.234,00271,27SellNO
STRYKER Ronda E02.06.202357.331,004.845.430,00270,54SellNO
STRYKER Ronda E02.06.202317.930,004.902.761,00269,31SellNO
STRYKER Ronda E02.06.202322.263,004.920.691,00268,53SellNO
STRYKER Ronda E02.05.20238.780,004.942.954,00280,97SellNO
STRYKER Ronda E02.05.20233.420,004.951.734,00279,51SellNO
STRYKER Ronda E02.05.20238.000,004.955.154,00278,18SellNO
STRYKER Ronda E02.05.202321.154,004.963.154,00277.11SellNO
STRYKER Ronda E02.05.202329.808,004.984.308,00276,05SellNO
STRYKER Ronda E02.05.202337.977,005.014.116,00275,32SellNO
STRYKER Ronda E02.05.202323.008,005.052.093,00274.13SellNO
STRYKER Ronda E02.05.202364.143,005.075.101,00273,31SellNO
STRYKER Ronda E02.05.202334.333,005.139.244,00272.21SellNO
STRYKER Ronda E02.05.202377.177,005.173.577,00271,20SellNO
Flechero Robert S02.02.20233.000,006.636,00283,54SellNO
Pierce James Andrew01.02.2023400,0046.676,00277,88SellNO
Pierce James Andrew01.02.20237.128,0047.076,00278,95SellNO
Becker Yin C01.02.20232.412,0021.684,00278,95SellNO
Böhnlein Glenn S01.02.2023125,002.428,00279,96SellNO
Böhnlein Glenn S01.02.20238.883,002.553,00279,52SellNO
Böhnlein Glenn S01.02.20237.708,0011.436,00278,38SellNO
Böhnlein Glenn S01.02.20237.709,0019.144,00277,55SellNO
BerryWilliam E. Jr. . . . . .01.02.2023755,002.886,00279,96SellNO


DataNameSplit*to produceTo share
2022Stryker Corporation.2.831.16US Dollar
2021Stryker Corporation.2.580,97US Dollar
2020Stryker Corporation.2.350,96US Dollar
2019Stryker Corporation.2.131.02US Dollar
2018Stryker Corporation.1,931.23US Dollar
2017Stryker Corporation.1,751.13US Dollar
2016Stryker Corporation.1,561.31US Dollar
2015Stryker Corporation.1.421.52US Dollar
2014Stryker Corporation.1.261.34US Dollar
2013Stryker Corporation.1.101.46US Dollar
2012Stryker Corporation.0,901,65US Dollar
2011Stryker Corporation.0,751.51US Dollar
2010Stryker Corporation.0,631.17US Dollar
2009Stryker Corporation.0,250,50US Dollar
2008Stryker Corporation.0,401,00US Dollar
2007Stryker Corporation.0,330,44US Dollar
2006Stryker Corporation.0,220,40US Dollar
2005Stryker Corporation.0,110,25US Dollar
2004Stryker Corporation.0,090,19US Dollar
2003Stryker Corporation.0,070,16US Dollar
2002Stryker Corporation.0,060,18US Dollar
2001Stryker Corporation.0,050,17US Dollar
2000Stryker Corporation.0,040,16US Dollar
1999Stryker Corporation.0,040,23US Dollar

* Fulfillment of the respective date

Stryker Corp calendar.

Falli guessedInformationData
result report2.000 $Earnings report for the first quarter of 202325.04.2023
result report2.366 US-DollarEarnings report for the second quarter of 202325.07.2023
result report-Earnings report for the third quarter of 202326.10.2023
result report-Earnings report for the fourth quarter of 202324.01.2024

Stryker Corp Past Events

FallBPA reallyInformationData
result report3.000 $Earnings report for the fourth quarter of 202231.01.2023
press conference--31.01.2023
shareholders meeting--04.05.2022

Perfil iron

Stryker Corp. is a medical technology company. It operates through the following segments: Orthopedics & Spine and Medical Surgery & Neurotechnology. The Orthopedics and Spine segment offers implants for use in total joint replacements such as hip, knee and shoulder, as well as for trauma and extremity surgeries. This segment also offers spinal implant products that include cervical and thoracolumbar systems used in spinal injuries, complex spinal and degenerative therapies. The MedSurg and Neurotechnology segment provides surgical equipment, safety technologies for patients and caregivers, and surgical navigation systems, endoscopic and communication systems, patient management, disposable medical equipment for emergency and critical care, remanufactured medical devices, and remanufactured and other medical device products used in various medical specialties . This segment also offers neurotechnology products, including products for minimally invasive endovascular techniques, products for cranial and brain-based surgical procedures, orthobiological and biosurgical products such as synthetic bone grafts and vertebral augmentation products, minimally invasive products for the treatment of acute ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, and products for cranial, maxillofacial implants, including cranial, maxillofacial, and chest wall devices; and dural sealants and substitutes. The company was founded by Homer H.

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  • Bad
  • Alt


Moody's Daily Credit Risk Score is a 1 to 10 rating of a company's credit risk based on analysis of the company's balance sheet and stock market data. The score provides a one-year forecast of credit risk, enabling investors to make better decisions and streamline their workflows. It is updated daily and reflects daily movements in market value versus a company's liability structure.

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Stryker Shareholder

ownershe %
free floating92,91
Vanguard Group, Inc.7.57
Vanguard Group, Inc. (Subarquivador)7.51
T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. (Investitionsmanagement)5.32
John Wilford Brown5.30
Trust green leaf5.19
Wellington Management Co. LLP4,66
State Road Company.3.71
Capital Research & Management Co. (global investors)3.34
Fundo Vanguard Total Stock Market Index2.74
BlackRock Fund Advisor2.25
Vanguard 500 index funds2.06
BlackRock Institutional Trust Co. NA1,88
Vanguard Dividend Growth Fund1,82
Geode Capital Management LLC1.51

Total equity ownership may be more than 100% as some owners are included in free float.

Stryker administration

Kevin A. LoboPresident, President and CEO
John Wilford Brownemeritus president
Guillermo Eduardo BerryAccounting Director and Vice President
Dana S. McMahonChief Compliance Officer and Vice President
Yin C. BeckerDirector of Corporate Affairs and Vice President
Glenn S. BoehnleinChief Financial Officer and Vice President
M. Kathryn FinkHead of Human Resources and Vice President
Alan DuvilleChief Information Officer and Vice President
Robert FletcherLegal Director and Vice President
Howard E. CoxDirector Emeritus
Preston FountainChief Financial Officer and Vice President of Strykers Orthopedics Group
Viju S. MenonGroup President - Quality and Global Operations
Spencer S.StilesGroup President - Orthopedics and Spine
Alan C. GolstonIndependent Director
Ronda E StrykerIndependent Director
Lisa Skeete TatumIndependent Director
Mary K. BrainerdIndependent Director
Juan CaforioIndependent Director
Srikant T. Madhav DatarIndependent Director
Andrew K. Silver NailsIndependent Director
Rajeev SuriIndependent Director
Sherilyn D McCoyChief Independent Director
Michael PanosPresident of North America
Sean C. EtheridgeSecretary and Vice President
Juan JanikSenior Director of Strategic Development
Juana M. BlondiaTreasurer and Vice President Finance
Jody PowellVice President of Global Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance
Irene B. CorbeVice President of Internal Audit
Jason StrandVice President of Investor Relations
Roberto CummingsTarget-Fiscal


Is Stryker a good buy now? ›

Is Stryker Stock a good buy in 2023, according to Wall Street analysts? The consensus among 20 Wall Street analysts covering (NYSE: SYK) stock is to Buy SYK stock.

Is Stryker a buy sell or hold? ›

Stryker has received a consensus rating of Buy. The company's average rating score is 2.65, and is based on 13 buy ratings, 7 hold ratings, and no sell ratings.

What is Stryker price prediction? ›

Stryker Corp (NYSE:SYK)

The 22 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Stryker Corp have a median target of 262.50, with a high estimate of 284.00 and a low estimate of 205.00. The median estimate represents a +1.51% increase from the last price of 258.60.

Does Stryker pay a dividend? ›

Historical dividend payout and yield for Stryker (SYK) since 1993. The current TTM dividend payout for Stryker (SYK) as of February 07, 2023 is $3.00. The current dividend yield for Stryker as of February 07, 2023 is 1.11%.

Is Stryker going to split? ›

The Stryker Corporation, a surgical and medical products maker, said today that it would split its stock 2 for 1. The split will double the number of shares to 194.4 million while halving the value of each share. The new shares will be issued May 12 to shareholders of record as of May 1.

Will Stryker shares split? ›

Stryker - Stryker Corporation Announces Two-for-One Stock Split.

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How often is Stryker dividend? ›

When is Stryker dividend payment date? Stryker's next quarterly payment date is on Jan 30, 2023, when Stryker shareholders who owned SYK shares before Dec 28, 2022 received a dividend payment of $0.75 per share. Add SYK to your watchlist to be reminded of SYK's next dividend payment.

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What company did Stryker just buy? ›

Stryker completes acquisition of Vocera Communications.

Which shares are going to split soon? ›

List of Upcoming Stock Split in 2023
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Any decision you make — buy, hold or sell — is not likely to have a much different outcome if you make it just before or just after the split. Since a stock split is announced prior to being executed, any post-split bump that the market expects is baked into the price by the time the split actually occurs.

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Splits are often a bullish sign since valuations get so high that the stock may be out of reach for smaller investors trying to stay diversified. Investors who own a stock that splits may not make a lot of money immediately, but they shouldn't sell the stock since the split is likely a positive sign.

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Feb 2, 2023

When was the last time Stryker stock split? ›

Stryker (SYK) has 5 splits in our Stryker stock split history database. The first split for SYK took place on June 20, 1989. This was a 3 for 2 split, meaning for each 2 shares of SYK owned pre-split, the shareholder now owned 3 shares.
SYK Split History Table
05/15/20002 for 1
05/17/20042 for 1
3 more rows

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Surgepays Inc (NASDAQ:SURG)

The 2 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Surgepays Inc have a median target of 12.00, with a high estimate of 15.00 and a low estimate of 9.00.

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Do you pay taxes on dividends? ›

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How much taxes do you pay on dividends? ›

The tax rates for ordinary dividends are the same as standard federal income tax rates; 10% to 37%.

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Jan 25, 2023

Which company is better Medtronic or Stryker? ›

Stryker scored higher in 9 areas: Overall Rating, Culture & Values, Work-life balance, Senior Management, Compensation & Benefits, Career Opportunities, CEO Approval, Recommend to a friend and Positive Business Outlook. Stryker employees rated their Recommend to a friend 5% higher than Medtronic employees rated theirs.

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Is Stryker a buy Zacks? ›

See rankings and related performance below. The VGM Score are a complementary set of indicators to use alongside the Zacks Rank.
Momentum Scorecard. More Info.
Zacks RankDefinitionAnnualized Return
1Strong Buy24.28%
2 more rows

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Moderna Inc. (MRNA)190.386.9

Who is Stryker's biggest competitors? ›

Stryker competitors include Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, GE Healthcare, Globus Medical and DJO Global. Stryker ranks 1st in CEO Score on Comparably vs its competitors.

Who owns the most Stryker stock? ›

The Vanguard Group, Inc.

Why is Stryker so successful? ›

Stryker Success Story. Leading with integrity, committing to customers, understanding the strengths of employees and staying ahead of the competition: Stryker proves that large organizations, specifically within the competitive field of healthcare, can choose integrity and dedication to outperform the competition.


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