Same-day voter registration (2023)


CA Electrical Code § 2170


Conditional Voter Registration (CVR) is 14 days before an election until Election Day.

Official offices for district elections, satellite sites and all district polling stations.

An election official may provide a registrant with a non-provisional ballot by first verifying that the registrant is eligible, did not vote, and was not listed for that election in another county in the state. The election officer must then update the voter list to reflect that the voter has already voted. If these conditions are not met, the voter receives a provisional ballot paper. Checks are done through the national voter registration database (VoteCal), either via an electronic ballot or by logging into VoteCal at the office. When the CVR is obtained on Election Day, wherever the polling officer is located, the polling officer will wait until all ballots at the polling stations have been registered before counting a preliminary ballot from the CVR. A polling official has until the end of the campaign to count or reject a preliminary CVR ballot.


C.R.S.A. § 1-2-217.7

Frequently asked questions about voter registration


Prazo para votação antecipada é o dia da eleição.

polling centers across the country. Any eligible voter may register or update voter registration for any county in the state. However, Voter's unique voting style is only available in your county. A registered voter from an outer county receives only a state ballot.

Voters must present a Treasury Department-issued driver's license or Colorado state identification and complete and sign a self-certification and affidavit. Colorado has developed its own electronic ballot system that is networked to communicate in real time with the statewide voter registration database. All jurisdictions have access to the system to verify that a new registrant has not registered or voted in another county for the same election.


C.G.S.A. §§ 9-19j

Register on Election Day


Election Day (not offered for primaries).

Designated locations in each city (not polling stations within polling stations).

Proof of identity and residence required. Candidates must appear in person at the venue. The candidate must declare under oath that he has not previously participated in the election. Registrars audit the centralized voter registration system across the country. The candidate will also sign the ballot envelope certifying that he is eligible to vote in the election.

direct current

DC ST § 1-1001.07

DC Board of Elections Registration FAQ


Election day. individuals canrecordafter 30ANDDay before an election, including Election Day. You can only registerand votethe day of the elections.

All polling stations during the early election period and the district polling station on election day.

The candidate must appear in person at the headquarters of the Electoral Board. Applicant must be sworn in and provide proof of residency and may provide any identification required by federal, provincial, or council laws/regulations, including valid government ID, copy of recent utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck or other documents specified by the council Electronic ballots are networked and synchronized and show whether a voter has already registered or voted. Voters who register on Election Day and cannot provide proof of residency must provisionally vote.


HRS § 11-15.2

Hawaii registration


Deadline for early voting is Election Day.

A polling station or absentee polling station established in the county associated with a voter's residence.

To register, candidates must present their Hawaiian driver's license, ID card, last four digits of social security number or voter registration, which will be verified when received by the registry office. The applicant presents a sworn statement that he did not vote and is entitled to vote. Any applicant who provides false information may be guilty of a Class C felony under state law.


CI § 34-408A

Frequently asked questions about voter registration


Election day.

Electoral district in which the voter resides.

Voters who register on the same day must present an identification document with a photo and proof of residence, that is, a bill, bank statement, checkbook or other document with the name and residential address in the pre-printed neighborhood. Voters are also sworn in as prescribed by the Secretary of State.


10 ILCS 5/5-50

2005 e 2015

The "late registration period" runs from the 27th before the election until election day.

electoral authority table, at a permanent polling station, at any other place for early voting from 15 days before the election, at a polling station on election day or at a voter registration site specially designated for this purpose by the electoral authority .

Two identification cards, at least one of which has a current address. Your driver's license and college or college ID card can be, as well as your recent utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check, or other government document that shows your name and address. Local election officials verify voter registration information the same day, usually after the election. If duplicate records and voting records are found, it would be up to each local authority to report this information to the local prosecutor. If a voter does not present the required identity document, he will provisionally vote.


Iowa-Code Ann. §39A.2, §48A.7a

Register on Election Day


Time of personal absence until Election Day.

At the district auditor's office or subsidiary polling station during periods of personal absence and at the polling station in the district where the voter resides on election day.

To register and vote on election day, voters must present an updated photo ID and proof of residence. The applicant also takes a written oath. Counties use electronic ballots but are not connected to the statewide voter registration database. If a voter registered and voted in more than one location on Election Day, this will be recognized when vote credit is requested through the National Voter Registration Database. Voting more than once is first-degree voter misconduct.


21-A M.R.S.A.,
§112-A, §121-A, §122

Maine voter registration


On election day, however, there is no deadline for registering to vote in person at the Citizens Registration Office or at the City Council. The deadline for postal censuses and voter registration movements is the 21st day before the election.

In person at City Hall or Town Hall prior to the election and at the polling station in the district where the voter lives on Election Day.

If a voter registers to vote on Election Day and can verify their identity and residence, they are voting in a regular election. If they do not provide satisfactory evidence, they vote on a provisional ballot. Real-time registration is not available, but if a voter attempts to register and vote in more than one location, the local election official will be notified when attempting to enter the voting history into the state's voter registration database after the election. . The voter would be referred to the process by double voting, if necessary.


MD Code, Election Law, § 3-305, 3-306

Maryland voter registration

2013 e 2018

Deadline for early voting is Election Day.

Early polling stations and polling stations on election day.

During the early election period, Maryland works with the Motor Vehicle Administration to obtain driver's licenses for those eligible to register but not included in the statewide voter registration database. A person must present their driver's license to register and vote. the person who does not have a driver's license would vote in a preliminary ballot. Electronic ballots are online during early voting, but not on Election Day. Persons attending polling stations on election day must provide proof of residency. If the voter is a resident of the district and is eligible to register, he or she will receive a regular ballot. If the voter is a county but not a resident of the district and eligible to register to vote, a provisional ballot will be issued.



electoral proposal 3

2018Deadline for early voting is Election Day.At the registry office of the city where the voter lives.A person registering to vote during this period must provide proof of residence in the city or county to vote in a regular election. If a person cannot provide proof of residency, the vote will be considered a provisional vote and will be counted unless otherwise specified.


MSA §201.061

Sign up on Election Day


Election day.

District in which the voter lives, district offices and postal polling places.

Anyone registering on election day must provide proof of residency. Election history and election day records are simultaneously entered into the national electoral record database after the election. The system will send notifications when there is evidence that an individual has voted before an Election Day record or when more than one Election Day record has been entered for the same individual. Data provided by an Election Day registered person will be verified with the Department of Vehicle Services and/or Social Security Administration, Department of Corrections, and Department of Public Safety.


ACM 13-2-110
MCA 13-2-304
MCA 13-2-514

How to register to vote

2005; Registration canceled on Election Day 2021

Note: In 2021, Montana passedHB176, repealing the State Election Day Registration Act and moving the registration deadline to Election Day Eve. This legislation has been the subject of ongoing litigation. Most recently, in September 2022, the Montana Supreme Court blocked implementation of the law that removes registration on Election Day. A final verdict is still pending.

Late registration (after the registration period 30 days before the election has expired) is possible until 12 noon on the day before the election at the district electoral offices.

district electoral register.

Local election officials verify voter signatures and IDs.


WOMEN 293.5842
WOMEN 293.5847

2019Deadline for early voting is Election Day.All polling stations in the county or city where the voter is eligible to vote.The voter must present a driver's license or valid and valid identity card issued by the Department of Transit that proves his physical address. If this card does not contain the voter's current home address, other documents containing the voter's current home address may be used to establish residency. During advance voting, the voter must be confirmed as eligible to be registered to vote in order to cast a regular vote, or the voter must cast a provisional vote. Voters who register on Election Day are conditionally registered and must deposit a provisional ballot. County and city officials must establish procedures, approved by the Secretary of State, to perform the final check to determine whether a person who cast a provisional ballot was eligible to record the ballot in the election.

New Hampshire

NH Rev. Stat. §654:7, §654:7-a


Election day.

City or district in which the voter resides.

Voters must provide sufficient identification and proof of residency to receive a ballot. Anyone who does not present sufficient photo ID can take a photo in the polling station and sign an affidavit. New Hampshire sends return mail to anyone who signs affidavits on Election Day, and sends the attorney general anyone who fails to return signed postcards or whose letters are returned "undeliverable." After the election, New Hampshire conducts a variety of checks to identify potential dual voters. A review will be conducted against the statewide voter registration database to identify those who may have voted elsewhere in the state and an interstate cross-check to identify those who may have voted out of state. If found, duplicate voters will be forwarded to the Attorney General for execution.

New Mexico

NM Stat. Appendix Chapter 1. Elections § 1-4-8

2019Twenty-eight days before the election until election day.Official offices for district elections and alternate locations designated by the district election officer

Voters who wish to update their registration or register to vote and then submit the following during the same-day registration period:

  • A DMV-issued driver's license or New Mexico ID.

  • Any document that includes a county address with a photo ID.

  • OR A current and valid student card from a New Mexico post-secondary school and a recent tuition statement that includes a county address.

If an early voting site does not have real-time access to the nationwide electronic database of voters, a provisional ballot will be issued to the voter.

North Caroline

NCGSA §§ 163-865

Comprehensive early voting and same-day registration


Early voting period only.

Early voting locations are determined by county.

Voters must certify their eligibility to vote and provide proof of residency. Two business days after an individual registers, the county election board verifies the candidate's driver's license or social security number, updates the voter registration database, checks for possible duplicate registrations, and verifies the candidate's mailing address. The registrant's vote is counted unless the district election committee determines that he or she is ineligible to vote.


UCA 20A-2-207

2018Early Election Period and Election Day.Early voting sites and polling stations.Voters can register to vote and provisionally vote. Voters must present valid voter registration and proof of residence, and the provisional vote will be counted in the election if the voter meets the required qualifications. The ballot shall not be counted if the district clerk determines that the voter is not eligible to register or is not legally entitled to vote on the ballot.


17 VSA §2144


Up to and including Election Day.

Pre-election city or municipal government office and polling district in which the voter resides on Election Day.

Vermont has the ability to conduct a pre-election audit that identifies anyone who registered and voted in more than one city for the same election. The conclusions of this report would be forwarded to the Attorney General's Office for investigation and judgment.


VA Code § 24.2-420.1

how to register2020; implemented in 2022Deadline for early voting is Election Day.Location of the Ceremonial Office and polling stations on election day.Voters can register to vote and deposit a provisional ballot, and the provisional ballot will be counted in the election when the voter has fulfilled the required requirements. The ballot shall not be counted if the district clerk determines that the voter is not eligible to register or is not legally entitled to vote on the ballot.


RCW 29A.08.140

2018Up to and including Election Day.The district auditor's office, a polling place or other location designated by the district auditorn / D


state §6.29


Election day.

Electoral district in which the voter resides.

All individuals must provide proof of residency and proof of identity to register on Election Day. The national voter registration system notifies local election officials to avoid duplicate registration records, although this process takes place after registration, which normally takes place after election day. Going to vote in two places on Election Day is a crime.


You. Statistics §22-3-104

register to vote


Election day.

Polling station or polling station if polling stations are available in the district, or other location designated by the district secretary.

Candidates can participate in a regular poll if they can provide proof of identity and proof of residency. Otherwise, they must present a provisional ballot. All counties that use polling centers have their electronic ballots securely networked using a VPN and multiple layers of encryption. Electronic ballots are used to verify whether a potential registrant has already voted elsewhere.


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