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WFP seeks candidates of the highest integrity and professionalism who share our humanitarian principles. Staff selection is carried out on a competitive basis. We areReliablePromote the principles of diversity and equal employment opportunity for all our employees and encourage qualified candidates to apply regardless of religion or belief, racial or social origin, gender, gender identity and disability.

About the World Food Programme

The United Nations World Food Program is the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger. The mission of the World Food Program is to help the worldachieve zero hungerin our life. Every day, the World Food Program works around the world to ensure that no child goes to bed hungry and that the poorest and most vulnerable, especially women and children, have access to the nutritious food they need.

organizational facilities

The incumbent of this position will work under the supervision of the Assistant Program Director and Strategic Performance Manager and will receive guidance and regular feedback from the Program Director and senior management as needed. The Plenipotentiary will liaise with the various technical units (school feeding, evidence generation and analysis, etc.) in the country office, with two field offices in Dhangadhi and Surkhet, and with rural finance and market linkage interventions.

The aim of the work

Provide technical and operational support to programs and capacity building focused on agriculture, livelihoods and markets and value chains in line with the strategic outcomes of the WFP Nepal National Strategic Plan (CSP) and government policies and programmes. Support food aid needs for effective implementation of policies and program activities.

WFP Nepal National Strategic Plan (CSP) 2019-2023. contains five strategic goals in line with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 (zero hunger) and SDG 17 (development partnership). WFP Nepal is developing the next five-year CSP for 2024-2028.


Job title: Program policy specialist (livelihoods, agribusiness and market linkages)

Contract Type: Service Contract (SC)

Rating: SC-8 (NOA equivalent)

Contract duration: 12 months (with the possibility of extension)

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Vehicle number: 621731

Publication date: March 14, 2023

Application deadline: March 27, 2023

This vacancy notice is only for Nepalese nationals.

WFP offers a competitive benefits package including salary, national insurance, annual and health insurance (Medicare Death and Disability Program (MIDD) | World Food Program).

Basic duties (not all)

Program Policy Officers (Livelihoods, Agribusiness and Market Linkages) will be directly supervised by the Deputy Program Director and Strategic Performance Manager (SO 3). It will ensure that WFP's current and future CSP programs and projects are effectively and efficiently implemented to promote resilient livelihoods for smallholder farmers, sustainable agribusiness and market linkages. Key responsibilities include:

1. Corporate policies and programs aligned with national policies (e.g. agricultural development strategy, climate change policy, etc.) and broader UN strategic priority areas related to agriculture and resources contribute to the implementation of WFP Nepal's National Strategic Plan (CSP) for life.
2. Analyze technical and policy documents, strategies and programs and related data and information including, for example, trends and developments, approaches, impacts, lessons learned and good practices related to agribusiness, food systems and value chain development and translate them into thematic WFP areas.
3. Provide technical support for business development or develop/develop project concepts/proposals and contribute to resource mobilization for related CSP activities.
4. Support the development and review of information materials, technical documents and guidelines related to WFP's work in agricultural value chains, market system development, rural entrepreneurship development, digital solutions/technologies, public-private platforms and partnerships, etc.
5. Coordinate and support strategic and operational partnerships with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development (MoALD), Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC), Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) and other like-minded organizations in the public and private sectors and, where appropriate as appropriate, provide technical support.
6. Assist in assessing the needs of partners and beneficiaries for agribusiness capacity building, value chain development and market linkages, contribute to the development of training materials, courses and Community provides technical guidance on all aspects of agribusiness planning and implementation.


7. Participate in the design and implementation of agribusiness, value chain development, market linkage of small farmers and programs and projects related to agriculture and rural development; as required by country offices, ensure alignment with broader program principles and guidelines, CSP and sustainability goals Align objectives and align annual results and work plans with WFP corporate policy and strategy and provide project management support for specific and defined programs and projects Relatively simple scale to ensure adoption of WFP standards and procedures Coordinated approach to wider programme.
8. Facilitating market-oriented linkages between relevant government agencies, agricultural producers, aggregators, processors, exporters and other market participants to ensure that WFP is an effective partner for agribusiness relations and cooperation and investment opportunities.
9. Support monitoring, evaluation and knowledge management of projects, especially those related to agribusiness, value chain development and marketing. Supports performance-based management of relevant CSP activities, including accurate and timely performance reporting and knowledge management
10. If necessary, helps organize and/or participates in meetings, conferences, workshops, consultations and excursions, contributes to cooperation and partnership.
11. Provide technical assistance to other entities within WFP (nutrition, school feeding, etc.) to ensure that WFP's agriculture and livelihoods programs are nutrition-sensitive and climate-resilient.
12. Carrying out other related tasks by order of the immediate manager.

Standard minimum qualifications

educate: Master's degree/university degree in agriculture, agricultural economics, agribusiness or related field or first university degree with more than seven years of relevant professional experience and/or training/program.

Language:Knowledge of oral and written communication in English and Nepali.

Basic organizational skills 4P


  • Understanding and communicating strategic objectives: Understanding WFP's strategic objectives and how they relate to their own operational objectives.
  • Be a driver of positive change: Flexibly adapt individual contributions to changes in implementation direction and internal/external changes (e.g. changing user needs, new partner requirements).
  • Let the mission inspire our teams: Recognize and share with team members how each contribution relates to WFP's mission.
  • Make our mission visible in our daily activities: set your own goals in line with WFP's overall activities and be able to communicate that relationship to others.


  • Find ways to improve the skills of others: Assess your strengths and weaknesses to increase self-awareness and engage them in conversations about your own development needs.
  • Create an inclusive culture: engage in open dialogue and respect the diverse opinions of others, regardless of their background, culture, experience or national mandate.
  • Become a coach and provide constructive feedback: Proactively seek feedback and coaching to build confidence and develop and improve personal skills.
  • Create an "I will/we will" spirit: facing challenging circumstances, participating in team activities and goals.


  • It encourages innovative and creative solutions: it shows willingness to research and experiment with new ideas and approaches in its own work.
  • Results-oriented: Delivering results on time, within budget and error-free, on a personal level.
  • Make commitments and deliver on commitments: Commit to personal responsibility and accountability in the face of changing national or functional priorities.
  • Decisive: Making rational decisions about personal actions under conditions of uncertainty, including when information or direction from a superior is unclear.


  • WFP Merge and Share: Seeks to understand and align internal or cross-functional team priorities and preferred ways of working.
  • Build strong external partnerships: demonstrate the ability to understand and respond appropriately to the needs of external partners and/or escalate them.
  • Be politically flexible and flexible: demonstrate an informed and professional attitude towards internal and external partners and stakeholders.
  • Identify the value WFP brings to the partnership: Provide operational support for analyzes and assessments that quantify and demonstrate WFP's unique value as a partner.

Functional ability

Skill nameDescription of expected behavior for proficiency
Program life cycle and food aidDemonstrate the ability to identify key variables and contextual factors that influence life-cycle food assistance issues and programs to inform the design or redesign of quality programs.
Method of transfer (food, cash, vouchers)Demonstrate the ability to analyze and integrate quantitative and qualitative information from various sources (eg, market research) to inform the choice of transmission modality and program development.
Extensive expertise in a specific area (eg nutrition, VAM, etc.)Demonstrate the ability to interpret baseline data in the context of WFP's area of ​​expertise to facilitate the design, implementation and monitoring of technical programmes.
emergency programmingDemonstrate the ability to contribute to the development, implementation and adaptation of high-quality emergency plans.
Get involved in strategic government policyDevelop comprehensive recommendations using multiple inputs (eg government consultations, research, own experiences) to strengthen national or local stakeholders and government food and nutrition security programs.

Other specific job requirements

knowledge and skills:

 Knowledge of MS Office package;
 Nepali typing skills are an asset;
▪ Desired ability to drive with a valid driver's license.

Experience required for the role


• Requires at least one year of relevant work experience after graduation. More than five years of experience in agricultural value chains, market linkages, marketing, agribusiness, climate change adaptation in agriculture and food systems and/or value chain development, digital technologies and related project design/planning and implementation is preferred.
• Good understanding of Nepalese agriculture, agribusiness, climate smart rural development and market policies, programs and approaches to climate change adaptation will be an added advantage.
• Extensive knowledge, skills and experience in business development/design/design and program management.
• Experience in dealing with government partners, with good negotiation skills and the ability to communicate effectively to inform policy discussions and decision-making.
• Ability to write clear and concise technical documents in a short time and ability to multitask.
• Ability to improve in interdisciplinary teams
• Good oral and written communication skills

• Gained experience in implementing technical programs (e.g. nutrition, etc.).
• Implemented plans and provided inputs to project activities.
• Contributed to policy discussions and decision-making.

WFP Leadership Framework: Common Standards of Conduct

Routing through others - Level 1

Honesty as an example
Get results and keep your promises
Promote inclusive and collaborative teamwork.
Application of strategic thinking
Build and maintain lasting partnerships

How to apply

Interested candidates are invited to apply via (
Only qualified applicants will be notified.

We want to make sure that the recruitment process is completely hassle-free. Please contact us at for all accessibility needs.


WFP does not tolerate fraud, sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, abuse of power and discrimination. All successful applicants are expected to adhere to WFP's standards of conduct and as such undergo rigorous checks, both internally and by third parties. Successful applicants will also be asked to provide additional information as part of the screening activity. Providing false information during the recruitment process may result in disqualification or termination of employment

WFP will not ask for payment at any stage of the recruitment process, including the recruitment stage. All payment requests must be declined and reported to the local police for appropriate action.


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