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English online dictionary. What is the meaningprocession? What to doprocessionthe point is?


Etymology 1

zFrench procession (show, military show), zStop (Beautify yourself, prepare yourself, be proud)+-adeIt can be influenced by earlier onesItalian Return (prepare, parade, show off)andLatin Great prepare yourself (well prepared)The senses are also influenced by early French and Italian usage. bimodalreduction.


  • PR:back and forth, International Phonetic Alphabet(key):/pəˈɹeɪd/
  • rima:-eɪd


procession(countable and uncountable,many procession)

  1. Specially organized presentation of a group of people
    1. (army) synonymsStop: a display of work, gathering of the army for a demonstration of strength, receiving orders, and especially making an inspection at a certain time.
      • 1642, Henry'ego Hexhama,Principles of military art,roll. II, page 31:
        A full quarter of the circumference remains with one turn,parallel linesThere are about 200 or 250 feet between the front of the quarter and the trench, so calledsquare alarm clock,Let the souls draw their weapons, enterprocession,or whenalarmor mixing...
      • 1681, Andrew Marvell, „W Appleton House…”,various songs,Page. St. 39 87:
        See how the process works, e.gprocession,
        w icolorPrikaz cabine:
        everyonelegionto find
        Pink tulips and roses.
  2. A public procession, especially in commemoration of a holiday or special event or(Outdated)in protest.
    • 1673–4, Duke of Lauderdale,Lauderdale'a documents,roll. Three, p. 36:
      carry aprocession9 or 10 coaches.
  3. (intercourse,rare) synonymsa crab: A flock of geese on the move, especially a line of geese led by one or more adults.
  4. (intercourse,rare) synonymsGroup: A herd of elephants is moving.
  • A place reserved specifically for such shows
    1. (army,now unheard of) synonymstraining ground: A place dedicated to such close-up demonstrations or exercises.
  • (Outdated) synonymsGallery: A route, street or square frequented by pedestrians or formerly used for military parades.
    • 28 March 1905,chronicle daily,Page. 4:
      The most fashionable Sundays in Glasgowprocession, "Crawling" on the Great Western Road.
    • 1914, GK Chesterton, "The Gonga Book",The wisdom of Father Brown,Page. 216:
      After we walked a mile or two further, it became apparent that the shore had begun to fill up formally, creating a similarprocession; ugly lanterns become less ornate, but just as ugly.
  • (rare) synonymsdrug, for place names.
  • Especially the people who create such an exhibition
    1. (army,now unheard of)The bodies of the soldiers were collected in this way.
    2. The bodies of the walkers are connected in this way.
  • (symbolically) synonymsexpose: Any similarly structured or ostentatious representation, especially of different people or a series of things.
    • in 1652Thomas Urquhart,dragon squid(Exkyvalauro), p. 282:
      ... disciplined and intoxicating attacks, wprocessionStrange words collected in several levels and files...
    • 1656Thomas Blunt,Language dysgraphia, sv:
      procession(Fr.), an appearance or performance, a bluff or boastful proposition.
    • in 1659, Francis Osborne, "The Paradox of Assumption",essay collection..., page 92:
      Forma little different from theseGary,No more blooming referential intentpublic,Thenpharmacistpay and decorate yoursthe marketit's for cheatingignorance,and hideexamine, examineart like a onionprocessionThenFace.
    • 1700Maria Astel,Some thoughts on marriage, page 67:
      What good behavior he shows! What an exercise in patience! How cunning! What hides his mistake! WhatprocessionHis virtues! What government is his passion!
    • 21. listopada 2008. r, Graham Linehan,IT crowd, Season 3, Episode 1:
      Roy:It worked well. HaveThere is nothingThere is a problem with work. But they caught him... he peed in the sink.
      Kindness:Oh. Oh!
      Kindness:which sink?
      Roy:All sinks. yes, he actually went to peeprocessionaround the house.
      Kindness:God, I have to fire him.
  • (Great Britain,symbolically,rare)A row of shops along the street.
  • (Great Britain,symbolically,now unheard of) lackprogram parade: Description of the schedule of programs previously announced on the radio and various TV channels.
    • May 2, 1947, b,radio age,Page. 8:
      Scotprogram tour
  • alternative form
    • Pde,procession
    • (war rally): to add up
    • (public parade): Look demonstration
    • (a row of shops): Shopping Mall
    derivative clause
    • Hindi:procession (fried)
    • urdu:procession(fried)


    procession(third person singular in the present tense procession,present participle procession,past simple i past particip procession)

    1. (do not rest)Especially participate in parades
      1. Assembly control, receiving orders, etc.
        • 1637, Roberta Monroe,Expedition Monroe i Gallant Scots Legion, page 64:
          ... the other three companies were launched at 16:00.processionIn the market, then go to their branch…
      2. To march imposingly or ostentatiously.
      3. (delivered)End of March.
      4. (delivered)through or along.
        • in 1971bear's headwheel, page 92:
          They didn't say anything, they just stared at each other, terrified like people exposed to the torments of demons.processionAfrican continent.
    2. (symbolically) synonymsGallery: walking, especially in public, to show off and be seen by others.
    3. (delivered,symbolically,vehicle)Move slowly across or between.
    4. (symbolically,water birds)Join a group led by one parent, usually followed by another parent.
  • (delivered)they especially participate in the procession
    1. Call the soldiers for inspection, orders, etc.
  • (symbolically) synonymsyou are showing off: To exhibit or display prominently or excessively, especially in some kind of procession.
  • (delivered,Outdated)Suggest a parade or procession.
  • instructions for use

    intransitive meaningprocessionformerly it was sometimes used with dollsDoloverstopTogether- although this usage is now obsolete.

    derivative clause
    • procession,parade like

    Etymology 2

    zFrench procession (evaporate), zStop (to parry, to defend)+-ade, zItalian Return.bimodalevaporate.


    • (an American general)International Phonetic Alphabet(key):/pəˈrɑd/
    • (received excuse)International Phonetic Alphabet(key):/pəˈrɑːd/


    procession(many procession)

    1. (rare) synonymsevaporate Both literally and figuratively.
      • in 1652Thomas Urquhart,dragon squid(Ekskywalauron), str. 228: case the enemy finds it, go toprocessionfound a warning in the chest...


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    Word puzzle

    • earmuffs



    lendFrench procession, zMiddle French procession, zspanish Stop.


    • International Phonetic Alphabet(key):/ˌpaːˈraː.də/
    • connector:procession
    • rima:w


    processionF(many procession,short processionN)

    1. Aprocession; feast or solemn procession.

    derivative clause


    • Indonesia:procession





    1. Change of inflectionprocession:
      1. First/third personnow singularIndicative/conjunctive
      2. second person singular imperative

    Further reading

    • "parada", vComputerized French Treasury [Digital repository of the French language], 2012 (encyclopedic entry).

    Word puzzle

    • slippery



    zDutch procession, zFrench procession (a show, a play, a parade, a pairing, sometimes a pause on horseback), zspanish Stop (stop, stop, break, parade), zStop (get ready, get ready, get ready), zLatin evaporate (prepare; stop, halt, prevent, re-guard, etc., clothe, dress, adorn).


    • International Phonetic Alphabet(key):/procession/
    • connector:procession


    procession(first possessive person paradox,second possessive person Stop,third possessive person procession)

    1. procession:
      1. An organized procession consisting of a continuous series of shows, performances, exhibitions, etc., displayed along the street with crowds of spectators.
      2. (army)To collect troops for inspection or to receive orders.


    • procession
    • procession (standard Malay)

    derivative clause

    Further reading

    • In the "parade"Indonesian dictionary, Jakarta: Language Development and Promotion Agency - Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, Republic of Indonesia, 2016.


    alternative form

    • path (golf)


    (This etymology is missing or incomplete. Please add or discuss with the etymology office.)


    processionF(many procession)

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    1. (Guernsey) procession



    lendFrench procession (a show, a play, a parade, a pairing, sometimes a pause on horseback), zspanish Stop (stop, stop, break, parade), zStop (get ready, get ready, get ready), zLatin evaporate (ready toMedieval Latinand Roma. also stop, stop, prevent, re-guard, also clothe, arrange, decorate).


    • International Phonetic Alphabet(key):/pɑˈɾɑːda/
    • rima:w-ɑː
    • connector:procession


    processionRice(Number of orders procession,indefinite plural procession,fixed plural we parallelize)

    1. expose,exhibition,expose
      sitting parade
      Synonyms: state bed,Raj
    2. (army) red, especiallyfestiveopportunity
      a big parade
      a big parade
      Synonyms: stop garde,stop flag,gay separation
      1. (army)Troops of troops meeting for inspection or special services
      2. (army) procession Defeat
      3. (army)Penalty for presence orarmy kamp
        go to the parade
        get criminal participation
      synonyms: procession
    3. (brave) to wearweapon against the opponentstampLubnodules
      synonyms: a quarter of a pair
      1. (boxing or wrestling)Ato wearconfront an opponenthit
      2. (game)BrzAvoidfrom movementkeeper
        A goalkeeper with lightning defense
        A quick walk saves the goalkeeper
    4. (equestrian)suddenStopLubSlow downon a horsea horse
      the whole parade
      the horse suddenly stopped
      by the stop
      the horse suddenly slows down


    • procession

    derivative clause

    related terms

    • procession
    • procession
    • state bed

    See also

    • funeral
    • carnival
    • March
    • procession
    • triumphal march


    • In the "parade"Bokmål dictionary.
    • In the "parade"Dictionary of the Norwegian Academy(NAOB).

    Word puzzle

    • canvas canvas




    1. absolute singular definite and pluralprocession.



    1. past tenseIt does.

    Word puzzle

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