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OPTnation reviews from our satisfied customers.


fragmentation ray

I am very grateful to the OPTnation team as they helped me get a great job offer in just one week. You are well versed in the recruiting industry. They guided me in choosing the jobs to apply to based on my qualifications. Your team even gave me tips on how to get an interview. Glad I can stay in the US for another 12 months while I do OPT work.


Alok Vaishnav

My journey to the United States was not easy. Since the day I started filling out college application forms, I have faced countless difficulties and obstacles. As a result, I set myself up for a horrible job search process. But luckily I found OPTnation. When I met them, I thought that they would be similar to all other staffing agencies. But I was wrong. Their remarkable efforts resulted in a wonderful OPT job offer for me.


maya samuel

Since some of my relatives already live in this country, I thought finding a job would be like a walk in the park. However, it did not turn out as expected. None of my relatives could help me find an OPT job relevant to my field of study. So I took matters into my own hands. After consulting with some friends and college students, I decided to contact OPTnation. I have to admit that they are without a doubt the best! I got a job within a few days of talking to them. I would recommend.


margarita j

I don't know, but somehow I'm not good at documentation work. I even trusted my sister to help me fill out the application forms and organize other documents for university admission. So creating a CV is definitely not my thing. During some research I found out about OPTnation. I have used your professional resume writing services which are quite affordable. My new resume helped me land a job at the company of my dreams. Hurrah!


tim stephan

I have always suffered from a lack of confidence in my life. That's why I decided to seek advice or training before applying for a job. I was lucky to learn about the training and internship program offered by OPTnation. After completing the training, I was able to see an increase in my self-confidence. His coaches and mentors made it possible for him to land a lucrative job offer. I will always be grateful to them.



Even after tirelessly applying to companies, both physically and online, I was unable to find a job that met my expectations. I had completely lost hope and had already packed my bags to return to my home country. But as the saying goes, "miracles do happen," my OPTnation roommate told me. At first I hesitated. But then I thought, 'Let's give it a try' and I'm happy with my decision. With your employer network, I found an ideal OPT job within a few days.


friend shreja

I don't like paid promotions to achieve goals because I have always believed that I can achieve what I want with my skills. However, my faith was shaken when I was looking for an OPT job after completing my undergraduate program in the US, so I tried to resume the priority services provided by OPTnation. I'm glad I took this step, because without it I wouldn't have gotten such a good job.


kaya singh

OPTnation is one of the best recruitment consultants out there. They go out of their way to help international students find a good OPT job in the US. Best of all, they understand the expectations and concerns of OPT job seekers. They discussed my needs in detail and offered me the right solution.


Lalit Chahal

It was clear to me from the beginning that I would accept the help of a placement agency when looking for an OPT job. So after my final exams were done, I used online and offline sources to find the best recruitment agency in the US. After careful research, I chose OPTnation and I am proud of my decision. They deliver what they promise. Even though I started looking for a job very late, they were able to find me a job that met my long-term goals before my visa expired.


dina chen

The biggest obstacle I encountered in finding my dream job at OPT was contacting potential employers. I applied for suitable positions through the mail, company websites and job portals, but I wasn't sure if anyone was receiving my applications. So I decided to opt for the resume delivery service. They sent my resume to a large number of employers and hiring managers. After 2 weeks of waiting and 4 interviews, I got my dream job.


Umesh Prasad Chokshi

You will agree that finding an OPT job in the current situation is like climbing the top of a mountain. But don't worry, check out OPTnation who helped me get a job with their free training program for just $800. They took care of my entire job search and I got a job within 17 days of applying. Good luck to all OPT hopefuls!


Tomas Pushpa

I struggled with my OPT job search and tried in all directions but to no avail. My classmate suggested that my resume lacked an up-to-date format and some industry jargon. I enlisted the help of OPTnations resume writing services for just $30 and it made all the difference. I started getting interviews almost 2 days after the new CV was posted. Thank you OPNation!!



I know it would be hard to believe that the first job seeker shouldn't spend too much time looking for work on their own. I did so and got out of a jam in time, though I had spent a small fortune. I spent $200 to sign up with OPTnation for their services, which improves the reach and visibility of your resume. With only 2 interviews at the company and 3 rounds of interviews, I got a job and was able to avoid returning to my home country. OPTnation is highly professional and takes care of you. Thank you OPNation!!


Thomas S Malchow

If you are younger and have average grades, seek professional help. It works better than in my case. As a first time job seeker, I felt very confident looking for a job. But I couldn't get a job until I got help from OPTnation. I was amazed at the speed with which they worked and from reviewing my resume to looking for a job in their network. I lost valuable time and needed to get a job in 20 days but believe me I got it in just 4 days. Count on them friends. Works!!


Barbara Davis

I was in the middle of a long OPT job search effort and it was not yielding favorable results. I heard about OPTnation and a person named George talked to me and helped me increase my knowledge on the subject with free training for about 17 days and also started efforts to market my CV. I had interview calls in just 2 days as my CV had made its way to various employers across the country. Trust me, I got a job after signing up for your services for 5 days. The boys make sure to take care of their future, and they do. Sign up now!!


Rashmi Kothari

If you need help from an OPT employment agency, visit OPTnation. It is worth so much more than being a victim of these unreliable staffing agencies. I recommend it from personal experience, I found its wide and updated network. They have a strong base of e-verified employers, and together with your favorite resume downloader and resume services, you can increase your reach and visibility in no time. As they said, I got a job in just 4 days. Heed my words, they are the best in the business!


parvez misra

My Stemopt extension was about to be removed when I contacted OPTnation. I approached them to find me an H1B sponsor. I have received feedback from my managers on this. I personally find OPTnation very professional and they put me in touch with an employer. Having been in business for the last 5 years, they have an extensive network of business partners and resume marketing services to rely on. I totally vote for OPTnation if you are in a similar situation.


Sanket Pathak

I really appreciate the commitment of the mediation team. They helped me get the right skills with free training before getting a job.


sonia shah

I just finished the training given and went through the mediation process. The trainer was amazing as he explained all the concepts very well. After a few interviews, I got a job as a business analyst. Many thanks to the OPTnation team.


Gaurav Patel

I have completed the Java training with great satisfaction. They gave me the unique opportunity to learn from the best coaches. They also helped me create a CV. Within a few days I got a good placement. Well done.


nafis khan

My job search problems ended when I signed up with OPTnation. The free training is really worth checking out and will help you master even the most difficult technical interviews. The study material they provided was comprehensive and he passed the 3 rounds of interviews with ease. Thanks to OPTNation.


Mohamed Zahidul Karim

I was looking for a professional advice that offers long term career strategies and I got all my answers from OPTnation. OPTnation's career advisor revealed my personal goals and career ambitions and advised me according to my suitability. Superlative service with a mentoring approach. Do it!


Achille Alluri

I was looking for a job that would give me a lot of financial freedom since I had obtained a bank loan to finance my education in the United States. OPTnation's financial benefits are the closest to industry standards. It is worth mentioning the advantage of lifetime health insurance. Transparent trading and low margins. Trustworthy and honest I have to say!!


jaymit shah

I had trouble getting interviews when I applied through online job portals. I discovered Optnation that guaranteed results 2 days after signing up. They kept their word and on the second day I got interviews, weeks later I got a job in my field of study.


Mehak Aggarwal

I got good grades and expected good pay for the internship. But when I started applying and entered the salary negotiation phase with employers, they offered me a very low salary considering my academic achievements. But OPTnation found a solution for me and made it easy for me to get a salary package of more than $90,000 through their main work partners. Join OPTnation now!!


dimple rawal

I started my job search with a resume created with advice from seniors and online research. Despite my best efforts, recruiters did not reach out to me the way I expected. One of my professors suggested that I try OPTnation. Trust me, after my resume was tweaked by your resume writing experts, I got calls from recruiters and top companies.


Amrisch Khan

When I started my job search, I thought that even if I went to every job portal in the market and started applying, I would hardly be able to apply for 10-15 jobs a day. This was not allowed as he has very little time to find OPT jobs. But with OPT Jobs Resume Blaster Services, my resume has been sent to hundreds of recruiters. I got a job shortly after using this service.


Arjun Mishra

I had done a specific project for my professor during my academic session that my professor said would help me get a good job. But my problem while job hunting was how to demonstrate this on my CV and communicate it to potential employers. OPTnation suggested that I help you write your resume and priority service resume. With this service, my CV was submitted by their main employers and within a few weeks I was landed a job with an above average compensation package.


Raghav Soni

If you are looking for long-term stability. It certainly also helps to increase your savings instead of going from one employer to another. Check out OPTnation as they never fire candidates. really reliable


Shafi Pathan

I had just finished my degree in Information Technology with a good GPA. He was sure to be placed with the standard pattern. But when I applied for the position, I couldn't pass the first technical tests. But with the free training from OPTnation, their trainer explained the latest technologies and concepts which definitely changed my confidence and they started passing the technical interviews with ease and got a job within 5 days of applying to OPTnation.

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