Looking for affordable financial advice? Learn about abundance (2023)

The method and amount of fees for financial advice are changing. If you think you can't afford a financial advisor, it's time to think about it.

Most financial advisors charge based on the value of the portfolio they manage on your behalf. For example, if your financial advisor manages a $500,000 investment account, you'll typically pay about 1% or $5,000 in fees per year.

Abundant wealth is different. there is plenty to offerFinancial planning with a fixed feeAfter paying hundreds of dollars up front for a comprehensive financial plan, services start at less than $100 on a monthly subscription model. Currently, Abunda's pricing options depend on whether you rent them individually or as a pair:

  • Individual: $375 upfront, then $89 per month thereafter
  • Couples: $450 up front, then $139 monthly

Using the $500,000 portfolio example above, an individual can expect to save $3,500 in the first year with Abundo Wealth compared to a traditional financial advisor charging a 1% fee. For a couple, a $500,000 wallet can save you about $2,800 in the first year.

What happens when you become a client of Abundo Wealth

The financial plan given to Abunda clients at the beginning of the cooperation contains a list of feasible tasks, which usually suggests 15 to 20 tasks to be completed. Abundo implementation typically involves an initial meeting to review their proprietary tools, another meeting to review the proposal, and then a follow-up meeting about a month later.

After the induction period, most clients see Abundo 5-6 times in the first year and 2-3 times thereafter. and doing everythingonline meetingWith Google Meet or Zoom, clients can also free up time to meet with a financial advisor in person.

What sets Abundo Wealth apart from most other financial advisors is their passion for travel. Abundo Wealth users have accesstravel lounge, an online library of travel tips, offers suggestions on where to fly to maximize your airline loyalty program points. While a typical financial advisor does not provide travel services, the Abundo team also helps its clients with travel planning, finding the cheapest flights and other advice.

What do Abundo clients say about working with Abundo Wealth?

Along with financial advisor experience and references, it's worth seeing what Abundo Wealth clients say about their experience working with an Abundo financial advisor. Below you can scroll through dozens of reviews that will help you decide if you want to work with the Abundo team.

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April 7, 2023

I was lucky enough to meet Eric. Not only does he have knowledge and experience in the financial world, he is also personable and easy to work with. Eric and his team are passionate about what they do and truly care about your financial well-being. In addition, I believe that Abundo is very innovative in the consulting market, filling several gaps in the US market, such as:

– Provides 360-degree planning for expats working in the United States

- These peopleHe plans to retire elsewhere in the world.

In the above situations, the tax consequences can be very complex and I highly recommend that you seek the help of an expert in this area, such as Eric and his team.

◼ Relationship with a financial advisor:This reviewer has never been a client.

◼ Fee:This reviewer has not been paid.

◼ Conflict of interest:No serious conflict of interest.

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Jan Gracjan

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Start with Abunda Wealth

If you've packed your bags and are ready to join Abundo Wealth, first schedule a free interview with a team member to make sure you're a good fit. Abundo offers free referral calls for everyone to learn more about you and your financial goals. They will also tell you more about how Abundo works with clients and answer any questions you may have. simplevisit their calendarMake an appointment for a conversation at a time that suits you.

📈 Learn about abundance of wealth

This page is divided into sections to help you find the information you need and get answers to your questions:

  1. Q&A with Abundo Wealth Founder Eric Simonson
  2. Fast facts about Abunda wealth
  3. Get answers to your questions about Abundo Wealth

– Q&A with Abundo Wealth Founder Eric Simonson –

Three questions from Eric Simonson, CFP, CRPC, CLTC

We asked Eric Simonson, financial advisor and founder of Abundo Wealth, to answer a few questions to learn more about what makes his company unique.

ask:You promote low-cost investment strategies among clients. Can you develop your investment approach and your portfolio structure?

Eric: We believe that the best long-term investment strategy is to invest in the entire market, paying as little as possible.

The data overwhelmingly shows that actively managed mutual funds have lower long-term returns than diversified, low-fee passively managed exchange-traded funds (ETFs) when the fees charged by actively managed funds are taken into account. All our portfolios are built using ETFs.

Learn more about Abundo's wealth:

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To ensure diversification, we have one ETF in our portfolio with at least 40 investments in each of ten asset classes, including large caps, mid caps, small caps, international developed markets, emerging markets, real estate, government bonds, corporate bonds, senior bonds yield and international bonds bonds. This means that if you include USD cash, all of our portfolios represent a combined return of at least 400 individual investments across 11 unique asset classes.

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Each of our portfolios has seven versions, taking into account the different risk tolerances of our clients. Each portfolio allocates different holdings of assets according to models offered by modern portfolio theory to achieve optimal risk-adjusted returns.

We also help our clients invest in their value. As a result, we create unique socially responsible portfolios, some of which are broad while others focus on specific issues such as climate action, gender equality and the inclusive economy.

ask:Which person do you think would benefit the most from working with Abundo Wealth compared to traditional advisors?

Eric: Just from a cost perspective, we think everyone would probably be more willing to work with us than a traditional consultant. We also believe we do a good job of providing valuable, comprehensive advice that other advisors may not be able to provide if they are focused solely on investing or selling insurance. We also believe we are a good fit for those who are comfortable with technology, want to take an active financial role and want the team to provide ongoing advice rather than a one-off financial plan.

ask:When new clients apply to Abundo Wealth, how do you decide which financial advisor on your team to work with?

Eric: It depends on the consultant's capacity and the client's schedule. Depending on which day of the week (or time of day) the client chooses, they will be assigned to one of our excellent available consultants. He will be their key player in the future, but the whole team is ready to support them in every possible way.

Q: What is one of your favorite travel tips?

Eric:I don't know if I could choose one, but if I had to choose, a common mistake we see is that people focus too much on loyalty to one airline. The appeal of a free checked bag or upgrade pales in comparison to what people can earn with points if they have a credit card that can be used with multiple airlines. For example, Delta Air Lines charges over 200,000 SkyMiles for its Delta One suites to Europe. For the same flight (Delta!) Virgin Atlantic charges from 50,000. All you need is a credit card with points that can be transferred to Virgin Atlantic.

Meet the Abundo Wealth team

Eric Simonson, CFP®, CRPC®, CLTC® Abundo Wealth Flat Fee Financial Planning for All of Life's Adventures Minneapolis Nationwide 38 Certified Advisor Reviews™
Lori BodenhamerAbundo Wealth Flat Fee Financial Planning for Everyone San Francisco Nationwide 39 Certified Advisor Reviews™
Andrew Dressel, CFP®, CRPC®, APMA® Abundo Wealth Flat Fee Financial Planning for All of Life's Adventures Saint Paul Nationwide 38 Certified Advisors Reviews™
Chris MamulaAbundo Wealth Lump Sum Financial Planning for All Life's Adventures Ogden Nationwide 38 Certified Advisor™ Reviews

📗 Fast facts about the wealth of Abunda

Year of establishment:2019
Web page:www.abundowealth.com
Wealthtender profile page:Abundant wealth
founder:Eric Simonson, CFP, CRPC, CLTC
Adress of the headquarters:Minneapolis, Minnesota

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    Who is the best person to talk to about finances? ›

    Financial Planner. A financial planner is to your money what your primary care doctor is to your health. Your financial planner is the big-picture person, the one you talk to first about any financial issues. They can help you make a plan to pay off debt, save for college, or invest for retirement.

    How do you get an abundance mindset with money? ›

    How to achieve an abundance mindset
    1. Notice your limiting beliefs around money and try to unlearn them. ...
    2. Imagine that you had the money you wanted right now. ...
    3. Get rid of stuck energy. ...
    4. Start introducing some abundant actions slowly into your life. ...
    5. Remember that money and abundance are your birthright.
    Jan 22, 2022

    How can I be more financially abundant? ›

    8 Key tips to help you create a mindset of finance abundance
    1. Eliminate your negative beliefs around money. ...
    2. Stop comparing yourself to others. ...
    3. Develop a growth mindset. ...
    4. Recognize the power of your thoughts. ...
    5. Use financial abundance affirmations. ...
    6. Express gratitude. ...
    7. Realize your current financial situation is temporary.

    At what level of wealth do you need a financial advisor? ›

    Depending on the net worth advisor you choose, you generally should consider hiring an advisor when you have between $50,000 - $1,000,000, but most prefer to start working with clients when they have between $100,000 - $500,000 in liquid assets.


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