Is the “civil rights movement” capitalized? (2023)

The "civil rights movement" of the 1950s was one of the defining moments for the American civil rights movement. The movement spanned two decades, making it one of the richest stories in the history of the civil rights movement. But is the “civil rights movement” being capitalized on? The history and politics behind the "civil rights movement" play a rolein capital letters?

Despite the impact of the civil rights movement on society, most English rules require that you not use capital letters. The phrase is not a proper noun, and according to the English language, only proper nouns are capitalized. However, in some cases capital letters are required.

Capitalization rules change depending on the situation. With this in mind, it is important to realize that he must always correctly use the term "civil rights movement" in his writings. You may be getting confused by the many conflicting statements you have come across. Read on to better understand when to capitalize on the "civil rights movement" and the exceptions to this.

Is the “civil rights movement” capitalized? (1)

Rules for using the “Civil Rights Movement”

The term "civil rights movement" is capitalized when used at the beginning of a sentence, when it is the first word after a quotation, when used in a title, or when used as a proper noun.

When you learn the correct capitalization of the phrase "civil rights movement," people will recognize your work. It also allows you to avoid embarrassing mistakes. Let's dive into the compounding scenarios.

In the first word of a sentence

Capitalizing the first word of a sentence is a hard and fast rule in the English language. Every time you start a sentence, capitalize the first letter of the word. This rule does not change no matter what type of writing style you use.

Also, when writing the phrase "civil rights movement" at the beginning of a sentence, note that only the first letter of the word is capitalized. In this case, just capitalize the letter "c".

Examples of Sentences:

  • The civil rights movement is highly dependent on the prevailing political system.
  • The civil rights movements helped end multiple discrimination in various offices.
  • The civil rights movement must be taken seriously.

The first word after a date

Are you writing about the "civil rights movement" and need to write a citation? You may be wondering if you should capitalize the sentence. When using a direct quote as a complete sentence, capitalize the word according to the rules of the language. In this case, the only capital letter when writing a sentence is "c".

Examples of Sentences:

  • John said, "The civil rights movement is a solid pillar of black history."
  • "The civil rights movement began in 1969," Stephen told the class.
  • Sandy said, "The civil rights movement can have a tremendous impact if planned properly."

Yes in the titles

You must capitalize the phrase "civil rights movement" when discussing a title. Keep in mind that proper capitalization is essential when writing a title, especially if it is a research essay. Capitalization shows the reader that you understand the grammar. If the word civil rights movement is part of the title or subject, capitalize all the first letters of each word.

Examples of Sentences:

  • I have decided that the topic of my dissertation will be The Advantages of the Civil Rights Movement for African Americans.
  • I learn something new every time I read The Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s.
  • I like your essay entitled The Silent Voices of the Modern Civil Rights Movement.

When used as a proper noun

In general, the phrase "civil rights movement" is not capitalized unless it refers to the words that African-Americans fight for full constitutional rights. This happened between 1950 and 1960.

If that's what you mean, capitalize the sentence. Since you're referring to a specific move, the term becomes a noun, in which case you capitalize it; You must capitalize all words.

Examples of Sentences:

  • My research focused on the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s; I think I've done a great job.
  • This semester's history class focused on the civil rights movement and its impact on society.
  • What most people don't understand is that the civil rights movement didn't appear anywhere in the 20th century.

Is the “civil rights movement” capitalized? (2)

More alternative rules while taking advantage of the "Civil Rights Movement"

"Civil rights movement" is a common phrase, so you don't have to capitalize every word when you write it. The same case applies when writing other sentences that are not proper names.

Simply put, the "civil rights movement" because it is not related to any particular group. It is not a proper name. However, when you mention the term in a specific group or organizational context, use capital letters.

A political or social right may be limited to a group in history. When this happens, the oppressed group may use lobbying, demonstrations, or civil disobedience to ensure that their rights are respected. This is known as the "civil rights movement."

Examples of Sentences:

  • When Joel discovered that some accused criminals were not getting a fair trial, he started a civil rights movement.
  • The company did not allow women to enter the premises, but it was a public service; She founded a civil rights movement.
  • To prevent a civil rights movement, the government had to ensure that children in the favelas received a quality education.

The “civil rights movement” is one of the easiest terms to understand when it comes to capitalization. Unless associated with a specific movement like the 1950s and 1960s like black Americans, the phrase is not a proper noun and should not be capitalized. For example, is it correct to say: “The civil rights movement of the 1950s took a long time to developprotestersachieved the expected results.

Examples of sentences with correct capitalization of "civil rights movement"

Using the rules above, it's easy to use the phrase "civil rights movement." With these ten example sentences, we will help you understand how to capitalize this word.

  1. The civil rights movement was once a non-sectarian movement that was honorable and founded only by peaceful people to seek justice.
  2. It was clear that Soul was the one leading the civil rights movement, so the government framed him so he could be fired.
  3. It wasn't until the 1960s that they launched a civil rights movement that fought for equal rights for all.
  4. "The demands and complaints of the civil rights movement have been accepted," Peter exclaimed.
  5. James provided food and water to all the people who protested during the civil rights movements.
  6. Although the civil rights movement would help them improve their treatment in office, no one seemed to care.
  7. If you don't get involved in the civil rights movement, you will betray your employees.
  8. The administration learned of the possibility of a civil rights movement in office; Now you have a meeting with the representatives.
  9. Have you seen the movie Facts about the civil rights movement?
  10. The civil rights movement may not seem big, but the changes it brings will help keep everyone who works for the company happy.


You no longer need to type "civil rights movement" while researching or chatting with your friends. Correct capitalization is important, especially when writing something official, such as B. a letter to management, a thesis, a research question, or other data. If the capitalization is incorrect, what you write may not get the attention it deserves.

In the case of the "civil rights movement," the last thing you want is to make mistakes using that phrase. Learning the importance of cashing in on this phrase is a game changer.

Is the “civil rights movement” capitalized? (3)

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Is civil rights movement capitalized? ›

When it comes to “civil rights movement” and “civil rights”, three of the most widely used style guides, the MLA, the Associated Press Style Guide and the Chicago Manual of Style are all in agreement: these phrases are not to be capitalized.

Should movement be capitalized? ›

The MLA Style Center

In MLA style, a movement or school of thought is only capitalized when it could be confused with a generic term–for example, Romanticism or New Criticism.

Do you capitalize the women's movement? ›

You definitely need to capitalize major cultural events like the Civil Rights Movement, Women's Liberation, Woodstock, the Boston Tea Party, and the Civil War. Also capitalize all holidays and major celebrations like Thanksgiving, Halloween, Kwanzaa, and St. Patrick's Day.

What are 3 major events of the civil rights movement? ›

Milestones Of The Civil Rights Movement
  • The Supreme Court Declares Bus Segregation Unconstitutional (1956) ...
  • The 1960 Presidential Election. ...
  • The Desegregation of Interstate Travel (1960) ...
  • The Supreme Court Orders Ole Miss to Integrate (1962) ...
  • The March on Washington (1963) ...
  • The Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Is civil rights movement capitalized AP style? ›

A: AP lowercases civil rights movement.

How do you use civil rights movement in a sentence? ›

The civil rights movement of the 1960s saw another surge of activity. The film devotes much of its running time to the growing civil rights movement.

What are 5 things that should be capitalized? ›

English capitalization rules
  • Capitalize the first word of a sentence. ...
  • Capitalize names and other proper nouns. ...
  • Don't capitalize after a colon (usually) ...
  • Capitalize the first word of a quote (sometimes) ...
  • Capitalize days, months, and holidays, but not seasons. ...
  • Capitalize most words in titles.
Sep 30, 2022

How do you know if a word should be capitalized? ›

Capital Letters
  1. Capitals signal the start of a new sentence. This is a stable rule in our written language: Whenever you begin a sentence capitalize the first letter of the first word. ...
  2. Capitals show important words in a title. ...
  3. Capitals signal proper names and titles.

What are 2 words that should always be capitalized? ›

Proper nouns should always be capitalized.
  • Names of people. ...
  • Names of places. ...
  • Names of companies and trademarks. ...
  • Capitalize honorary and professional titles. ...
  • Capitalize familial relationships. ...
  • Capitalize major words in a title. ...
  • Capitalize days, months, and (sometimes) seasons. ...
  • Capitalize holidays.
May 6, 2022

Does civil war need to be capitalized? ›

Civil war is never a proper noun on its own, so it should only be capitalized at the start of a sentence like in this one. However there are many specific events and titles that use the words civil war, and in those cases, the entire title becomes a proper noun.

Which of these kinds of words should always be capitalized? ›

As a rule of thumb, you should capitalize the first word of a title, verbs, adjectives, nouns, and of course, proper nouns.

Do you capitalize progressive movement? ›

Names of national and international organizations, movements, alliances, and members of political parties are capitalized: Republican Party, Progressive Movement.

What was the most important civil rights movement? ›

The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom was the largest civil rights protest in US history, and contributed to the successful implementation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Who are 3 key figures in the civil rights movement? ›

Thurgood Marshall
  • Julian Bond.
  • Medgar Evers.
  • Charles Hamilton Houston.
  • James Weldon Johnson.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Oscar Micheaux.
  • Harry T. and Hariette Moore.
  • Mary White Ovington.

Who started civil rights movement? ›

Led by Martin Luther King Jr., this movement practiced non-violent methods of civil disobedience against racially discriminatory laws and practices.

Do you capitalize the name of an event? ›

The event title should be less than 120 characters long, including spaces. Title case should be used; principal words should be capitalized. Do not capitalize words like “a,” “and,” “in,” “of,” or “the” unless they are the first word of the event title.

What titles are not capitalized in AP? ›

Capitalize formal titles that come directly before a name. Lowercase formal titles that appear on their own or follow a name. Never capitalize job descriptions regardless of whether they are before or after a name The Water Quality Control Division Sarah contacted the division.

What words are not capitalized in a title AP? ›

Words Not Capitalized in Title Case

Articles (a, an, the) Coordinating Conjunctions (and, but, for) Short (fewer than 4 letters) Prepositions (at, by, to, etc.)

What is civil rights movement answer? ›

The civil rights movement was a struggle for justice and equality for African Americans that took place mainly in the 1950s and 1960s. It was led by people like Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, the Little Rock Nine and many others.

What is known as the civil rights movement? ›

The civil rights movement was a struggle for social justice that took place mainly during the 1950s and 1960s for Black Americans to gain equal rights under the law in the United States.

What do you mean by the term civil rights movement? ›

The national effort made by black people and their supporters in the 1950s and 1960s to eliminate segregation and gain equal rights.

Which of the following are not usually capitalized? ›

Common nouns and common adjectives are not capitalized.

What are the 7 rules of capitalization? ›

7 Capitalization Rules for Professional Business Writing
  • Capitalize the first word of a sentence. ...
  • Capitalize proper nouns. ...
  • Capitalize time periods and events* ...
  • Capitalize job titles. ...
  • Capitalize days, months, and holidays. ...
  • Sometimes capitalize after a colon. ...
  • Capitalize the first word of a quote.

What items are not capitalized? ›

Expenses that must be taken in the current period (they cannot be capitalized) include Items like utilities, insurance, office supplies, and any item under a certain capitalization threshold. These are considered expenses because they are directly related to a particular accounting period.

What are the 3 rules of capitalization? ›

The three basic rules to capitalization
  • Capitalize the first word in a sentence. This is an easy one that is pretty consistent across languages with Latin-based alphabets.
  • Capitalize the pronoun 'I' in any location. Remember that you are important! ...
  • Capitalize all proper nouns.
Jun 15, 2016

Which three words needs to be capitalized? ›

There are three main types of words that need to be capitalized: (1) the first word of a sentence, (2) titles of books and other works, and (3) proper nouns and adjectives.

Do 3 letter words get capitalized? ›

Lowercase only minor words that are three letters or fewer in a title or heading (except the first word in a title or subtitle or the first word after a colon, em dash, or end punctuation in a heading): short conjunctions (e.g., “and,” “as,” “but,” “for,” “if,” “nor,” “or,” “so,” “yet”)

Do you capitalize Cheetos? ›

However, in text, words used to describe something served at a restaurant should be lowercase unless they're place names (“Peking duck”), brand names (“chicken-'n'-Cheetos), or house concoctions (“Sous-Chef Sammy's Lava Soup”).

Do you capitalize grandma before a name? ›

You do not need to capitalize the word grandma in the sentence "My grandma says hi" because it is being used to describe the person you are talking about, not as a replacement for her name. However, if you use the word grandma as if it were a name, or in place of the name of the person, it should be capitalized.

Should I be capitalized in a sentence? ›

Notice that only the I that appears by itself is capitalized—you don't need to capitalize every I in the sentence. The I should also be capitalized when I is in a contraction with other words. For instance, the I in I'm is capitalized because I'm is a contraction of I am.

Do I capitalize the South when talking about The Civil War? ›

For example, we capitalize north, south, east, and west when the terms refer to regions or cultures: Customs in the East differ from those in the West. She moved from the East Coast to the West Coast. The South lost the war.

What are capitalization rules? ›

Revised on December 7, 2022. In English, a capital letter is used for the first word of a sentence and for all proper nouns (words that name a specific person, place, organization, or thing). In some cases, capitalization is also required for the first word in a quotation and the first word after a colon.

Is civil war capitalized AP style? ›

Capitalize "war" as part of the name of a specific conflict. Examples: the Afghanistan War, the Iraq War, the Civil War, the Cold War.

Which sentence is written and capitalized correctly? ›

The sentence (b) is written and capitalized correctly.

A sentence must start with a capital letter and end with a full-stop. There is no word in the English dictionary called 'gotta'. It is an incorrect word to be used in a sentence. The correct form is "got to be", meaning, ought to do something.

Which sentence is correctly capitalized and punctuated answer? ›

Option (1) is correct.

The correctly capitalized and punctuated sentence is: Yes, Ana. You ca do this.

What does it mean if a word is all capitalized? ›

WHEN YOU WRITE IN ALL CAPS IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU'RE SHOUTING. Using capital letters to indicate strong feeling may be the most famous example of typographical tone of voice.

Should independence movement be capitalized? ›

Capitalize Declaration of Independence, but lowercase the declaration whenever it stands alone.

Is history capitalized in American history? ›

Do not capitalize the names of general subjects unless they are a language, which are always capitalized. I took History 1101 and English last term. no caps - I did not like my history class.

Which art movements are capitalized? ›

Nouns and adjectives designating cultural movements, styles, and schools—artistic, architectural, musical, etc. —are capitalized if they derive from proper names: Aristotelian, Cartesian, Gregorian, Keynesian, Platonism, Pre-Raphaelites.

Who has the biggest impact on the civil rights movement? ›

The son and grandson of prominent African American ministers, each of whom bequeathed a legacy of activism in the cause of black civil rights, Martin Luther King, Jr., born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia, was the most influential leader of the American civil rights movement.

What are two facts about the civil rights movement? ›

Key Facts About the American Civil Rights Movement. The American civil rights movement that came to prominence in the 1950s had its roots in the 19th-century struggle to abolish slavery. Basic civil rights were granted to emancipated African Americans during the Reconstruction era (1865–77) that followed the Civil War.

What was the main purpose of the civil rights movement? ›

The civil rights movement was a nonviolent social and political movement and campaign from 1954 to 1968 in the United States to abolish legalized institutional racial segregation, discrimination, and disenfranchisement throughout the United States.

What are the 5 civil rights? ›

Examples of civil rights include the right to vote, the right to a fair trial, the right to government services, the right to a public education, and the right to use public facilities.

When did civil rights movement end? ›

Who were the big six in the civil rights movement? ›

Philip Randolph, Whitney Young, James Farmer, Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, and himself. They were called the Big Six. He was a journalist and editor before he became a civil rights activist. In 1967, President Johnson awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

How did civil rights movement end? ›

Most U.S. history textbooks teach a narrative that the Civil Rights Movement began with the Supreme Court Brown v. Board decision in 1954 and abruptly ended in 1965 with the passage of federal legislation.

Who was the first Black civil rights activist? ›

Philip Randolph was a labor leader and civil rights activist who founded the nation's first major Black labor union, the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters (BSCP) in 1925. In the 1930s, his organizing efforts helped end both racial discrimination in defense industries and segregation in the U.S. armed forces.

Do you capitalize civil war in a sentence? ›

The words history, event, movement, era, etc. are not capitalized, but the Renaissance, the Civil War, the Romantic Period, and the Dark Ages are capitalized. Note that the is NOT capitalized. It's the Civil War, not The Civil War.

What is noun as the civil rights movement? ›

noun. noun. [singular] the campaign in the 1950s and 1960s to change the laws so that African Americans have the same rights as others.

Which of the following should not be capitalized? ›

In general, you should capitalize the first word, all nouns, all verbs (even short ones, like is), all adjectives, and all proper nouns. That means you should lowercase articles, conjunctions, and prepositions—however, some style guides say to capitalize conjunctions and prepositions that are longer than five letters.

What should be capitalized in a sentence? ›

Revised on December 7, 2022. In English, a capital letter is used for the first word of a sentence and for all proper nouns (words that name a specific person, place, organization, or thing). In some cases, capitalization is also required for the first word in a quotation and the first word after a colon.

What are the 20 rules of capitalization? ›

20 Rules of Capitalization
  • The first letter of a sentence. ...
  • The letter I.
  • Titles. ...
  • The names of people. ...
  • Gods, religious figures and holy works should be capitalized, although when describing a group of gods you need only capitalize the region or name of the pantheon and not the non-specific use of the word gods.
Aug 25, 2013

Should I Capitalise feminism? ›

Feminism is not here to be capitalised; it is here to solve major problems within society – not to make me buy a particular brand of shampoo. The biggest problem with 'femvertising' is its use within brands that use women empowerment within a completely unrelated context.

What is the proper noun of movement? ›

noun. /ˈmuvmənt/ changing position. [countable, uncountable] an act of moving the body or part of the body hand/eye movements She observed the gentle movement of his chest as he breathed. Loose clothing gives you greater freedom of movement.

What is another word for civil rights movement? ›

What is another word for civil rights?
civil libertyfreedom
constitutional freedomconstitutional rights
Four Freedomsfreedom from fear
freedom from wantfreedom of expression
freedom of worshipGod-given right
2 more rows


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