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Meal delivery: a booming concept

Home delivery just got easier. Just a few clicks. But this is not a new concept. Now you can order food delivery from your favorite restaurant, even if the restaurant does not have a delivery service. All you need is internet access from your phone, desktop or tablet, and with just a few clicks you can deliver anything. This is called a "meal delivery service". Over the years, food delivery services have entered Myanmar, and Yangon's lifestyle is changing.

Amidst this penetration, the food industry has evolved into a transformative space that combines with food delivery services to provide consumers with greater convenience and greater demand.

The growth of the food delivery service market in Myanmar is the result of people's increasingly busy lifestyles and rising incomes, as well as the increasing penetration of smartphones and the Internet. According to the survey, other food delivery services such as Yangon Door2Door, Food2U, Deliverink, Hi-So Mall, food panda and Grab Food have entered the food delivery market in Myanmar.

Among them, Yangon Door2Door is one of the food delivery services, a leading online food ordering and delivery service, launched since 2013, before many food delivery services. The process is such that Yangon Door2Door collects completed orders from restaurants and delivers products to customers by bicycle or car as needed to fulfill larger orders.

Shady Ramadan, CEO and founder of Yangon Door2Door, said: "During our first trip, people told us that delivering the bikes wouldn't happen. But we always tried to say that we could do it and we always had to keep the best service in the market and we are now the first food delivery service in Myanmar."

Customer experience is important

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Customers expect to be able to order as quickly as possible and receive live support. They want impeccable customer service.

For example, customers in the UK can order from a local restaurant by sending a simple text message. The difficulty lies in the simplicity: the idea of ​​making shopping as easy as possible requires courier companies to know a lot about their customers, which remains difficult without the right platform.

As the first port of call for all food delivery services, there are always some must-see ways to earn customers' trust.

"Customers want their food delivered on time, so we have to deliver it to them on time. This is a tactic to gain customer trust. Everyone in this food delivery service needs to connect because as a customer, being late and talking is not acceptable. we tried as hard as we could to avoid customer disappointment,” said Shady.

As one of Yangon Door2Door's loyal customers, Lwin Moe Aung, who now works for the English version of Ayeyarwady River, said: "I am a person who never prepares three meals. For me, using a meal delivery service can give me more . Great convenience, time saving and reasonably priced delivery."

The reason I chose Yangon Door2Door over other food delivery services is because "I don't have to wait more than 30 minutes for my order to be delivered. That's why I like that Yangon Door2Door delivers my order as quickly as possible," he added.

Growing food delivery market worldwide and in Myanmar

Global research shows that the food delivery market is growing rapidly in most parts of the world, with a compound annual growth rate of just 3.5% expected over the next five years.

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Currently, 47% of the total traditional food ordering market is done offline, and 53% online. This number is expected to change dramatically in the next few years. Overall, the industry is growing at 3.7% annually, but interestingly, the online food ordering and delivery industry is expected to grow by 15-20% in 2019.

By 2022, the food delivery industry market size is estimated to reach $146.654 billion. By 2020, the largest segment of the food delivery market will be restaurant-to-consumer delivery, with a market size of $58.008 billion.

The online food delivery industry has seen tremendous growth in the past few years and is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.

The development process of food delivery services in Myanmar and other countries is completely different. Unlike other countries, Myanmar is very different, it is just an open country with a great moral influence in terms of development. It is also in the early stages of many changes.

Among the many food delivery services, Yangon Door2Door is the first food delivery company in Myanmar. Shady Ramadan also mentioned, “We started this service with the idea that Burmese people know IT but don't know where to go or how to find the platform. So I developed a strategy for marketing, branding and a new bike delivery concept and it finally worked.”

Challenges facing food delivery services

According to the global food delivery company, the online food delivery market has great business potential, but it also comes with some major challenges. One of the challenges facing global food delivery companies is inconsistent food quality.

Maintaining the quality of the delivered food until delivery to the customer is a difficult task. Quality food on a restaurant table is no comparison to boxed food in the name of immediate home delivery. Regardless of the packaging measures applied to ensure the delivery of the highest quality food to customers, food is always susceptible to quality issues. Chances are the pizza will get cold, the curry will spill, the pasta will be sticky and the sandwiches soggy. Customers equate the quality of food served in restaurants with the quality of delivery.

Ramadan also said, “I had a lot of challenges in the beginning, such as recruiting people and training delivery people and finding restaurants to partner with. It was not easy to find someone who could serve you food on time, respecting the rules politely and hygienically, but we tried to find a solution.

Another challenge for food delivery services like Yangon Door2Door is finding suppliers and reliable partnerships to ensure that Yangon Door2Door receives the goods. According to reports, 500 restaurants and vendors have partnered with Yangon Door2Door following the effort.

Although the customer base has grown rapidly as awareness of the delivery service has grown, most customers are young people. According to Frontier's article "Pedal Power Recipe for Business Success," nearly half of Yangon Door2Door's users are between the ages of 25 and 34, while the majority of Deliverrink's users are between the ages of 26 and 38.

Ramadan believes urban planning can benefit his business, customers and the environment by encouraging policymakers to create safer, more bike-friendly streets and raise awareness of alternative modes of transportation.

“We will always grow in terms of providing good services, adding more and trying to make the service more enjoyable for people. And then we always think about how we can help our customers save more time instead of sitting on the move. One-hour bicycle service," said Ramadan.


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