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stuffed– A material placed under the mat to increase walking comfort, isolate noise and extend the life of the mat.

fill, pack- For relining or adding wooden battens to a wall or ceiling to give the finished wall/ceiling a perfect look.

Intelligent- A combination of pigments with suitable diluents or oils to provide decorative and protective coatings. It can be oil or water based latex.

pallets– Wooden platforms for storing and transporting material. Forklifts and wheelbarrows are used to move these wooden pallets.

Table– A thin, flat piece of wood, plywood, or similar material, framed by joists and rails, as in a door (or closet door), or fitted into slots of thicker material with shaped edges to improve the wall finish.

paper construction– General designation for paper, felt and similar flat materials used in construction, without reference to their properties or uses. It usually comes in long rolls.

railing– A wall attached to the edge of a roof to prevent people from falling.

stop or divider strip– A small piece of wood used on the side jambs and headers of sash windows to separate the top sash from the bottom sash.

chipboard– Substitute for plywood, naturally made from sawdust mixed with resin and pressed into sheets. Used for cabinet shelves, sub-shelf, stair treads, etc.

To share– A wall dividing rooms within a floor of a building or room.

cobblestones, pavement– Materials – usually masonry – placed to form a solid, level surface.

payment plan– A pre-arranged payment schedule for a contractor, usually based on the volume of work completed. Such a schedule may include a deposit before work begins. There may also be a temporary "advance payment" (5-10% of the total cost of the work) at the end of the contract to correct minor parts that have not been completed or repaired.

base– A metal box installed at various points along the easement containing electrical, telephone or cable connections and switches.

penalty clause– A clause in a contract that provides for a reduction in the amount that would be paid under a contract to a contractor as a penalty for failure to meet deadlines or for the project not meeting contract specifications.

Penny- Applied to nails, originally listed as price per hundred. The term is now a series as a measure of nail length and is preceded by the letter "D“. Typically 16d (16 "penny") nails are used for framing

percolation test or perc. prove– Tests performed by a soil engineer on site to determine the feasibility of installing a leech field sewage system on a property. A test to determine the ability of the soil on a proposed development site to absorb influent from a septic tank.

performance bonus– An amount of money (typically 10% of the total price of a job) that a contractor is required to deposit with a government agency as an insurance policy to ensure the proper and timely completion of a project or job by contractors.

perimeter drainage– 3″ or 4″ perforated plastic pipe running around the perimeter (internal or external) of a foundation wall (prior to backfill) collecting and directing groundwater away from the foundation. It is usually "plugged" into an indoor pit, and sometimes a sump pump is inserted into the pit to drain water buildup.

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permeability– A measure of how easily water penetrates a material.

Permission– A permit from the municipal administration to carry out a construction process as in:

· Development/use permit: Authorization, for example, to use a plot of land for a specific use. a garage, a detached house, etc.

· Demolition Permit - Permission to demolish and remove an existing structure.

· Alvará de leveling – permission to change the contour of the terrain.

· Septic tank license: A permit from the Health Department to build or remodel a septic tank.

· Building Permit – Permission to build or modify a structure.

· Electrical Permit: A separate permit is required for most electrical work.

· Plumbing License: A separate license is required for new plumbing installations and major modifications to existing plumbing systems.

Braids, electric– The power cord that the electrician provides and installs in an appliance such as a garbage disposal, dishwasher, or range hood.

Dock– A masonry column, usually rectangular in horizontal cross-section, used to support other structural elements. See also drawer.

Pigment– A powdered solid used in paint or enamel to add color.

pilot hole– A small diameter pre-drilled hole that will guide a nail or screw.

Zündflamme– A small, continuous flame (on a water heater, boiler, or stove) that ignites gas or oil burners as needed.

Step– The steep pitch of a roof, or the ratio of the overall height to the overall width of a house, i.e. a height of 6 feet and a width of 24 feet is a quarter pitch roof. Roof pitch is expressed in inches of height per foot of horizontal span.

I HAD TO– Principal, interest, taxes and insurance (the four main components of monthly home payments).

Top view– Drawing of a building seen from top to bottom.

blade- Typically a 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 sitting horizontally in a framed structure such as:

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  • Sill: A horizontal element anchored to a concrete or masonry wall.

  • Single panel: lower horizontal element of a storage wall.

  • Top Plate: The horizontal top of a frame wall that supports rafters, trusses, or other roofing members.

assembly– The main supply duct for hot air coming from a furnace.

Layout– An aerial plan showing the location of the house on the property. Includes all easements, property lines, setbacks, and legal descriptions of the home. Provided by reviewer.

plow, plow– For cutting a longitudinal groove in a board or floorboard. An outside handrail usually has a groove so that it can be gripped by hand.

Finally– Exactly vertical and right-angled.

To lead– A lead weight attached to a string. It is the tool for determining the plumb line.

plumber boots– Metal stud to reinforce a structural wall/vertical stud where a drain line has been cut and installed.

sanitary floor– Drain and sewer lines routed under the basement floor.

plumbing plug– Sockets that fit the drainage and ventilation pipes into the tile and are nailed to it.

rough plumbing– Work carried out by the installer after installing the Rough Heat. This work includes the installation of all ABS plastic drain and drain piping, copper plumbing, bathtubs, shower trays and gas lines for stoves and fireplaces. Lead solder should not be used on copper tubing.

Bunch of plumbing– An exhaust pipe penetrating the roof.

Sanitary clipping- Works of the plumber to prepare the house for a final plumbing inspection. Includes installation of all plumbing (water closets), water heater, kitchen sink, connecting all gas lines to appliances, garbage disposal, dishwasher and all plumbing supplies.

Plumbing Drain Line– Plastic pipe for collecting and draining waste water.

capacity– A term used to indicate the number of layers of roofing felt, veneered plywood, or building material layers in a finished piece of that material.

plywood– A panel (usually 4' x 8') of wood made up of three or more layers of veneer, compressed and glued together and usually laid with the grain of adjacent layers at right angles to give strength to the veneer.

point loading– A point where structural/bearing weight is concentrated and transferred to the foundation.

Portland cement– Cement, which is made by heating crushed clay and limestone into a brick and then grinding it into a pulverized powder.

Post– A vertical structural member generally intended to support a beam. Often a 4" x 4", 6" x 6" metal tube with a flat top and bottom plate.

Post by viga– A basic construction method that uses only a few strong posts and beams to support an entire structure. Contrasts with rivet frame.

Performance– A ventilation that contains a fan to accelerate the airflow. It is often installed on roofs.

Forgive- Amount to be paid for a loan.

Condom-. Any pesticidal substance which, when suitably coated or impregnated on wood, inhibits the action of wood-destroying fungi, insect borers and similar destructive agents for a reasonable period of time. Usually a derivative of arsenic. An example is chromated copper arsenate (CCA).

Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)– A device attached to a water heater or boiler and designed to vent high-pressure steam in the tank to prevent tank explosions.

pressure treated wood– Wood impregnated with preservative.

primer– The first coat of base color when a paint finish consists of two or more coats. A first coat formulated to seal raw surfaces and preserve subsequent finishes.

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Director– The original loan amount, the principal amount.

real estate survey– A survey to determine the boundaries of your property. The cost depends on the complexity of the search.

p-trap- curved, "Tu” Section of drain pipe that supports a water seal to prevent sewer gases from entering the home through a faucet water drain.

mixing pump– Special concrete for use in concrete pumps. In general, the mix has smaller rock aggregates than the normal mix.

verification list– A list of discrepancies to be corrected by the contractor.

pierce– Check and list deviations.

Kitt– A type of putty used for sealing glass to the blade, filling small holes and cracks in wood, and similar purposes.

PVC oder CPVC– Polyvinyl Chloride: A type of white or light gray plastic pipe sometimes used for water supply lines and drain pipes.

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