Best Total War Games 2016 | The players decide (2023)

Looking for the best total war games?

Strategy games are doing great in 2016! There's nothing better than Creative Assembly's latest game, Total War: Warhammer.

The great minds behind Total War and Creative Assembly continue to prove that when it comes to the PC strategy genre, they deserve to be at the top of the list. Covering nearly every bloody era of warfare in world history and now expanding into fantasy-themed wargames like Total War: Warhammer, the Total War series offers almost unlimited replayability, fulfilling dreams of ruling empires and satisfying the needs and desires of killing.

Do you want to conquer Rome like Julius Caesar? How about Japan with a samurai army? Even continental Europe like Napoleon? Or ride a dragon to conquer the continent? All this is possible in the world of Total War.

To help you in your quest to conquer most of the known world over the course of the century, we've compiled a list of the best Total War games of 2016, in chronological order by release date.

10. Shogun: Totalni rat (2000.)

The samurai will rise...

Best Total War Games 2016 | The players decide (3)

And there will be blood...

In a revolutionary strategy game, Shogun: Total War gives players the chance to fight in one of the most brutal and historic periods in Japanese samurai history. The folks at Creative Assembly have done a fantastic job of creating stunning gameplay, creating a two-part game that they will use in every game in their series - a turn-based 2D campaign map where players can recruit and move their offensive or defensive armies, while also doing diplomatic missions. for declaration of war, trade

ja ninja!Fight or kill your opponents! Another (and most fun) part of the game is the real-time 3D battles that take place when 2 opposing armies clash on a 2D campaign map. In combat events, you control an army of independent regiments that you have recruited yourself.

Control of each army is given to an RPG-like general who commands your troops and whose skills and abilities wax and wane with each victory or defeat. Your clan (7 playable) also has a leader (Daimyo). Your daimyo is your ruler and chief general, so treat him well.

9. The Middle Ages: Total War (2002)

Let the siege begin!

Best Total War Games 2016 | The players decide (6)

They want to medievalize someone! I'm sorry I have to do that.

Best Total War Games 2016 | The players decide (7)

MYTO! ! !

Medieval: Total War takes you out of the age of the samurai and straight into the brutal and probably smelly European medieval period from 1087 to 1453. Here you can command a huge army of knights and archers to smash peasant armies like flies! Sorry, I was distracted for a moment.

In this game, Creative Assembly continues the turn-based strategy series by adding sieges and castles! The game is very similar to Shogun: Total War, but the scope of the game has been greatly expanded. Now, in addition to castles, you can build ports and play as one of 12 medieval factions. New battlefield maps now depend on the climate, country and region where the battle takes place. If you're on a crusade in the Middle East, it's likely to be hot and sandy.

8. Rome: Total War (2004)

Best Total War Games 2016 | The players decide (10)

Huge battles!

Best Total War Games 2016 | The players decide (11)

This is Sparta! ! !

In the third part of the alternating Total War series, Creative Assembly gives us the opportunity to become the head of one of the 3 ancient Roman families trying to conquer everything and become the Roman Emperor! In addition to improving the graphics, they added more factions and 10 historical campaigns that can be played independently of the game's main campaign. The battles are historically accurate and cover the period from 279 BC to 9 AD.

7. Middle Ages II: Total War (2006)

Let's go back to the Middle Ages...!

Best Total War Games 2016 | The players decide (14)

back in the saddle

Best Total War Games 2016 | The players decide (15)

Feel free to shoot!

The long-awaited sequel to Medieval: Total War did not disappoint. Looking back over the same period, the game added some power to its World of Warcraft arsenal. In addition to improved graphics, Creative Assembly also added castles as independent settlements, whereas before they were part of another city or settlement. Castles won't bring you much income, but cities are possible and harder to defend. This makes the strategic construction of castles and cities very important to the development of your empire.

You can now play as the king of any major European kingdom during the medieval period. Take on the day-to-day rule of your kingdom and try to secure your family's legacy by marrying and having children. Lead the economic policy and development of your country and decide which nations will suffer from your sword and which will benefit from your powerful ally!

6. Empire: Total War (2009)

gunpowder! ! !

Best Total War Games 2016 | The players decide (18)

U! ! ! U! ! ! U! ! !

Best Total War Games 2016 | The players decide (19)

Charge, fire, repeat...

This game is highly anticipated by many American players, because for the first time in the Total War series, you will actually lead the American army in the War of Independence! Also, with a huge increase in naval warfare, you can control both land and sea to further defend or expand your nation. Play as one of the greatest powers of the western world from the early 18th century to the early 19th century and learn what early musket warfare was like.

Creative Assembly completely rewrote their Total War series AI system for this game, making both campaigns and combat much more difficult. For us, that means more fun and repeats! The game's simplified user interface brings a new level of simplicity and convenience, making linear battles more common and rewarding.

5. Napoleon: Totalni rat (2010.)

Long live the emperor!

Best Total War Games 2016 | The players decide (22)

Long live France!

Best Total War Games 2016 | The players decide (23)

The UK expects everyone to do their part!

Creative Assembly is taking us back to the Age of Enlightenment after the huge success of Empire: Total War in Gunpowder Wars. This time, however, you won't conquer a new world, but an old one! This one is much more narrative and linear than the old Total War sandbox campaigns. You will now play your campaign almost entirely from the perspective of Napoleon Bonaparte as he attempts to realize his vision of French domination in Europe. The story begins with Napoleon as a child and continues until you become the Emperor of France and beyond! Only then will you be able to unlock gameplay like other European powers.

With improvements to the way armies recover losses, suffer from exhaustion in bad weather and the constant threat of revolution lurking in your country, Napoleon: Total War will give you an insight into the war operations of the Napoleonic era like no other game has ever done before. No game has matched this or since! Admittedly, the map is not as extensive as Empire: Total War, but it is more detailed, making it easier to choose your favorite battlefields and decide which cities you want to besiege and conquer.

The new physics system also gives the Total War series a new level of realism in strategy games. Now shells fired from your weapon leave ruts on the ground where they hit, and musket smoke billowing into the air during combat obscures the battlefield, making tactical decisions much more difficult. Additionally, the increased likelihood that your musket will misfire in the rain makes the decision to fight in bad weather all the more important to your chances of victory or defeat.

4. Totalni rat: Shogun 2 (2011.)

Good life...

Best Total War Games 2016 | The players decide (26)


Best Total War Games 2016 | The players decide (27)

eat or die...

Miss Ninja? Well, Total War had you in mind when it released the sequel to its groundbreaking original hit, Shogun: Total War. Thanks to new advanced artificial intelligence inspired by The Art of War, the game is even more complex and harder to beat as it requires far more tactical skill than any of its Total War predecessors.

It increased the number of playable factions from 7 to 9 and gave each faction unique abilities and RPG-like features, making this game the pinnacle of playability; having each of the different factions try to conquer Japan becomes even more interesting given their particular strengths or weaknesses.

Multiplayer mode is another outstanding feature of this game. Now you can create your own online avatar and conquer Japan with your own army and navy. Winning online battles allows you to gain experience and upgrade your army for the next online battle!

3. Total War: Rome 2 (2013)

Roman victors!

Best Total War Games 2016 | The players decide (30)

Hail Caesar!

Best Total War Games 2016 | The players decide (31)

Free advice, don't stress the phalanx in the front...

Romans again! Man, I like these guys. A new feature of this game compared to its predecessor, Total War: Rome, is the introduction of guerrilla politics. Now you must manipulate political and economic decisions in the Roman Senate as you try to restore balance to your empire. Without this balance, revolutions were more likely to disrupt Rome's prosperity.

For me, the coolest addition is the introduction of new camera shots that focus on a single soldier. Creative Assembly says it hopes to show a more humane side of war through these new viewpoints. Soldiers now react with horror when their comrades die around them. In addition, new generals' pre-battle speeches add new depth and inspiration to your battles, and you'll be right there with them at all times.

2. Total War: Attila (2015)

The Huns were not very good people...

Best Total War Games 2016 | The players decide (34)

Fear of the Huns...

Best Total War Games 2016 | The players decide (35)

Support the wall! ! !

How Rome falls depends on you. You are Attila the Hun and you hate the Romans. Gather a powerful cavalry army and destroy everything you touch. You are God's whip. You can also try playing as one of the 2 Roman Emperors, trying to avoid destruction and restore the former glory of the once glorious Roman Empire.

New additions to this turn-based sequel to the Total War series include the ability to turn your civilization into a Horde, freeing you from the need to defend cities and castles. As the Horde, you can demolish or completely destroy settlements, instead of taking them with part of your army, as in all previous Total War games. This allows you to truly live as a Hun on the move, destroying every city and killing every citizen you touch before moving on to your next potential prey.

The addition of 56 factions (16 playable) gives the game a depth and level of difficulty unknown in previous Total War games. In addition, numerous DLC packs make the replayability of this game almost unlimited.

1. Total War: Warhammer (2016)

Warhammer! ! !

Best Total War Games 2016 | The players decide (38)

Fly and fight, that's what I've been waiting for

Best Total War Games 2016 | The players decide (39)

Angmar? Yes, it's Warhammer! ! !

If you've been following this list, you'll realize that Total War: Warhammer is a hard left turn for Creative Assembly, where the Total War series started. In their first non-historical fantasy based game, Creative Assembly has simply outdone themselves. This is a game that will satisfy Total War and Warhammer fans alike. With the introduction of fantasy games, Total War has almost completely redefined itself as a franchise. Thanks to new abilities, such as magic and flying combat units, the game takes us to a completely different level of Total War.

In Total War: Warhammer, you control one of 4 playable factions: Imperials (humans), Vampires, Dwarves, and Greenskins (orcs). Each of these factions has different skills and abilities to suit your playstyle. If you like defense, dwarves will protect your property. If you like attacking with effective melee units, Sylvanian Vampires will lead you to glory. The professional units in this game are especially enjoyable, from fascinating tanks and cannons to wizards and dragons of pure fantasy. Each faction requires a different playstyle to be at their best, but more than any Total War game, your hero's (general) leadership is key to your troops' morale in this game.

We're coming to the end of our list of the best war games of 2016. Now we want to hear your thoughts! Which Total War game is your favorite? What mods do you like? Share your thoughts in the comments section below


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