Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (2023)

Even surrounded by the magic of Disney, you still have to eat. At Walt Disney World, eating can be a real experience. However, not all meals and experiences are created equal.

At Disney World, you really need to divide meals into two different categories: regular restaurant meals and meals that also count as entertainment (and a way to see characters or shows without the crowds). Once your kids learn that Mickey, Minnie or the princesses can join them for lunch or dinner, you may have to choose between cheap meals and creating lasting memories with expensive meals.

However, things are looking different at Disney World right now due to the pandemic - especially when it comes to certain dining experiences.

However, some of our favorite sit-down restaurants have yet to reopen,Renewed character mealsmodified. We'll do our best to note these changes as they happen, but be sure to check with Disney directly, especially since the situation is still evolving.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (1)

Here is a list of the best restaurants in Disney World.

  • Best table service:Takumi-Tei
  • Best Meal for a Character:Usually Cinderella's royal table (dinner). Currently, the Garden Grill is at the top of the list.
  • Snack with the best character:Mickey's Terrace
  • The best dishes for teenagers:Storybook Dining at Artist Point (currently closed)
  • The best premium meal:Victoria & Albert's (now closed). A good substitute is California Grill.
  • Best fast service:Satu'li canteen
  • Best snacks:Whip Down

How to make a reservation at a Disney restaurant

Practice: In normal times, you must make reservations for certain restaurants at Disney World six months in advance. Currently, reservations are only accepted 60 days prior to travel.

Usually the hardest places to book are Be Our Guest, Cinderella's Royal Table, Chef Mickey's, Victoria & Albert's, Topolino Terrace (snacks) and Ohana (dinner).

TenStranica My Disney Experienceand is the best time to eat, although Disney World has a hotline to answer your questions (407-WDW-DINE or 407-939-3463). Phone lines open at 7am daily, but the website takes bookings from 6am.

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The best Disney restaurant

Tuo Haiting

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (2)

Fancy Japanese omakase at an amusement park? Yes please.

Opening in summer 2019, Takumi-Tei's five themed rooms (Water, Wood, Earth, Stone and Paper) will instantly take you out of theme park mode and into a calm, serene environment with exceptionally attentive service, solid food and meticulous attention to detail.

With the seven-course omakase menu option for $130, you can also go a la carte, provided you don't opt ​​for the chef's table in the water room. There you have to order a nine-course meal for $180, which takes more than three hours.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (3)

From the dishes, we recommend the chef's sushi plate ($37), the telen-garden salad with watermelon and tuna sashimi ($20) and, of course, the melt-in-the-mouth Kobe Beef-Mouth Tai Bravo.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (4)

There is a children's menu but it includes items such as roast duck and sea bass so you can save this restaurant for a date night or when the kids are older - great.

As of the last update in early November, Takumi-Tei is still closed, but we hope to reopen soon.

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via Naples

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (5)

Don't worry, we're not just listing restaurants you can't go to right now.

Via Napoli reopens at Epcot, in the heart of Italy. The longtime favorite may have taken a step down since opening, but it still offers the authentic Italian food recognized in New York's Little Italy. Prices are reasonable by Disney standards with most entrees under $30. Pizza is more expensive than you think, but great for sharing. (Go to Metro Mezzo.)

Although we recommend booking in advance, it's big enough that you can usually find a spot at the last minute. If you're in a hurry, ask if you can sit at one of the large family tables in the middle of the restaurant; this can significantly reduce waiting time.

hollywood brown derby

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (6)

This replica of California's iconic Hollywood Studios features an air-conditioned restaurant, perfect for escaping the Florida heat at lunchtime.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (7)

It's not cheap and you won't find Mickey wandering around, but the delicious Cobb salad is worth it and you can enjoy a mixed drink before heading back to the park.

Satu'li canteen

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (8)

Next to Avatar's flight path in Animal Kingdom, this cafeteria offers the best fast food, inspired by Disney.

Beef, chicken and fish bowls are a quick and inexpensive lunch or dinner, and the blueberry cream cheese mousse is a highlight.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (9)

There's wine and beer to help you unwind after your Avatar experience. Not only is this place a great option for fast food, but it's also a great option if you want to try it outEat healthy at Disney World.

Victoria and Albert

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (10)

If you want nothing but the best food at Disney World, head to this luxurious restaurant at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.

Just don't expect to roll it straight out of the park as gentlemen must wear tuxedos and ladies must wear fancy skirts, fancy trousers or skirts and shirts. Children under the age of 10 are not allowed to enter the facility. Expect to spend several hundred dollars for a meal for two. Also note that as of this update, this top link has yet to be reopened.

Until Victoria & Albert's reopens, try California Grill (Category Award) for a relatively upscale meal.

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the best street food

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (11)

Looking for the best snacks at Disney World? The list starts and ends with Dole Whip. Among the many good, if not excellent, snacks, Dole Whip stands out.

What is Dole's Whip? It starts with a tantalizingly chilled soft pineapple followed by (if you're smart enough) pineapple juice. On a hot day, this is the perfect solution.

For a time, Disneyland and Walt Disney World were two of the few places where this treat could be found, although it is now available elsewhere. The original is in Disneyland's Adventureland. At Disney World, you can wear a Dole Whip in Florida's version of World of Adventure, right next to Aladdin's Magic Carpet on Aloha Island.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (12)

You can also find Dole Whip at Tamu Tamu in Animal Kingdom, where you can enjoy a glass of wine while you go to the pool, or at the Polynesian Village Resort behind the main building.

Take advantage of mobile ordering of your Dole Whip in the My Disney Experience app. If you want variety, they offer a soft coconut like the one pictured above in the Kakamora Float, which is a really fun way to try a twist on an old favorite.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (13)

LeFou's Brew is a similar (and sweeter) Disney cold brew available at Gaston's Tavern in Magic Kingdom Fantasyland.

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The ultimate dining experience with Disney characters

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (14)

Would you like Mickey or Cinderella with bacon and eggs? This is usually fine, but it will cost you.

there is oneDisney World Annual Pass, DVC memberships and discounts on Wonderland tables will keep the cost of dining with our favorite characters down, but there's no two ways about it: Disney World character meals are expensive.

Cinderella's royal table

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (15)

Any food conversation with Disney characters usually begins and ends at Cinderella's Royal Table, served in the iconic Cinderella Castle in the heart of the Magic Kingdom. However, it also has its drawbacks - namely, it is expensive. And for now, only Cinderella will "surprise" you by waving from a safe distance while eating.

On a typical day, breakfast here costs almost $70 per adult. The total dinner was slightly higher at about $90, and the evening selection was much more extensive, including braised pork shank, fried chicken, charcuterie plates and almond cheesecake.

Currently, without a permanent line-up of princesses, only lunch and dinner are available, and the prices are slightly lower than usual.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (16)

Although it is expensive, if it is on your list, you will quickly see the value in the castle.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (17)

You'll usually meet Cinderella herself as soon as you walk in for a chance to pose for a photo. Upstairs you'll find a seat in her palace dining room and a wand or sword for your children. When you sit down to your meal, many of Cinderella's friends will come to the table, including Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Rapunzel.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (18)

The actors have their roles and are warm, handsome and attractive. Your little princess (and prince) will have lasting memories. If you can find a window seat, you can take advantage of the natural light (shoot against the light) for better photos with the princesses and enjoy a fantastic view of Dreamworld while you eat.

Mickey's Terrace

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (19)

Cinderella slippers are in first place because they are offered by Disney's Topolino Terracevery goodCharacter Brunch - Currently fully operational. at the topThe new Disney Riviera resort, Topolino offers excellent service, great food and some very famous characters in memorable costumes.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (20)

Breakfast at Topolino Terrace includes a pastry basket, juice, coffee and appetizers including smoked salmon, Gruyère quiche, sour cream waffles or mushroom scrambled eggs for $42.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (21)

Meals for children under 9 are $27 and offer options such as Mickey waffles, eggs or fruit and yogurt.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (22)

But while the food is very good, the characters are really endearing. Minnie, Mickey, Daisy and Donald Duck dress up in the best Mediterranean costumes and come in contact with the music. Characters have to stay away from people these days, but it's okay to stop at multiple points in the room.

garden grill

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (23)

Located in the Land Pavilion at Epcot Garden, the Grill is not that interesting or impressive at first glance. In fact, we've been going through it for years.

But if you want to relax with classic characters, I'd call the Garden Grill the Sleeper.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (24)

For $55 for adults and $36 for children, enjoy Chip 'n' Dale's Harvest Feast, a family platter featuring sliced ​​turkey, seasonal vegetables, roast beef, salads, macaroni and cheese, puff pastry and more. The restaurant actually rotates, and in some places you can see scenes from the Living with the Land ride… that's probably where some of the ingredients were grown!

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (25)

But while the food here is solid, the characters steal the show. Chip, Dale, Mickey and Bluto visit you regularly while you eat lunch in your own booth and maintain social distance.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (26)

Just make sure you don't overdo it with the rolls and noodles because dessert is waiting for you at the end of the meal.


Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (27)

It is located outside the "Ohana" park in ulDisney's Polynesian Village ResortIt offers a family dining experience in a Hawaiian themed restaurant. The Polynesian Village is under renovation and has only partially reopened. "Ohana remains closed for now. But on a normal day, breakfast includes visits from Lilo and Stitch, as well as a certain mouse and his friends in Hawaiian shirts.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (28)

Breakfast at 'Ohana is $40 per adult, approximately $25 for children ages 3-9, and you don't need park admission. “Ohana dinners are one of Disney's most requested reservations, so book yours as soon as the reservation window reopens.

The heroes were without dinner, but there was still a fun parade with dimmed lights and music during the evening fireworks!

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (29)

In the evening, bring your appetite with you and enjoy "Ohana bread with coconut and pineapple, pork dumplings, sweet and sour chicken and stewed noodles". Leave room for the grand finale - "Ohana Bread Pudding à la mode" with caramel sauce, banana and vanilla ice cream.

Trust us, it's great, and you can eat and laugh for just $10 more than breakfast.

mike cook

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (30)

This dish is one of the best combinations of food and fun for kids, as long as you don't want to eat in silence. If you're looking for a tasty meal to keep your kids busy,Check out Chef Mickey in a modern resort.

It usually serves breakfast buffet, snack and dinner, but now it only serves breakfast. The characters are expected to return in mid-December.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (31)

Breakfast includes everything from eggs, bacon and sausage to salmon and Mickey waffles.

While you eat, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy will dance to the music, leaving your children in awe. We ate at Chef Mickey's for an hour and our kids had no complaints.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (32)

Now that the characters are still on hiatus, breakfast costs $25 for adults and $14 for kids — a lot of money by Disney standards. Starting December 16, when the character returns, the price will increase to $42 for adults and $27 for children.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (33)

One of Disney World's newest special meals is also one of the best and most unique.

WWilderness Lodge Disneya(So ​​park admission is not required), Artist Point's full three-course menu goes far beyond burgers and fries, with unique dishes such as a prawn cocktail starter and a main course that includes buttered snapper and a truly amazing nut dish fruits and vegetables butternut squash, arugula and gnocchi. It also includes three desserts (poison apple themed, of course) and, most importantly, a visit from the Evil Queen herself.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (34)

The restaurant is not back yet, but make a note of when it will reopen.

the best program for lunch

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (35)

If you want to laugh until your stomach hurts — or until your belly hurts from eating fried chicken and sides — check out the longest-running evening show in the country. This dinner program is inwild fortressA Disney classic, it's great fun for kids and adults as long as you enjoy singing along to American classics and laughing at trivia jokes. Or just stop by for strawberry shortcake and endless sangria, wine and beer.

While it's still on hold, there are three shows per night, with prices ranging from $66 to $74 per adult (depending on seat class selected) and $39 to $44 per child between the ages of 3 and 9.

honorary award

There are some restaurants that may not be as popular as our absolute favorites. Still, each of them should be on your list, especially if you can't get your hands on one of the most coveted, hard-to-get pre-orders.

captain's mess

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (36)

In my opinion, aside from the specials, Skipper Canteen is probably the best restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. This is especially important if you like to travel in the woods and eat more than the adventurous foods of fries and burgers.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (37)

The lunch or dinner menu includes the Falls Family Falafel ($10), Tastes Like Chicken (because it is!), Crispy Fried Chicken with Jasmine Rice, Chili Sauce and Seasonal Vegetables ($24). There is also a balanced fish course ($31).

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (38)

If you like spicy noodles, the Perkins Thai Noodles with Tofu and/or Chicken, Vegetables, Rice Noodles and Spicy Chili Garlic Sauce is a fantastic option unlike anything you'll find at the Magic Kingdom.

Restaurant Yak and Yeti

Yak & Yeti is a place to sit down and eat fast food in the animal kingdom. The quick service window is a shortened version of the internal menu. Yak & Yeti isn't cheap, but the pan-Asian food is pretty good - one of our favorites at Animal Kingdom. The decor will make you feel like you are in a Nepali market.

One way to keep the price affordable is to order a sharing platter (the tuna nachos are our favorite). Portions are enough for two or more people. Skip the grill and burgers and opt for duck or one of the bowls. Be sure to finish the ravioli dessert - you'll be glad you did.

Regal Eagle Smoking Room

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (39)

The Regal Eagle is a newcomer to the Epcot district.

The Regal Eagle replaces the Liberty Inn at Epcot's American Adventure with a variety of barbecue dishes and draft beer. Purists from meccas of barbecue like Texas won't necessarily like the food here. But barbecue is good if not theme park legend. And for the family it shares, it's an exceptional value (especially by Disney standards).

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (40)

A kid's meal of BBQ chicken drumsticks or ribs with both sides and a drink costs around $8 and can feed a very hungry child. And for less than $20, you can order a combo platter with your choice of three different meats from the menu. If you're a family looking to save money, an air-conditioned meal at the Regal Eagle could be the perfect futuristic lunch.

crystal palace

In the Magic Kingdom on the way from Main Street America to Adventureland, this restaurant serves food, often with several characters. Some even say that the food in the Crystal Palace is better than Cinderella's royal table. The buffet offers dozens of items including shrimp cocktail, pasta and fresh cuts of meat including roast turkey, ham and rib eye steak.

Winnie the Pooh and friends stop by your table on weekdays, and if your children are adventurous, take them for a walk around the restaurant. Plan to spend about $60 per adult after tax and tip, with children at half price.

Ogi's tavern

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (41)

Wait a minute: We know Cantina Ogi is pretty light when it comes to real food.

It can be difficult to classify it as a restaurant. However, the experience was so extreme that we had to make an exception. You can find Ogi's canteen in BatuStar Wars: Galaxy's Edge.Make reservations in advance, even if it's just drinks.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (42)

If you're hungry, try Mustafarian cinnamon buns or Batuu Bits with Blue Banth or Yub Nub. However, you don't really come here for the food or expensive drinks. You're here because it's an experience like no other at Disney World. Swirling tunes by DJ R-3X and bartenders in full costume and character turn even the most anti-Star Wars into smiling patrons.

Sci Fantastic Restaurant Theatre

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (43)

This cool and atmospheric restaurant is located on the busy Hollywood Studios sidewalk.

You can watch old movies while having dinner in your own "car". Better yet, let your kids have their own car and eat in relative peace. The menu is a la carte, from hamburgers to pasta and prawns. It's pretty easy on a budget, about $20 per dish. The actors really got into their roles. Fair warning, the old movie clips shown are unlikely to hold a child's attention, but it's still worth a try.

Tavern Tree of Freedom

Just behind the Presidential Hall on Wolności Square, this sit-down restaurant serves lunch or dinner, turkey, stews and healthy salads, all New England style. At dinner time, it changes to an all-you-can-eat family meal.

roses and crown

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (44)

This Epcot restaurant serves British food, real fish and chips or sausage and mash. If you can't or don't want to sit down at the Rose and Crown, there's usually a takeaway counter next to the Rose and Crown that sells fish and chips.

California barbecue

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (45)

If you want the ultimate Disney dining but aren't too fancy (or expensive) in Victoria & Albert, try the California Grill.

Registration is on the second floor of Disney's Contemporary Resort, but the actual restaurant is on the 15th floor. This elevated position offers five-star views of the sunset and fireworks over the Magic Kingdom and surrounding resorts.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (46)

California Grill has a dress code, but not as strict as Victoria & Albert's - jeans in good condition are allowed, but men must wear collared shirts.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (47)

Here you'll find fresh Pacific-inspired fare like sushi and sashimi, goat cheese ravioli, yellowfin tuna, oak-grilled Angus filet mignon, lamb chops, and truly amazing traditional tomatoes from the chef's garden appetizer.

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Our least favorite Disney dishes

Although Disney World is full of magic dust, there have been cases of misfires.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Character meals are such an important part of Disney that you'd think you'd save a few bucks by dining with the princesses at Epcot's Akershus Royal Ballroom instead of Cinderella's Royal Table, but it's a poor substitute (unless you just need a bite) for the nearby Norwegian Frozen Ride.

Although your favorite princess will join you for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the food here is on par with other Disney restaurants. It's easier to book than Cinderella's Royal Table, though, so keep it in your back pocket if you need a "last minute" princess meal.

Teppanyaki Edo

This venue at the Epcot Japan Pavilion was another disappointment, especially compared to the spectacular Takumi-Tei. The food here is good, but the performance factor of this teppanyaki place is not great. To be honest, we've seen mall teppanyaki restaurants closer to home that offer better results at more reasonable prices. At Disney prices, your hard-earned money is definitely worth it, with a theme you can't easily recreate elsewhere.

Constitution of Pjegava

With a few exceptions, good food is hard to find in the Magic Kingdom, but the worst, fast service at the recent Pecos Bill should be avoided. The menu looked a bit interesting, a mix of rice bowls, nachos, fajitas and burgers, but after all the service can be spartan and the food a bit disappointing, recently even our mini fritters were so hard they were almost inedible.

be our guest

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (48)

Surprised this perennial favorite made the list? They see him as a victim of his own success. We're not saying it's a bad place to dine—watching rose petals fall as lightning strikes is quite the effect—but during a pandemic, the pre-lunch crowd turned sit-down can be brutal.

Now, if you don't mind the high prices, Be Our Guest is a good choice, but if you're returning for a la carte for lunch, think twice about avoiding the crowds. Regardless of the time of day, keep an eye out for The Beast as it's the coolest of the three dining areas.

To better understand what a lunchtime crowd means, compare the Be Our Guest photos with photos of what lunch was like before the coronavirus pandemic:

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (49)
Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (50)

But for now, we're all for a great dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant, with lunch and dinner menus available. Lunch for two adults and two children can cost around $250 including tax and tip.

our last tip

If you want to dine at Disney World (which we recommend), be sure to make reservations in advance. It can be canceled or changed if you change your mind, but it's better to have an air-conditioned waiting option.

If you're ordering from a restaurant at the counter, you'll need to download the My Disney Experience app, since right now you can't even enter a fast food restaurant until you place your order in the app and receive a notification that it's ready.

Best Disney World Restaurants 2020 (51)

For extra points, you can charge for Disney meals in your room (using the app or magic wristbands) and then earn rewards by paying with your card for all in-park meals at the resort cashiergive you rewards for your journey.method of paymentDisney gift cards you buy at a discountAnother great way to save some money while dining at Disney World's best restaurants.

If you pay for a Disney meal on site with a credit card,Use the one that gives you the best meal rewards.

Even in the parks, most Disney World restaurants take a code as payment for a meal. This does the same asAmerican Express® Gold CardOur top choice.

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